The Ants of Africa
Genus Camponotus subgenus Myrmopsamma
Genus Camponotus

Subgenus definition - Subgenus Myrmopsamma Forel (1914a: 261) - all with a very distinctive clypeus, with a posterior third sharply angled downwards into the anterior portion, the angle with a well developed fringe of long hairs (ammochetae); another row of bristles arises on the underside of the head, behind the mouth, and the mandibles also have bristles; two species, both from sandy areas of southern Africa.

{link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Forel's (1914a) subgenus definition is at {original description}; Arnold's (1922: 672) provided a key, this is at {original description}; cuneiscapus now is regarded as falling in Myrmespera.

Species known from Africa are

1 {short description of image}Major TL13.5-15 mm; head and alitrunk at least ochreous rusty red, often dark red, burnt sienna
. {Camponotus mystaceus majore}
. {Camponotus mystaceus minor}Camponotus (Myrmopsamma) mystaceus Forel
2 {short description of image}Major TL 7 mm; honey yellow, mandibles, clypeus & apical half of gaster slightly reddish yellow
. Camponotus simulans minorMinor - Camponotus (Myrmopsamma) simulans Forel
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