The Ants of Africa
Genus Dorylus Subgenus Dorylus
Dorylus (Dorylus) aggressor Santschi

Dorylus (Dorylus) aggressor Santschi

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type locality Zare (Dorylus aggressor n. sp., Santschi, 1923e: 268) collected at Luluabourg, P. Callewaert, 15.v.1913 - see below
major and minor workers described (see Bolton, 1995, who has the name mis-spelt agressor) .

Santschi's (1923e) description of the major is at {original description} and of the smaller morphs at {original description}.

Santschi (1923e) cites P. Callewaert as noting he found the colony in his room, going from here to there, through a hole in the wall whence they disappeared one after the other. Very aggressive (hence name "aggressor"?) and the crabs (?) had climbed up the wall. The ants did not climb the wall itself but ascended between wall and the wood of the door. Luluabourg, now Kananga, 553'S 2227'E. Santschi noted this as intermediate between the subgenera Dorylus and Anomma.

{Dorylus aggressor}The photomontage of a cotype worker is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Dorylus (Dorylus) aggressor
B Taylor det.

Central African Republic
P Annoyer

0301'49.5" N
1608'31.7" E
567 m; Camp 2; 17h30-3h30; A la base du kungu, 50 m du camp

{Dorylus (D.) aggressor polymorphismPolymorphism

The photomontages are of specimens from the Central African Republic, Dzanga-Sangha NP; collector Philippe Annoyer (CAR KF). The various morphs are shown in detail on the Dorylus (Anomma) aggressor morphs page.

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