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Cataglyphis bucharicus (Emery)

Cataglyphis bucharicus (Emery)

return to listIran list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Uzbekistan (Cataglyphis altisquamis var. bucharica Emery, 1925b: 264, worker (name only); first use of Myrmecocystus altisquamis André r. foreli var. bucharica Forel, 1904b: 393; raised to species Cataglyphis bucharicus by Radchenko, 1997a: 429) Buchara, also Iran; see below.

Cataglyphis bucharicusForel's (1904b) description is at - {original description}. Santschi (1929a: 60, in key) separated the variety bucharica as having larger eyes than the type Cataglyphis altisquamis.

Radchenko (1998) separated bucharicus in his key as shown on {original description}

(from type) TL ca 10 mm, HW 2.02, HL 2.27

{Cataglyphis bucharicus}The photomontage of a type worker is collated from

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