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Distribution Card - Notes

NOTE: For simplicity -

  1. The definitive current species name is that in the first row; all records have been amended to use that name but I have used a trinomial form to allow for differentiation of original records.
  2. Only the first named author is given; the date suffix x indicates a single paper in that year and is used for sorting purposes.
  3. Where I have used Taylor - 2005w - it is to indicate material original to my work and/or incorporated in this site but not formally published elsewhere (other than on another website, as indicated in the main text).
  4. Wheeler - 1922xr - is used to denote information cited by Wheeler (1922) of which the original source is not presently clear (1922x citations are records directly from Zare in Wheeler, 1922).
  5. I have used the current geographical names for almost all countries but have retained "Zare" for the now Democratic Republic of Congo.
  6. I have used the term "new variety" to indicate any description which refers to other than the type form. In modern papers, e.g. by Bolton, the common usage is for a single type form, with all variations reduced to "junior synonym" status, a system which I find submerges the extent of variation. As far as possible, in the text pages I have provided access to the original descriptions of "subspecies", "variety", or whatever.

For ease of entry in the source database/spreadsheet, I have omitted accents on names of people and places; these can be found in the main text - for authors on the species pages, and, for collectors and places on the geography pages.

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