The Ants of Africa

Genus Concoctio Brown
Contents - Amblyoponinae - Subfamily Amblyoponinae

Genus Concoctio Brown, 1974d: 29


Diagnostic Features - Petiole broadly attached to the first gastral segment, the two separated dorsally and laterally only by a constriction; so that the petiole is without a free posterior face. Mandibles relatively short triangular and closing against the clypeus. Antenna 9-segmented with a strongly defined 4-segmented club. Alitrunk in dorsal view marginate and denticulate anteriorly, and strongly constricted from side to side in front of the metanotal groove.

Genus described by Brown (1974d: 29) and therefore not in Bolton (1973a). Monotypic (see Bolton, 1995).

Monotypic - single species Concoctio concenta from Gabon.

What appears to be a Concoctio queen from Zanzibar is shown on
Although posted under the name concenta it clearly is not.  The antennal scapes almost reach the occiput (SI 82), whereas they reach back only as far as the central ocellus in the concenta queen SI 62); the alitrunk profile of the Zanzibar specimen is more convex and the propodeum transition from dorsum to declivity is evenly curved not near right angled.  It bears a card with the label "Concoctio concenta W.L.Brown Type series queen". On his Pilot Register Card No. 29, Brown (1974) gave the distribution as "Tropical Africa" but enumerated no specimens other than the type collection from Gabon. 

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