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Genus Camponotus subgenus Myrmonesites
Genus Camponotus

Subgenus definition - Emery (1920b: 242) - majors and minors similar; head a rounded trapeze, larger posteriorly, and obtuse anteriorly; clypeus remarkably short with a rounded anterior border, narrowly impressed in one species (mocquerysi), mandibles short; alitrunk with distinct sutures, pronotum depressed and usually obtusely bordered, metanotal suture usually impressed; propodeum variable, metanotum not distinct but spiracles visible in dorsal view; scale more or less low and thick.

{link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Emery's (1920b) subgenus definition is at {original description}.

The subgenus members listed by Emery (1920b) and in Bolton (1995: 131) are heteroclitus, leveillei, mocquerysi, putatus, reaumuri and sikorae. All except heteroclitus can be seen on

I have transferred Camponotus reevei and Camponotus scalaris into the subgenus, as the first mainland African members, from C. (Myropiromis), as they are quite distinct from other members of that subgenus.

1 {Camponotus reevei major}Major TL 6.0-6.2 mm; black, tarsi dark brown, mandibles dark reddish-brown; sparse, erect yellowish pilosity on the body .
. {Camponotus reevei minor} South Africa - reevei
2 {short description of image}Major TL 7.0-8.2; black, appendages all dark red also anterior of head; dull; erect pilosity greyish-yellow
. Camponotus scalaris majorMajor .
. Camponotus scalaris minorMinor South Africa - scalaris
. Madagascar species for comparison
. {short description of image} Madagascar - levellei
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