The Ants of Africa
Chapter 5 - Biodiversity 2009

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Species occurrence sorted by Zaire as the main criterion, level 1.

The top 18 species (i.e. those with records also from South Africa, down to Cataulacus guineensis) are most of the ubiuitous Pan-African taxa.

The Cataulacus guineensis identification from South Africa is likely to have been an error in labelling (Bolton, 1974a: 55).

The sole record of Tetraponera aethiops from South Africa, indeed anywhere south of the Congo Forest region, seems likely also to stem from mis-labelling.

Crematogaster impressa is one of the confused "species" with numerous so-called varieties and it seems likely that the two South Africa records, both from the Cape area are of a smaller species.

Below that level is a distinct cluster of Congo Basin species, the majority being arboreal.

Graph 1

{Most recorded species 2009}

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