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Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) compressus (Fabricius)
{Camponotus compressus}

Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) compressus (Fabricius) - type form, polymorphism

The specimens below were collected by Marco Aita, who took the field photographs. He commented (email 12.x.2008) -"I am attaching some pictures of the larger species (around 15mm). The ants were quite docile and almost sleepy (they would not run away if touched) and always were seen in small groups of 8-10 individuals (some larger and some smaller which looked as if "taking care" of the larger). They were very often keeping the abdomen lifted. Also (21.2.2009) - "As far as I remember they were all just foraging, none of them on vegetation. I think the small ones were running like mad (that's why I thought they were some "crazy ant") on the porch of my bungalow.. Some of the large ones were in my bathroom (I guess they were looking for water) and some (the large Camponotus in the pictures) were "bathing in the sun". It was really funny because they did not react at all. I could touch them and they would not move away, or attack. They barely moved.. it was early morning and they behaved as if they were not completely awake yet. [The smaller ants were probably the Paratrechina longicornis, see associated page]

{Camponotus compressus major} The photomontage is of specimens from The Maldives, North Malé Atoll, Ihuru Island, 4°18'36"N 73°25'26"E, 2008, collected by Marco Aita. Collected foraging on the ground. Other images can be seen in the folder at - {album}

{Camponotus compressus media 1} MEDIA 1 WORKER

{Camponotus compressus media 2} MEDIA 2 WORKER

{Camponotus compressus minima} MINIMA WORKER

{Camponotus compressus greeting} Greeting

{Camponotus compressus nest} Nest

{Camponotus compressus sunbathing} Sunbathing -

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