The Ants of Africa
Genus Cataglyphis
Cataglyphis sabulosus Kugler

Cataglyphis sabulosus Kugler

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Israel (Kugler, J., 1981: 84, illustrated, worker, queen & male)

{Cataglyphis sabulosus}Kugler's (1981) description is at {original description}

{Cataglyphis sabulosus}Collingwood, 1985: 291, illustrated, noted it as from Sinai; Agosti (1990: 1485); also listed in Collingwood & Agosti (1996: 382). Collingwood noted it does not have a soldier caste and described how "the pale yellow workers do not raise the gaster when foraging but flit rapidly over the sand like pale ghosts and are very hard to catch" - Collingwood's illustration, however, does not match the petiole as drawn by Kugler!. Moreover, Kugler has "Length 3-6 mm" and "The colour as "yellow to orange, in some major workers gaster brown; head alitrunk, petiole, gaster and coxa usually with dense white-silvery pubescence". Thus, Collingwood's statement and the key in Colliingwood & Agosti appear to be unsatisfactory.

{Cataglyphis sabulosus}The photomontage of a paratype worker is collated from

{Cataglyphis sabulosus}Photomontage of specimens photographed by Mostafa Sharaf. These appear to match Kugler's description and illustrations, except for the apparent absence of any psammophore hairs and what seems to be a distinct major, perhaps never before found.

{Cataglyphis sabulosus}

{Cataglyphis sabulosus}

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