The Ants of Africa
Chapter 2 - History - Collectors

A number of ant species were collected by the Austrian Novara Expedition, 1857-59.  Mayr (1862) identified some ants from the Gold Coast (Ghana) seemingly ascribing them to Dr. Rudolf Kner, naming species in his honour (see Crematogaster kneri, for instance). The zoologist on the expedition, however, was Georg von Frauenfeld (see, in whose honour Mayr (1855) had named Lepisiota frauenfeldi.

My thanks to Dr Matthias Svojtka, University of Vienna, for clarifying this slight confusion.
Matthias emailed me:
"The involvement of Kner is simply the following:
 As full professor of Zoology at the Vienna University, Kner was head of the Zoological Collection of the University ("Universitätsmuseum" = University Museum, parts: Zoology, Botany, etc.) as well. Please note that this zoological collection was totally independent from the Natural History Museum (and its predecessors)! In 1858 Kner received a collection of insects from the Gold Coast (Ghana) from Ch. W. Loche of Zurich for his University collection (Salvini-Plawen & Svojtka 2008: 103). The ants of this collection were described in 1862 by Mayr. For the permission to use the University Collection and its ants Mayr was grateful to Kner ("welche ich der Güte des Herrn Professors Dr. Rudolf Kner verdanke" = [interesting ants], which I owe the goodness of Dr. Rudolf Kner). So Kner didn't collect these ants, neither did they come from the Novara-Collections.
 Unfortunately I don't know anything about the person "Ch. W. Loche" of Zurich, or where and how this Loche got the Gold Coast collection. The collection was posted with a letter dated October 2nd, 1858, as we cite (Salvini-Plawen & Svojtka 2008: 103). This letter is private property (descendants of Kner) and unaccessible for further research."

Angola - Ph Allaer (Bolton,1973b); A de Barros Machado (Brown, 1954k, 1959c, 1964a, Bolton, 1983x); J Bequaert (Santschi, 1919h); Dr M Berr (Santschi, 1937d); Max Buchner (Emery, 1893e; Forel, 1886f); A Cardosa (Bolton, 1980a); Luna de Carvalho (Bolton, 1980, 1983, 1987); J Cruchet (Santschi, 1911g, 1912b, 1930a), with Dr Decorse (Santschi, 1911g); Baum & van der Kellen [H H Braun & Van der Kellen] (Forel, 1901d, 1910e); T D A Cockerell (Bolton, 1980, 1981b, 1987); Dr Falkenstein (Forel, 1886f); A P Ferrao (Bolton, 1973b); Gleiche (Forel, 1901d); G R Gradwell & D Snow (Bolton, 1973b, 1982, 1987); D Hollis (Bolton, 1980, 1981a); B Malkin (Bolton, 1980); Dr A Monard, with J Cruchet (Santschi, 1930a, 1937d); Picardi (Forel, 1910e); [Mission?] Rohan Chabot (Santschi, 1925h, 1926a); E S Ross & K Lorenzen (Bolton, 1978c), E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1981b); Prof F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d, 1928f); von Schultze (Stitz, 1910); Creighton Wellman (Forel, 1909b, 1910c); Welwitsch (Radoskowsky, 1881).

Benin - H E Box (Donisthorpe), 1945b); Baumann (Stitz, 1910); Buttner (Stitz, 1910). Claveau (Santschi, 1926b); L Conradt, Buttner, Baumann (Stitz, 1910); Desanti (Santschi, 1915c, 1920d, 1920i, 1930a); Dr Ducorps (Santschi, 1924b); Le Moult (Santschi, 1913c, 1921c); Lt Ribot (Sanstchi, 1915c); Roubaud (Santschi, 1913c, 1921c); Prof F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d).

Burkino Faso - Betbeder (Bolton, 1982); A Chevalier (Santschi, 1926b); P Room (Bolton, 1980, 1982, 1987).

Botswana - G Arnold (Arnold, 1916, 1959; Bolton, 1975); G D H Carpenter (Donisthorpe, 1933b); M C Day (Bolton, 1981b); Dixey & Longstaff (Wheeler, 1922 list); P Forchhammer (Bolton, 1987); C Jacot-Guillarmod (Bolton, 1975); H O Lang (Bolton, 1981a, 1989); E S Ross & A R Stephen (Bolton, 1982); A Russell-Smith (Bolton, 1980, 1981a, 1982, 1987; Taylor, 2005w); E Simon (Emery, 1895h); G U Son (Bolton, 1981b); L Schultze, von Erffer (Forel, 1910f); Vernay-Lang (Bolton, 1980, 1982, 1987).

Burundi - A Dejean (Bolton, 1981a, 1983, 2002).

Cameroun - Adametz (Stitz, 1910); Dr Bishmann (Santschi, 1915c); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); R Buchholz (Mayr, 1901a, 1902); Chun'schen Deutschen Tiefseeexpedition - German Deepsea Expedition (Wasmann, 1904b); C A Collingwood (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a, 1976); L Conradt (Emery, 1899e, 1901a, 1920c; Forel, 1913e, 1914d; Santschi, 1924a; Stitz, 1910); A Dejean & colleagues (Dejean, 1991; Bolton, 1992, 2002; Taylor, 2005w); B de Mire (Bolton, 1974b); Faber (Stitz, 1910); Fickendey (Forel, 1913a); B L Fisher (Taylor, 2005w); von Knobloch (Stitz, 1910); H Krause (Viehmeyer, 1922); H Kutter (Kutter, 1976b, 1977); D Jackson (Bolton, 1981b, 1982, 1983, 1987; Jackson, 1984); Lenoir (Lenoir, 1994); B Malkin (Bolton, 1983, 1987); D McKey (McKey, 1984; Snelling, 1979a, 1992a; Taylor, 2005w); L von Muralt (Forel, 1910e); H Oldroyd (Bolton, 1980); D M Olson (Bolton, 2000); Preuss (Stitz, 1910; Santschi, 1924a); Dr A Reichensperger (Santschi, 1913c; 1914a, 1914c; 1919a); J Risbec (Bolton, 1980); E S Ross & K Lorenzen, E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1978c, 1980); v Rothkirch (Wasmann, 1918b; Santschi, 1920g, 1921c, 1926b); Scheunemann (Stitz, 1910); H Schultz (Stitz, 1933); L Schultze (Stitz, 1916); C Schumann (Mayr, 1895); Geo Schwab (Wasmann, 1917; Brown, 1952e; Bolton, 1974a); Prof F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d); Y Sjöstedt (Mayr, 1896); Smend (Stitz, 1910); M Steele (Bolton, 1973b, 1980, 1987); G Terron (Terron, 1969, 1971, 1974, 1981; Bolton, 1975a, 1975b, 1976, 1980, 1983, 2000); Tessmann (Stitz, 1910); H Trautwein (Viehmeyer, 1914c); H Viehmeyer (Santschi, 1920g); Watts et al (Bolton, 2002); H Winkler (Forel, 1909b); Zenker (Stitz, 1909, 1910); F Zumpt (Santschi, 1937b).

Central African Republic - Dr J Decorse (Santschi, 1912b); Degallier (Taylor, 2005w); B L Fisher (Taylor, 2005w); N A Weber (Weber, 1949b, 1950, 1952, 1964; Bolton 1976, 1983, 1987).

Chad - A Chevalier (Santschi, 1929b); Dr J Decorse (Santschi, 1910g, 1911g, 1912b, 1915c, 1917c, 1926b); H Franz (Bolton, 1983); Dr R Gaillard (Santschi, 1926b); Schubotz (Stitz, 1916); N A Weber (Bolton, 1983).

Congo - Beirnaert (Santschi, 1939c); J Bequaert (Forel, 1913b); Bondroit (Santschi, 1912b); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); H du Buysson (Santschi, 1919a); Cabrera (Santschi, 1913c); P Charleuf (Santschi, 1917b, 1920b, 1921c, 1926a); Dr Daniel (Emery, 1895j); Dinklage (Forel, 1910f); Dybowski (Santschi, 1910c); E Fauconnet (Forel, 1910e); L Fea (Bolton, 1983); Dr Gallard (Santschi, 1926a); Gerard (Santschi, 1939c); Haberer (Stitz, 1916); Lemarinel (Forel, 1909b); Le Moult (Santschi, 1920d): H Pobeguin (Santschi, 1911c, 1915c); Riggenbach (Santschi, 14c, 1920b); E S Ross & R E Leech (Taylor, 2005w); F Roubaud (Santschi, 1911c); H Schouteden (Santschi, 1928f; Bolton 1973b); Schubotz (Stitz, 1916); Dr Sieben (Forel, 1911f); Soyaux (Forel, 1907a; Stitz, 1916); Prof Gallio Valerio (Santschi, 1910c); v Volxem (Emery, 1899e); J Vrydagh (Santschi, 1939c); Waelbroek (Forel, 1909b); N A Weber (Brown, 1954k): A Weiss (Santschi, 1910c, 19111c, 1911g, 1913c,1926c); G F de Witte (Bolton, 1973b); R P Zimmermann (Santschi, 1910c).

Djibouti - M Maindron (Santschi, 1912b, 1912c).

Equatorial Guinea - with Bioko (Fernando Po) - Mainland Collectors - de Brazza (Santschi, 1910c); M Boko (Taylor, 2005w); H Brauns (Mayr 1895); H Eidmann (Menozzi, 1942c); L Gain (Santschi, 1924b); Petit & Tschoffen (Forel (1909b): Tessmann (Stitz, 1910);
Annobon I. - Cambridge Univ Exped (Bolton, 1983); L Fea (Bolton, 1983); A Reichensperger (Santschi, 1918c);
Bioko collectors - R Buchholz (Mayr, 1902); G S Cotterell (Bolton, 1980); H Eidmann (Menozzi, 1942c); Helgoland Exp 1886 (Mayr, 1895); L Conradt (Forel, 1901e, Stitz, 1910; Santschi, 1910g, 1924a, 1937b); L Schultze (Forel, 1910); Zenker (Stitz, 1910).

Eritrea - A Fiori (Emery, 1915g); A Ilg (Forel, 1910c); O Beccari (Emery, 1877b); V Belli (Emery, 1902c, 1915g); G Doria & O Beccari (Emery, 1881b); K Escherich (Forel, 1910c; Wasmann, 1917); Adriano Fiori (Emery, 1915g); Mancini & Ruggeri (Emery, 1901e); G Muller (Finzi, 1939a; Bolton, 1980, 1987); F Silvestri (Emery, 1915g).

Ethiopia - Antinori (Emery,1881a); O Beccari (Emery, 1877b, 1895j); V Bottego (Emery, 1899a); Crawley (Santschi, 1930a); Dmitriev (Forel, 1904b); K Escherisch (Forel, 1910c; Santschi, 1919a - from Reichensperger; Bolton, 1981a); Franchetti (Menozzi, 1931a); K M Guichard (Bolton, 1973b, 1976, 1980, 1981b), Alfred Ilg (Forel, 1894b, 1910c); Rene Jeannel & Chappuis (Santschi, 1935b); Kachovskij (Forel, 1904b); Kristensen (Forel, 1907g; Reichensperger, 1913; Wasmann, 1911); Lefebvre (Guerin-Meneville, 1849); Michel & Patter (Santschi, 1925c); Raffray (Wheeler, 1922 list); Ragazzi (Santschi, 1938b); Remedelli & Muller (Bolton, 1987); J Roger (Santschi, 1913c); Baron Maurice de Rothschild (Forel, 1907c); E Ruspoli (Emery, 1897e); H Scott (Donisthorpe, 1931b; Bolton, 1980, 1987); R J Stordy & O Kovacs (Bolton, 1974b); E Zavattari (Menozzi, 1939c).

Gabon - J A Barra (Bolton, 1983); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); Brunck (Bolton, 1980); M Buchner (Forel, 1886f); Buttner (Forel, 1886f); Chalot (Santschi, 1919a); A Dejean (Bolton, 2002); B Delage-Darchen (Delage-Darchen, 1972b); Dinklage (Forel, 1901h); W H Gotwald (Bolton, 1976b, 1981b, 1983); L Fea (Bolton, 1983); F Faure (Santschi, 1919a, 1923e); B L Fisher (Taylor, 2005w); Hupfer (Forel, 1901h); Jullien (Santschi, 1910c); S Lewis (Bolton, 2002): I Lieberburg (Bolton, 1975, 1976b, 1980, 1983, 1987; Snelling, 1979b); A Mocquerys (André, 1892a, 1895a; Emery, 1899e); S van Noort (Taylor, 2005w); H Petersen (Forel, 1901h); F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d); Soyaux (Forel, 1901h); A Tinant (Bolton, 1973b); A Weiss (Santschi, 1910c); J O Westwood (Savage, 1849c).

Gambia - M W Adam (Santschi, 1939f); C Alluaud (Emery, 1892d); A Mocquerys (André, 1889); W E Shuckard (Shuckard, 1840c); E Zavattari (Menozzi, 1926a).

Ghana - W Belfield (Bolton, 1980); R Belshaw (Belshaw, 1994b; Bolton, 2002); M Bigger (Bigger, 1981a); B Bolton (Bolton, 1971a, 1974b, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981b, 1982, 1983, 1991; Brown, 1978c); H E Box (Donisthorpe, 1945b); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); R Buchholz (Mayr, 1902); C A M Campbell (Bolton, 1981b, Shattuck, 1991); C A Collingwood (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1987); G F Cotterell (Bolton, 1973b, 1981b; Donisthorpe, 1942e); D J Cross (Bolton, 1973b, 1981b); Fisch (Forel, 1913h; Santschi, 1919b); Ganger (Forel, 1894b); D Gibbs (Bolton, 1974a); W H Gotwald (Bolton, 1983; Gotwald, 1973); W J Hall (Donisthorpe, 1945b); Hollingsworth (Hollingsworth, 1960); Imhoff (Emery, 1902c); Isert (Fabricius, 1793); A B S King (Bolton, 1971a); Ch. W. Loche (not named but in Mayr, 1862); D Leston (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a, 1975a, 1975b, 1980, 1981a, 1983, 1987, 2002 ; Leston, 1973); J D Majer (Bolton, 1980, 1982; Majer, 1975); J Paine (Donisthorpe, 1945b); H Pirazzoli (Mayr, 1862); J Plisko (Bolton, 2002); Edmund Reitter (Mayr, 1895); O W Richards (Bolton, 1974a); P M Room (Bolton, 1980, 1981a, 1981b, 1987; Room, 1971, 1975); E S Ross & R E Leech (Brown, 1978c); E S Ross & K Lorensen (Bolton,1983); F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d); A H Strickland (Donisthorpe, 1948f; Strickland1951a); Unger (Wheeler, 1922 list).

Guinea - M W Adam (Santschi, 1939f); Andrieu (Santschi, 1930a); R Buchholz (Mayr, 1902); T Humle (Taylor, 2005w); Dr Imhoff (Roger, 1861a); Maxime Lamotte (Bernard, 1952); Marchand (Santschi, 1910g); H Pobeguin (Santschi, 1923e); F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d, 1915c, 1930a); A Villiers (Bernard, 1952).

Guinea Bissau - L Fea (Bolton, 1983); Knipping (Forel, 1907e); Landana (Wheeler, 1922 list); Lucas (Forel, 1909b), Le Moult (Santschi, 1926b).

Ivory Coast - C Alluaud (Emery, 1892d); Babacauh (Babacauh, 1982); E Bergroth (Emery, 1892c); L Berland (Santschi, 1926b), Bonhoure (Emery, 1899e); H E Box (Donisthorpe, 1945b); L Brader (Bolton, 1976, 1980, 1981a); W L Brown & E S Brown (Brown, 1975, 1978; Bolton, 1974a, 1975a, 1981b, 1980, 1982, 1987); C A Collingwood (Bolton, 1974a); B Delage-Darchen (Delage-Darchen, 1972b); Delamare-Debouteville (Bernard, 1952; Delamare-Debouteville, 1945); E Dieme (Bolton, 1987); T Diomandei (Bolton, 1980, 1983, 2002; Levieux, 1978); W H Gotwald (Brown, 1975, 1978; Bolton, 1983); T Humle (Taylor, 2005w); A Leroux (Gotwald, 1980); J Lévieux (Bolton, 1974b, 1975a, 1975b, 1980, 1983a, 2002; Brown, 1971; Gotwald, 1972; Lévieux, 1978); I Lobl (Bolton, 1981b, 1987, 2002); J H Lohier (Santschi, 1911i, 1912b, 1915c, 1917c, 1928f); R Luctus (Bolton, 1982); V Mahnert & J-L Perret (Bolton, 1983, 1987, 2002; Taylor, 2005w); H Mottaz (Santschi, 1928d, 1928f); Le Moult (Santschi, 1919b, 1919h, 1920d, 1920i, 1923e, 1926b, 1930a); C Phoré (Santschi, 1919h); Posth (Santschi, 1915c); Roubaud (Santschi (1928d); A Richard (Santschi, 1910g); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 2002); G Schnitz (Bolton, 1973b); Talbot (Wheeler, 1922 list); A Villiers (Bernard, 1952).

Kenya - Allen & Brooks (Bolton, 1974b); C Alluaud (Santschi, 1910g, 1911c, 1912d, 1914b, 1915c, 1919h, 1925c); C Alluaud & R Jeannel (Santschi, 1913b, 1913e, 1914b, 1924a, 1928f, 1930a); G Arnold (Arnold, 1954; Bolton, 1976; Santschi, 1920d); Bavagnoli (van Boven, 1972); Dr Bayer (Forel, 1913h, Santschi, 1926b); Bondroit & Lt Borgerhoff (Santschi, 1933b); V Bottego (Emery, 1896i); H E Box (Bolton, 1987); H Brauns (Mayr, 1901b); E S Brown (Bolton, 1987); L F Brown (Bolton, 1973b, 1975a); W L Brown (Bolton, 1980); G D H Carpenter (Bolton, 1973b); N M Collins & M Ritchie (Boloton, 1987); J Darlington (Bolton, 1981b, 1987, 1993); v d Decken (Gerstaecker, 1871); M Deeble & V Stone (Taylor, 2005w); Demarchi (Santschi, 1912b); W A Dogiel & J J Sokolow, Dr Fernique (Santschi, 1924a); Mrs V Fey (Arnold, 1953); W H Gotwald (Gotwald, 1974, 1976); Gregory (Bolton, 1973b); Hildebrandt (Forel, 1886f; Stadelmann, 1898, 1908); B Hölldobler (Bolton, 1981a); H C Hopton (Bolton, 1973b); M E Irwin & E S Ross (Bolton, 1980); R Jeannel & P A Chappuis (Santschi, 1935b); T H E Jacobson (Santschi, 1937a); H C James (Santschi, 1933b); N L H Krauss (Bolton, 1980); M G Leplage (Bolton, 1981a); A Loveridge (Bolton, 1974a, 1974b); V Mahnert & J-L Perret (Bolton, 1982, 1987, 1993; Taylor, 2005w); F Meneghetti (Brown, 1952e); Le Moult (Santschi, 1918b); S A Neave (Bolton, 1981b); K Njukiine (Bolton, 1982); G Nyamasyo (Arnold, 1955; Bolton, 1973b, 1976, 1980, 1981a, 1987); Saverio Patrizi (Patrizi, 1946, 1947, 1948; Brown, 1950b; Bolton, 1983; Weber, 1949b); R H Le Pelley (Santschi, 1933b, Bolton, 1987); W C H Peters (Forel, 1894b, Gerstaecker, 1871); H Prell (Forel, 1911d); A Reichensperger (Santschi, 1918c, 1920b); O W Richards (Bolton, 1980); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1975a, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981a, 1981b; Taylor, 2005w); Baron Maurice de Rothschild (Forel, 1907c); J Saiboku (Taylor, 2005w); W Sands (Bolton, 1987); Shirati (Viehmeyer, 1922); G H van Someren (Bolton, 1973b); M Steele (Bolton, 1973b); A E Stubbs (Shattuck, 1991); Stuhlmann (Emery, 1920c); Terrique (Santschi, 1910g); A Voeltzkow (Forel, 1907g); N A Weber (Bolton, 1976, 1980; Weber, 1943c, 1949a, 1952, 1964); P v d Werff (Bolton, 1981a); C West (Bolton, 1987); F X Williams (Bolton, 1974b); Zimmer (Forel, 1911d).

Lesotho - G Arnold (Arnold, 1944, 1946; Bolton, 1981a); P Berthoud (Forel, 1879a); A L Bevis (Arnold, 1944, 1958); J C Bradley (Bolton, 1980); R L Ghent (Bolton, 1987); C Jacot-Guillarmod (Arnold, 1960b; Bolton, 1980, 1983); Mission Rohan Chabot (Santschi, 1925h); E Simon (Emery, 1921d); R M Sloley (Arnold, 1926; Forel, 1913j); Tosquinet (Forel, 1909b); G Weitzecker (Emery, 1892a, 1895h); R C Wroughton (Forel, 1907g, 1910e; Santschi, 1918b, 1926b).

Liberia - J Bequaert (Shattuck, 1991); C Blickenstaff (Bolton, 1974a); H Brauns (Emery, 1895j; Mayr, 1895); C R Carroll (Carroll, 1979); O F Cook (Bolton, 1974a); Delafosse (Santschi, 1915c); Duke (Forel, 1901h); Goheen (Haldeman, 1849a); Guerin-Meneville (Roger, 1861a); Hadler (Forel, 1901h); G A Hardy (Bolton, 1980); Kieselbach (Forel, 1907e); W M Mann (Bolton, 1974a, 1978c, 1980, 1981b); J Morris (Wheeler, 1922 list); T S Savage (Westwood, 1842); Scherer (Forel, 1911e); J O Westwood (Savage, 1849c).

Malawi - G Arnold (Arnold, 1946; Santschi, 1917c); Heyne (Forel, 1886f); N H L Krauss (Bolton, 1980); W A Lamborn (Bolton,. 1973b; Crawley, 1923a; Donisthorpe, 1933b); A Loveridge (Brown, 1953g); C W R McReary (Bolton, 1980); J E S Old (Bolton, 1981b); S A Neave (Bolton, 1973b, 1974b, 1987; Crawley, 1916a); Rendall (Wheeler, 1922 list); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1980, 1983); C Sweeney (Bolton, 1973b); R C Wood (Bolton, 1974b); A Whyte (Bolton, 1973b).

Mali - A Chevalier (Santschi, 1911c, 1929b); Andrieu (Santschi, 1929f, 1930a); Claveau (Santschi, 1930a); M de Lepiney (Santschi, 1934b); B Malkin (Bolton, 1982, 1987); D R Reynold (Bolton, 1980); P Room (Bolton, 1982, 1980, 1987); de Zeltner (Santschi, 1923e).

Mozambique - G Arnold (Arnold, 1920a, 1926; Bolton, 1983, 1987; Prins, 1965a; Santschi, 1919a, 1919b, 1926b, 1928d, 1928f); Baum & Van der Kellen (Forel, 1910e); Paul Berthoud (Forel, 1894b); F V Beste (Bolton, 1973b); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); L F Brown (Bolton, 1973b); Fornasini (Emery, 1894i); Dr M Grabham (Santschi, 1937a); M H Hansing (Forel, 1910e); Junod (Forel, 1894b); Dr Liengme (Forel, 1894b, 1910e; Santschi, 1919h); E Luja (Forel, 1902e; Wasmann, 1904b); J Muir (Santschi, 1937a); Arthur Muller (Forel, 1894b); D Odendaal (Bolton, 1974b); W C H Peters (Gerstaecker (1859); E S Ross & R M Leech (Bolton, 1980); Sausseur (Forel, 1879a); H Schouteden (Santschi, 1925c); von Schulthess (Santschi, 1915c); Stuhlmann (Mayr, 1893); C F M Swynnerton (Bolton, 1973b); S F Taylor (Santschi, 1930d); R E Turner (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a); Wilms (Forel, 1910f); Robert C Wroughton (Forel, 1910e); G Vasse (Santschi, 1912b, 1915c; Bolton, 1974b).

Namibia - G Arnold (Arnold, 1916; Santschi, 1920d, 1928f); Georg von Bayern (Forel, 1911e); S Braine (Bolton, 1987); Brunn (Forel, 1910e); Casper (Forel, 1910f); M C Day (Bolton, 1981b); Dinter (Forel, 1910f); G Fock (Stitz, 1923); Ganz (Wheeler, 1922 list); P M Hammond (Bolton, 1980, 1982); G Hobohm (Bolton, 1981b); D Hollis (Bolton, 1980); K Jordan (Santschi, 1937a); Langheld (Wheeler, 1922 list); R Leggott (Bolton, 1987); Lightfoot (Arnold, 1926); Lubbert (Arnold, 1926; Forel, 1910f; Stitz, 1911b); A C Marsh (Bolton, 1987, 1989); W Michaelsen (Stitz, 1923); J Ogilvie (Bolton, 1981b); L Peringuey (Emery, 1886f); W C H Peters (Forel, 1910f); A J Prins (Prins, 1973); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1980); E S Ross & A R Stephen (Bolton, 1980); Scheben (Stitz, 1923); L Schultze (Forel, 1910f); S Simleit (Bolton, 1987); G U Son (Bolton, 1982); Steingrover (Forel, 1894b); Hans Thomsen (Stitz, 1923); R W E Tucker (Arnold, 1922, 1924, 1926; Bolton, 1987, Forel, 1910f; Santschi, 1923e); R E Turner (Bolton, 1981a; Donisthorpe, 1931b); Vernay-Lang (Bolton, 1975a, 1980); H Viehmeyer (Santschi, 1914a); von Zastrow (Stitz, 1923).

Niger - Andrieux (Santschi, 1937a); F Bernard (Bernard, 1950b); R Chudeau (Santschi, 1929b); Dr R Gaillard (Santschi, 1923e, 1924b); J Newby (Bolton, 1982); Noel (Santschi, 1923e); P Room (Bolton, 1982, 1987).

Nigeria - Bates or Bates collection (Forel, 1911e); B Bolton (Bolton, 1969, 1973a, 1973b, 1974a, 1974b, 1975a, 1976, 1980, 1981a, 1981b, 1983, 1987; Brown, 1978c; B Taylor, 2005w); R H Booker (Bolton, 1975b; Booker, 1968; Taylor, 2005w); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); E Classey (Bolton, 1982); J Cloudsley-Thompson (Bolton, 1973b); W A C Cockburn (Bolton, 1973b); B R Critchley (Bolton, 1976, 1980, 1983, 1987, 2002); J C Deeming (Bolton, 1987); Duke (Forel, 1910f); W Eguagie (Taylor, 2005w); H Fischer (Forel, 1901h; Santschi, 1919b); J de Gaulle (Santschi, 1910g); F D Golding (Santschi, 1933b, 1937b); W A Lamborn (Forel, 1913c; Lamborn, 1914, 1915c, 1920); Lenfant (Santschi, 1910g); C Longhurst (Bolton, 1980, 1987); A Hollande (Bernard, 1952); B Lasebikan (Bolton, 1980); Luke (Forel, 1907a); J T Medler (Baroni Urbani, 1977c; Bolton, 1973b, 1974a, 1975a, 1982, 1987; Taylor, 2005w); E A Mill (Bolton, 1987); J Noyes (Rigato, 2002); E S Ross & K Lorenzen (Bolton, 1980); A Russell-Smith (Bolton, 1983, 1987); W A Sands (Brown, 1962b); D Simpson (Bolton, 1980); F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d, 1915c); J J Simpson (Santschi, 1933b); G Strachan (Bolton, 1973b); B Taylor & S F Adedoyin (Bolton, 1980, 1981b, 1982, 1983; Snelling, 1979a; Taylor, 2005w); G C Webb (Weber, 1964); K Whitney (Bolton, 1982); M G Wood (Bolton, 1973b); E Zavattari (Menozzi, 1926a).

Rwanda - Elena d'Aosta (Emery, 1912c); L Burgeon (Bolton, 1973b); H Neel (van Boven, 1972, 1975); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1980, 1987); Schubotz (Stitz, 1911b); Y Sjostedt & W Leche (Wheeler, 1925b); R Verhuist (Bolton, 1973b); P Werner (Bolton, 1981b, 1983, 1987; Taylor, 2005w).

São Thomé - J Derron (Bolton, 1983); L Fea (Menozzi, 1922a, 1924b; Bolton, 1983); Gradwell & Snow (Bolton, 1980); Gravier (Santshi, 1915c); B Malkin (Brown, 1952e; Bolton, 1983, 2000); A Mocquerys (Santschi, 1915c); de Seabra (Santschi, 1920i; Wheeler, 1922, list).

Senegal - C Abogba (Bolton, 1987); M W Adams (Santschi, 1939f); Emil Aeberli (Forel, 1910e); C Alluaud (Emery, 1892d); Museum dom Bosc (Fabricius, 1798; Latreille, 1802c); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); W L Brown (Bolton, 1980, 1982); A Chevalier (Santschi, 1910g, 1929b); Claveau (Santschi, 1910g, 1911c, 1912b, 1913c, 1918b, 1919b, 1920g, 1921c, 1926b); J de Gaulle (Santschi, 1915c); Kunckel (Forel, 1894b); A Mocquerys (André, 1889, 1890); Riggenbach (Stitz, 1910); Roubaud (Santschi, 1914d); Saussure (Forel, 1879a); H Sichel (Mayr, 1862; Roger, 1863a); Prof F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d, 1918b); Soller (Forel, 1910e).

Sierra Leone - C Alluaud (Emery, 1892d); Banks collection (Fabricius, 1781); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); Buxton (Bolotn, 1980); W G Clements (Wheelr, 1922 list); E Hargreaves (Bolton, 1973b, 1983, 1987; Santschi, 1930d, 1933b); A Mocquerys (André, 1889, 1890; Forel, 1909b); D F Morgan (F Smith, 1858b); Novara Expedition (Mayr, 1862); F A Squire (Bolton, 1987).

Somalia - A Ilg (Forel, 1910c); Capt. V Bottego (Emery, 1895a, 1895j, 1896i); L Brichetti-Robecchi & Prof Pavesi (Emery, 1892a; Wheeler, 1922 list); G B Camiglia (Menozzi, 1930b); Doria (Emery, 1897e); P E Glover (Bolton, 1982); C Keller (Forel, 1892b, 1892e, 1907c, 1913j); Paoli & Chiaromonte (Menozzi, 1930b); Revoil (André, 1887; Santschi, 1919h); Baron M de Rothschild (Forel, 1907c); E Ruspoli (Emery, 1897e); Saverio Patrizi (Menozzi, 1927f); Stefanini & Paoli, Stefanini & Puccioni (Menozzi, 1926a); Vatova (Bolton, 1975a).

South Africa - Dr C Akerman (Arnold, 1920a; Bolton, 1982); G Arnold (Arnold, 1915, 1917,1920a, 1922, 1924, 1944, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1952a, 1962; Bolton, 1975a,1981a, 1982, 1987; Forel, 1913a, 1913j, 1914d; Prins, 1982; Santschi, 1918b, 1919a, 1919b, 1920b, 1920d, 1932a); G Baines (Bolton, 1987); Ballion (Forel, 1904d); Bates, or Bates collection (Forel, 1911e); D R Bayer (Forel, 1915c); Y Ben-Dov (Bolton, 1982); Paul Berthoud (Forel, 1879a, 1886f, 1890b; 1894b, 1910a); L Bevis (Forel, 1915c); C T Bingham (Bingham, 1906); R D Boyce (Arnold, 1920a); A A Boonzaaier (Prins, 1963; Taylor, 2005w); J C Bradley (Bolton, 1980); C U Brain (Arnold, 1917; Santschi, 1917b, 1918b); H Brauns (Arnold, 1917, 1920a, 1922, 1926; Bolton, 1980; Emery, 1902c; Forel, 1904d, 1905b, 1907g, 1910f, 1901h, 1911e, 1912m, 1913a, 1913j, 1914d, 1915c, Mayr, 1895, 1901b; Santschi, 1917b, 1919a, 1923e; Wasmann, 1904b); D J Brothers (Bolton, 1987; Shattuck, 1991); W L Brown (Bolton, 1974b, 1976, 1980, 1981b, 1983, 1987; Taylor, 2005w); B Brunhuber (Bolton, 1980, 1982); W Buttiker (Arnold, 1958); B Chambers (Taylor, 2005w); Cherry (Arnold, 1922); J J Cillie (Prins, 1963, 1973); T D A Cockerell (Bolton, 1987); C B Cooper (Arnold, 1915, 1920a, 1924; Bolton, 1975a, 1987; Forel, 1913j, 1914d, 1915c; Santschi, 1928d); H V Daley (Bolton, 1982); F Demarchi (Santschi, 1926b); Dixey & Longstaff (Dixey, 1907); Drege (F Smith, 1858b; Roger, 1860; Westwood, 1843); Drewsen (Forel, 1879a); M Ellenberger (Santschi, 1915c); J C Faure (Arnold, 1944, 1948, 1952b; Bolton, 1918a, 1982, 1983); B L Fisher (Taylor, 2005w); Rev R Godfrey (Arnold, 1915, 1922, 1926, 1959; Forel, 1914d); Grobler (Bolton, 1975a); Guenizius (F Smith, 1858b); R H Harris (Bolton, 1987); C B Hardenburg (Arnold, 1920a); E K Hartwig (Arnold, 1948, 1949); Haviland (Arnold, 1920a, 1922, 1926; Emery, 1901d; Forel, 1901d, 1901f, 1905c, 1910e, 1910f, 1916; Santschi, 1918b, 1919a, 1919b, 1928f, 1930a); J Hewitt (Arnold, 1916; Bolton, 1976, 1980; Forel, 1913j; Santschi, 1919a, 1926b, 1932a); Peter Hlavac (Taylor, 2005w); J M Hutchinson (F Smith, 1876d); C F Jacot-Guillarmod (Bolton, 1980); W E Jones (Arnold, 1922, 1926; Santschi, 1921c); Junod (Bolton, 1982; Forel, 1904a, 1910e, 1916; Santschi, 1924a); C Keller (Forel, 1910e); G B King (Bolton, 1981a); H Kirby (Bolton, 1980; Weber, 1964); A de Kock & J D Majer (Taylor, 2005w); N L H Krauss (Bolton, 1980); H O Lang (Bolton, 1981b, 1982); Lingnau (Bolton, 1982); Krebs (Forel, 1910f); L Lochee-Bayne (Arnold, 1922; Santschi, 1928f); C P Lounsbury (Arnold, 1916; Bolton, 1987); B Marais (Bolton, 1980); H Bell-Marley (Arnold, 1922, 1926; Forel, 1914d, 1915c; Santschi, 1917b, 1920b, 1932a); A C Marsh (Bolton, 1989); Merley (Santschi, 1932a); C P v de Merve (Arnold, 1926; Bolton, 1977, 1987; Santschi, 1919a, 1926b, 1932a, 1939b); Dr L von Muralt (Forel, 1910e); Murchison (Forel, 1895); N J Myers (Arnold, 1958; Bolton, 1987); Novara Expedition (Mayr, 1862, 1865, 1901b); O'Neill (Wasmann, 1904b); F S Parsons (Bolton, 1980, 1981b, Santschi, 1937a); M Patterson (Bolton, 1982); S & J Peck (Bolton, 1983); C Peeters (Bolton, 1987); Miss A Pegler (Forel, 1915c); L Peringuey (Arnold, 1924, 1951; Emery, 1886, 1895h, 1899e; Forel, 1913j; Santschi, 1917b); E Phillips (Arnold, 1922; Bolton, 1987; Forel, 1914d); R W Plant (F Smith, 1858b); Br J H Power (Arnold, 1916, 1917, 1926; Bolton, 1974a; Forel, 1914d; Santschi, 1932a); A J Prins (Prins, 1963, 1965c, 1973, 1982); Dr Rattray (Arnold, 1926; Wasmann, 1904b); C/T Reeve (Arnold, 1922; Santschi, 1919b); Dr A Reichensperger (Satnschi, 1917b, 1926b); H G Robertson (Taylor, 2005w); Rolle (Forel, 1910c); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1980); M Samways (Bolton, 1982, 1983, 1987; Taylor, 2005w); Sausseur (Forel, 1879a); Schaufuss (Mayr, 1901b); J D Schmidt (Taylor, 2005w); Prof Oscar Schneider (Mayr, 1895); L Schultze (Forel, 1910f); De Selys Fanson (Forel, 1909b); Sherry (Forel, 1913a); Prof F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d); S H Skaife (Arnold, 1959); E Simon (Bolton, 1987; Emery, 1895h, 1899e, 1905d); R W Slobey (Bolton, 1981b); R H N Smithers (Arnold, 1944, 1956, 1959); G van Son (Bolton, 1975); B R Stuckenberg (Arnold, 1960a); H Swale (Bolton, 1980); Sir A Theiler (Arnold, 1922); H P Thomasset (Arnold, 1944; Bolton, 1987); Tosquinet (F Smith, 1858b); Ivar Trågärdh (Arnold, 1916; Forel, 1910f; Santschi, 1914d, 1914e, 1915c, 1917b, 1920g, 1923e, 1926b, 1937a); R W E Tucker (Arnold, 1922, 1926; Santschi, 1919a, 1926b); R E Turner (Bolton, 1975a, 1981a, 1983); M H Villet (Taylor, 2005w); Wartmann (Forel, 1910e); L Weatherill (Bolton, 1983); Giacomo/Jacques Weitzecker (Emery, 1895h); Wilms (Forel, 1905b, 1910f); Womesley (Bolton, 1980); Wood Mason (Forel, 1910e); Rob C Wroughton (Arnold, 1914, 1915, 1920a; Emery, 1901d; Forel, 1894b, 1910e, 1910f, 1911f; Santschi, 1926b).

Sudan - C Alluaud (Santschi, 1910g); D H Bedford (H W Bedford?) & G E Giffard (Santschi, 1933b); W W Bowen (Santschi, 1933b); G D H Carpenter (Bolton, 1973b); J Cloudsley-Thompson (Bolton, 1987); R Cottam (Santschi, 1933b); v d Decken (Gerstaecker, 1871); H Eriksson (Taylor, 2005w); Gredler (Roger, 1863a); H B Johnson (Santschi, 1933b); H H King, also J R Yardley, Hamann & Klemm (Hamann, 1967); Jaegerskiold (Mayr, 1904b); V Karavaiev [W Karawaiew] (Forel, 1913d; Karavaiev, 1911; Santschi, 1914a, 1918b); Ernst Marno (Mayr, 1895); J E M Meller (Bolton, 1980); G Muller (Finzi, 1939a; Bolton, 1987); J G Myers (Bolton, 1980; Brown, 1975; Weber, 1943c, 1946c); P Magretti (André, 1884b; Forel, 1879a; Magretti, 1884; Mayr, 1907a); A Reichensperger (Santschi, 1914d, 1924b); W Ruttledge (Santschi, 1933b); A Schatzmayr (Finzi, 1936); M Steele (Bolton, 1982); C W Sweeny (Bolton, 1978c, 1980, 1981a, 1987); R C H Sweeney (Bolton, 1973b, 1981); Y Sjöstedt & W Leche (Karavaiev, 1912b); Ivar Trågärdh (Mayr, 1904b); F Werner (Forel, 1907a); H Werner & R Ebner (Viehmeyer, 1923); N A Weber (Bolton, 1976, 1980, 1981a, 1983, 1987; Brown, 1952; Weber, 1941a, 1942a, 1943c, 1952).

Swaziland - R L Ghent (Bolton, 1980).

Tanzania - C Alluaud (Santschi, 1910g, 1911c, 1914b, 1923e); C Alluaud & R Jeannel (Santschi, 1913e, 1914b, 1915c, 1924a, 1925c, 1926b, 1928d); G Arnold (Santschi, 1928f); P Basilewsky & N Leleup (Bolton, 1981a); K Bock (Bolton, 1983; Brown, 1950b); Bornemisza (Forel, 1907a); H Brauns (Forel, 1907a; Mayr, 1895; Stadelmann, 1898); E S Brown & L F Brown (Bolton, 1973b); B D Butt (Santschi, 1937a); G D H Carpenter (Bolton, 1982); B Cooper (Bolton, 1980); Deville (Forel, 1909b); Fr Eichelbaum (Wasmann, 1917); D V Fitzgerald (Bolton, 1982); Dr Gerard (Santschi, 1928d); C C Gowdey (Bolton, 1973b); Vasily Grebennikov (Taylor, 2005w); D Griffiths (Bolton, 1987); J Halstead (Bolton, 1982); Hildebrandt (Forel, 1886f); M E Irwin & E S Ross (Bolton, 1982); K Jauer (Viehmeyer, 1922); Kadt (Santschi, 1924a); K Katona (Forel, 1907a; Szabo, 1909); Kemp (Kemp, 1951); N L H Krauss (Bolton, 1973b, 1980, 1982); W A Lamborn (Bolton, 1973b; Lamborn 1920a; Longstaff, 1911); Langenburg (Viehmeyer, 1914c); A/G Loveridge (Bolton, 1973b, 1981a; Santschi, 1926b); Dr Lowy (Forel, 1907b); W M Mann (Bolton, 1980); R Mayne (Bolton, 1974a); Meyer (Santschi, 1923e); A Muller (Forel, 1894b); S A Neave (Bolton, 1974b, 1981b); Rene Oberthur (Emery, 1895j); W C H Peters (Gerstaecker, 1871); A W J Pomeroy (Bolton, 1973b); Reichard (Santschi, 1924a); A Reichensperger (Santschi, 1919h, 1925c, 1933b, 1937a); C Polidori & L Benagho (Rigato, 2002); H Prell (Forel, 1911d); O W Richards (Bolton, 1980, 1987); A D Robertson (Bolton, 1980); H G Robertson (Rigato, 2002, Taylor, 2005w); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1976, 1980, 1983); Le Roy (Stadelmann, 1898); Ch Schroder (Forel, 1907e); S Schreuder (Santschi, 1914b); Schubotz (Stitz, 1911b, 1916); K Schwartze (Santschi, 1914a); Y Sjöstedt (Forel, 1907a; Mayr, 1907b; Santschi, 1914b; Wasmann, 1904); F Stuhlmann (Mayr, 1893; Stadelmann, 1898); S Uehara (Bolton, 1981b, 1987; Taylor, 2005w); A M Varela (Rigato, 2002); D Vesey-Fitzgerald (Bolton, 1981b; Weber, 1946c); H Viehmeyer (Santschi, 1914a, 1921c); A Voeltzkow (Forel, 1897c, 1907g, 1910e, 1913b); Voessler (Santschi, 1914b; Wheeler, 1922 list); Ilse Walker (Bolton, 1975a); P S Ward (Taylor, 2005w); M J Way (Bolton, 1976, 1981a, 1982, 1987); R M C Williams (Bolton, 1980); Zimmer (Forel, 1911d).

Togo - H E Box (Donisthorpe, 1945b); Hans Brauns (Mayr, 1895); R Buttner (Emery, 1895j; Wheeler, 1922 list); B Dufour (Bolton, 1987); Gribodo (Emery, 1892d); L Conradt (Emery, 1895j; Stitz, 1910); Y Schach (Bolton, 1973b); Schroder (Stitz, 1910); A H Strickland (Strickland, 1951a); Vit (Bolton, 1983, 1987, 2000).

Uganda - Duke of Abruzzi (Stadelmann, 1898); C Alluaud (Santschi, 1914b); G Arnold (Arnold, 1954; Bolton, 1976); T Bakin (Santschi, 1933b); E Bayon (Menozzi, 1924b); R P Benoit (Forel, 1909b); J C Bradley (Bolton, 1980); G D H Carpenter (Bolton, 1974a, 1987, 2002; Santschi, 1933b); R P Celis (Bolton, 1981a); H S Darling (Bolton, 1973b); WA Dogiel & J J Sokolow (Karavaiev, 1931d); F W Edwards (Bolton, 1980); Erne & Cuccudoro (Bolton, 2000); G O Evans (Bolton, 1976, 1981a, 1983); D S Fletcher (Bolton, 1973b, 1980, 1982, 1986a); J Ford (Bolton, 1973b); C C Gowdey (Bolton, 1973b; Santschi, 1933b; Wheeler, 1922); M Grabham (Bolton, 1973b); G L R Hancock (Donisthorpe, 1945c); H Hargreaves (Bolton, 1973b, 1980; Santschi, 1923e, 1926b, 1933b); G H E Hopkins (Bolton, 1973b); H Johnston (Bolton, 1974b); R Lucius (Bolton, 1981b); D McNutt (Bolton, 1987); J E M Meller (Donisthorpe, 1931b); E Millar (Bolton, 1973b); Musoke & Banage (Bolton, 1975b); S A Neave (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1983); G Salt (Brown, 1954k); Schubotz (Stitz, 1911b); Heinrich Schultze (Forel, 1912j); M Snizek (Taylor, 2005w); S Uehara (Taylor, 2005w); N A Weber (Bolton, 1976, 1980, 1981a, 1983; Brown, 1952e, 1954k; Weber, 1949b, 1950a, 1952); F Werner (Wheeler, 1922 list); R M C Williams (Bolton, 1987); G F de Witte (Santschi, 1939a); Lake Rudolf Expedition (Bolton, 1981b).

Zaire - Rev P Augustin (Bolton, 1975b; Santschi, 1913c, 1919h, 1924b, 1926a, 1937g); Dr Bayer (Forel, 1913c, 1913h, 1916; Santschi, 1923e, 1926a); J Bequaert (Bolton, 1974a; Brown, 1952e, 1975; Forel, 1913b; 1913c, 1913h; Santschi, 1919h, 1920b, 1920c, 1923e, 1924b, 1926a, 1928d, 1930a, 1935a; Wheeler, 1922); Bergerhoff (Stitz, 1911b); Bondroit (Santschi, 1916b, 1919a, 1926a); Lt Bonnevie (Santschi, 1926a); Dr Bornstein (Santschi, 1923e); J C Bradley (Bolton, 1980, 1983); H Brauns (Mayr, 1895); H J Bredo (Bolton, 1974b; Santschi, 1935a); Comte A de Briey (Forel, 1913h); L Burgeon (Bolton, 1980; Forel, 1913h; Santschi, 1919c, 1923e, 1924b, 1926a, 1926c, 1930a, 1933b, 1935a); F Busschodts (Emery, 1899e; Forel, 1909b); Buttgenbach (Forel, 1909b, 1913b); Buttner (Stitz, 1910); Du Buysson (Santschi, 1938a); Cabra (Forel, 1909b); P Callewaert (Santschi, 1923e, 1924b, 1930, 1935a); de Callone (Santschi, 1923e); R P Celis (Bolton, 1981a); F Chaltin (Santschi, 1919c, 1935a); Charlier (Santschi, 1923e, 1924b); P Charleux (Santschi, 1919h); Dr Christy (Bolton, 1974a; Santschi, 1919c, 1935a, 1937b); A Collart (Brown, 1952e; Bolton, 1975a; Santschi, 1933b, 1937g); P J Curtis (Bolton, 1983); Dr Daniel (Forel, 1911f, 1913h; Wheeler, 1922 list); Degreef (Santschi, 1923e); A Dejean (Bolton, 2002; Dejean, 1994; Taylor, 2005w); Deleval (Forel, 1909b, 1913h; Santschi, 1923e); Dr A Dubois (Bolton, 1980; Forel, 1911f; Santschi, 1937b); Duchesne (Forel, 1909b); Elskens (Santschi, 1920b); A E Emerson (Bolton, 1975a; Weber, 1964); Dr Etienne (Forel, 1910e, 1911f); Fauconnet (Forel, 1910a); Flamand (Forel, 1913h); Lt Floridon (Santschi, 1923e, 1933b); Galli-Valerio (Santschi, 1915c); J de Gaulle (Santschi, 1924a); Dr Gerard (Santschi, 1912d, 1915c, 1916b, 1919c, 1919h, 1920b, 1921c, 1923e, 1926a, 1930a, 1933b, 1935a); J Ghesquiere (Bolton, 1974b; Santschi, 1937g); Gilson (Santschi, 1935a); De Giorgi (Santschi, 1923e, 1924b, 1928f); Goffart (Santschi, 1937a); T Gregg (Bolton, 1975b, 1976,1980, 1981b, 1983; Brown, 1957b); G Hagemann ( (Forel, 1901h); C P Haskins (Bolton, 1975a; Haskins, 1941); F H Hendricks (Weber, 1964); P Hendrard (Bolton, 1973b); R P Hulstaert (Bolton, 1974b); Ct Hutereau (Forel, 1913h; Santschi, 1928f); R F Hutsebaut (Bolton, 1974b); T H E Jackson (Bolton, 1981b); A Jullien (Forel, 1909b); V Kino (Santschi, 1928f); Kinsbergen (Forel, 1909b); H Kohl (Emery, 1908b, 1912b; Forel, 1909b, 1915c, 1916, 1918a, 1920a; Santschi, 1921c, 1926a; Wasmann, 1904b, 1911, 1915b, 1917); N H L Krauss (Bolton, 1974a, 1980, 1981b); A Koller (Forel, 1913h); Lamarche (Forel, 1909b); don Lopez (Forel, 1909b); H O Lang (Bolton, 1980; Santschi, 1926a); Herbert O Lang & James P Chapin (Wheeler, 1922); Laplume (Forel, 1913h); Laurent (Emery, 1899e); N Leleup (Bolton, 1981a; Gotwald, 1976); Lemaire [Lemarinel] (Forel, 1909b); Prince Leopold (Santschi, 1935a); Leplae (Forel, 1913h); Leyder (Forel, 1909b); E Luja (Emery, 1908b; Forel, 1905b, 1909b, 1910e, 1911c, 1911f, 1911h, 1913a, 1913b, 1913h, 1915c; Santschi, 1910c, 1923e, 1924b, 1925c, 1928f, 1930a, 1933b, 1935a; Wasmann, 1904b, 1917; Wheeler, 1922 list); A Machado (Bolton, 1983); A Mackie (Bolton, 1980); Dr J Maes [G Maes] (Forel, 1913h; Santschi, 1930a, 1935a); Majella (Bolton, 1987a; Santschi, 1926a); M Maldague (Bolton, 1981a, 1981b, 1983); R Mayné (Bolton, 1980; Forel, 1911f, 1913h, 1916; Santschi, 1919c, 1923e, 1924b, 1925c, 1926a, 1930a, 1933b, 1935a); Mecklenburg (Forel, 1913h); Le Moult (Santschi, 1937b); Dr Mouchet (Bolton, 1975b; Santschi, 1923e); Dr Murtula (Santschi, 1924b); Myers (Bolton, 1981a); S A Neave (Bolton, 1975); Me de Paoli (Santschi, 1926a); de Pauw (Forel, 1909b); A Pilette (Santschi, 1919c); Pons (Forel, 1913h); E Poppe (Santschi, 1924b, 1930a); A Raignier & J van Boven (Bolton, 1975a; Raignier & van Boven, 1955); Dr Rechenbach (Santschi, 1924b); A Reichensperger (Santschi, 1928f, 1930a); Dr Rodham (Santschi, 1924b); Rodbain (Santschi, 1933b); Rollin (Forel, 1909b); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1974a, 1974b, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981b, 1982, 1987); Rovere (Forel, 1911f, 1913h; Wheeler, 1922 list); Dr Sagona (Santschi, 1924b); H Schouteden (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a, 1980; Santschi, 1923e, 1924a, 1924b, 1926a, 1926b, 1926c, 1928d, 1930a, 1933b, 1935a, 1937a, 1937b); Schubotz (Stitz, 1911b, 1916); Scops (Boven, 1972); Seeldrayers (Emery, 1899e; Wheeler, 1922 list); F Silvestri (Santschi, 1914d); Y Sjöstedt & W Leche (Wheeler, 1925b); Solon (Forel, 1909b); P Staner (Bolton, 1973b); Dr Stappers (Santschi, 1926a, 1928f); R L Steavert (Bolton, 1980); Lt Styczinski (Forel, 1913h); Tinant (Bolton, 1975a); S D Torti (Bolton, 2000; Taylor, 2005w); Tosquinet (Forel, 1909b); P Vanderijst (Bolton, 1975a; Santschi, 1919c, 1926a,.1928f); P Vanschuytbroeck (Bolton, 1981a); Miss Gert Vinall (Santschi, 1933b); Waelbroeck (Emery, 1899e); Wasmann (Forel, 1901d); N A Weber (Bolton, 1976, 1980, 1981a, 1982, 1983, 1987; Brown, 1950b, 1952e, 1959c, 1960c, 1975; Weber, 1949a, 1949b, 1950a, 1952); Weyns (Forel, 1909b); M Wilwerth (Emery, 1899e; Santschi, 1910c); G F de Witte (Santschi, 1938a); R P Zimmermann (Santschi, 1937a, 1937b).

Zambia - Elena d'Aosta (Emery, 1912c); G Arnold (Arnold, 1917, 1920a, 1926b, 1946, 1947; Brown, 1963; Santschi, 1919a, 1926b); M Bingham (Bolton, 1980); H Dollman (Bolton, 1980, 1981b, 1987; Brown, 1975; Forel, 1910f; Wheeler, 1922); H S Evans (Bolton, 1973b, 1974a, 1975a, 1983); W T Gresham-Williams (Santschi, 1928d); Jalla (Wheeler, 1922 list); C T Macnamara (Bolton, 1974a, 1980, 1981b); Revoil (Forel, 1916); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1980, 1983); Silverlock (Bolton, 1974b); Fr Steiner (Forel, 1910f).

Zimbabwe - Elena d'Aosta (Wheeler 1922 list); G Arnold (Arnold, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1920a, 1922, 1924, 1926, 1944, 1946,1947, 1948, 1949, 1952a, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960b, 1962; Bolton, 1975a, 1976, 1980, 1918a, 1981b, 1983, 1987, Brown, 1953g; Forel, 1907c, 1913a, 1913j, 1914d, 1915d; Donisthorpe, 1936e; Santschi, 1911g, 1915c, 1916b, 1917b, 1917e, 1918b, 1919a, 1919h, 1920b, 1920d, 1920i, 1923e, 1924b, 1925c, 1926b, 1928d, 1928f, 1930a, 1932a, 1937a, 1939b); W L Brown (Bolton, 1974b, 1975a, 1980, 1981a, 1983, 1987; Brown, 1975, 1978c); G H Bunzli (Bolton, 1975a); M Grabham (Bolton, 1981b); G Coghill (Arnold, 1922); Demarchi (Santschi, 1912b); Durand (Santschi, 1915c); A Hart (Taylor, 2005w); Jalla (Wheeler 1922 list); A M Macgregor (Arnold, 1916; Forel, 1914d); G Marshall (Marshall, 1902; Wheeler, 1922 list); H B Maufe (Arnold, 1917); R Mussard (Bolton, 1983, 1987); Father O'Neil (Forel, 1913j); L Peringuey (Arnold, 1926); A J Prins (Prins, 1982); Rohan Chabot (Santschi, 1925h); E S Ross & R E Leech (Bolton, 1980, 1983); M Snizek (Taylor, 2005w); B R Stuckenberg (Arnold, 1960a); Dr H Swale (Arnold, 1915; Bolton, 1975a, 1976, 1980, 1981b; Forel, 1913a); Swynnerton (Santschi, 1932a; Wheeler 1922 list); R L Thompson (Arnold, 1922); R W E Tucker (Santschi, 1920b); A Watsham (Bolton, 1983, 1987); K J Wilson (Bolton, 1980, 1983); R C Wroughton (Forel, 1910e); A E V Zealley (Arnold, 1924; Forel, 1913a).

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