The Ants of Africa
Chapter 5 - Biodiversity 2009

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Species occurrence sorted by Zaire as the main criterion. level 2.

The top 14 species (i.e. those with records also from South Africa, down to Tetramorium simillimum) are Pan-African taxa. Below that there is a clustering of eastern Africa species.
Leptogenys intermedia is found essentially from Kenya south to South Africa and the Zaire finding was from the extreme eastern area of Lake Kivu.
A second species with such a dsitribution is Anoplolepis custodiens but in that the Zaire finding was from the west coast port of Banana.
This analysis has led me to speculate that African records of Pachycondyla (Trachymesopus) darwinii were of the similar but distinct Pachycondyla (Trachymesopus) fossigera.
The analysis also shows the anomaly of Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) gambiensis from South Africa and it seems likely that the record was of Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) hottentota.

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{Most recorded species 2009}

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