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Genus Calyptomyrmex
Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus Santschi

Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus Santschi

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Type location Cameroun (Calyptomyrmex nummulitica n. sp., Santschi, 1914d: 353, worker; Bolton, 1981a: 65, queen), collected at Victoria by F. Silvestri in 1913 - see below
junior synonym reticulatus (Calyptomyrmex (Calyptomyrmex) reticulatus, new species, Weber, 1952: 25, illustrated, worker) from Zare, 17 miles N of Beni, N A Weber, 24.ii.1948 - no images on Antweb (September 2014)
Worker and queen only described (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus}Santschi's (1914d) description is at {original description}. Weber's (1952) description of reticulatus is at {original description}. Bolton's modern description (1981a) is at {original description}

{Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus}Nigeria specimen (as Calyptomyrmex cryptocerus, Taylor, 1979: 63) WORKER. TL 3.02 mm, HL 0.89, HW 0.86, SL 0.34, PW 0.75
Colour brown. Dorsal surfaces entirely covered with orbicular hairs. Propodeum with a pair of teeth over halfway down the steep declivity.
A single specimen from a rotten log, was collected with alate males at the Cocoa research Institute of Nigeria, Idi Ayunre, by B. Bolton (his collection of the species was listed by him, 1981a).

In Ghana, collections were from CRIG and Mt. Atewa (D. Leston; B. Bolton), and Mampong (Calyptomyrmex species B was collected from dead wood under cocoa at the Mampong Cemetery farm by Room, 1971). Since a total of 11 workers was collected from leaf litter under primary and secondary forest (Kade, Atewa Forest Reserve) and cocoa (Asiakwa, Bunso) by Belshaw & Bolton (1994b).

Also from Ivory Coast, at Sangrobo (W.L. & D.E. Brown) and Divo (L. Brader) (Bolton, 1981a).

{Calyptomymrex nummuliticus}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from the site at

{Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus}The photomontage is of a specimen (damaged) from Ghana, collected by S Sky Stephens, 2006 (currently in collection of S Sky Stephens). Other images can be seen in the folder at - {original description}

{Calyptomymrex nummuliticus}The photomontage of a worker, from Liberia is collated from the site at

Curiously, this was not listed by Bolton (1981a).

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