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Genus Brachymyrmex
Brachymyrmex sp undet Fisher
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{Brachymyrmex species undet}Brachymyrmex species undetermined

return to key The specimen shown (right) in the photomontage is from
Collection details - Gabon: Prov. Ogooue-Maritime; Reserve de Faune de la Moukalaba-Dougoua, 12.2 km 305° NW Doussala; 02°19'00"S 010°32'00"E, 110m. Collection Information: Collection codes: ANTC1251. Date: 21 Mar 2000. Collected by: S. Van Noort. Method: Sweep Habitat: Savannah, grasses & Nauclea latifolia.

Generally fairly similar to Aphomomyrmex afer but eyes not well away from sides of head and alitrunk profile quite different; the nine-segmented antennae, and mandible with basal tooth set well away from the others, fit the Genus.

{short description of image}Santschi (1923b) in his general (outdated) review noted only the scape and tibiae are pubescent - this has dense pubescence all over. His key first couplet noted one species, giardi from Chile, with the promesonotal suture quite strongly impressed, the rest had this suture not impressed or less distinct than the metanotal suture; the key takes one to couplet 3 on the basis of the alitrunk dorsum being narrowed at the metanotal region; then to couplet 5 legs and antennae pubescent; to couplet 6, metanotal narrowing feeble and metanotum not distinct from propodeum; at couplet the separation falls for this species as the separation has scape reaching ro slightly passing the occiput or the scape surpassing the occiput by twice its own (width or length, printing error). In the many illustrations the only relatively similar species is Brachymyrmex fiebrigi Forel.

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