The Ants of Africa
Genus Dorylus Subgenus Dorylus
Dorylus (Dorylus) braunsi Emery

Dorylus (Dorylus) braunsi Emery

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type locality Liberia (Dorylus braunsi n. sp., Emery, 1895j: 781) collected by H. Brauns - see below.
subspecies anceps (Dorylus braunsi Em. r. anceps n. stirps, Forel, 1914d: 215, worker) from Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, G Arnold - see below
junior synonym impressus (Dorylus (Dorylus) helvolus L. v. impressus n. v., Stitz, 1910, 127, workers; synonymy Santschi, 1924b: 198) from Equatorial Guinea, Alen, Tessmann - no images on Antweb (June 2014)
workers only known (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Dorylus (Dorylus) braunsi}Emery's (1895j) description is at {original description}. Stitz's (1910) description of impressus is at {original description}. Forel's (1914d) description of anceps is at {original description}.

Arnold (1915: 120) had the following (translation?) of Emery's description (1895).
This species is exceedingly similar to helvolus, differing from it chiefly in the shape of the head, which in the major and larger minors is distinctly wider in front than behind, the sides converging posteriorly, so that the occipital margin is rendered shorter. The puncturation of the vertex is also shallower and sparser in all the minors, but in specimens determined as braunsi for me by Dr. Forel, I do not find that the smallest workers (2.8 mm.) have the sides of the head entirely smooth as described by Prof. Emery. The majors do not exceed 8 mm in length. The colour, especially of the larger forms, is slightly darker than in helvolus; otherwise similar to that species.
Bulawayo. (R.M. and G.A. colls.)

Arnold (1926) had a translation of Forel's (1914) description of anceps; this is at {original description}. Note - Forel (1914d) added that he had a specimen from Cameroun which had a head that was much longer and bigger than Emery had attributed to the type.

Dorylus braunsiThe photomontage is of a type worker collated from
Clearly a small media worker, TL ca 4 mm, and not the major with TL 8 mm given by Emery (1895j).

Dorylus braunsi ancepsThe photomontage is of the type worker of anceps collated from
Probably a media worker, TL ca 5.5 mm, as Forel (1941) gave the largest as TL 6.2 mm.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Dorylus (Dorylus) braunsi
B Taylor det.

E Poirier
PF 11
Nimba County
0733’38" N
0832’33" E
Pitfall trap
Degraded secondary forest
518 m asl
Dorylus (Dorylus) braunsi
B Taylor det.
Y Braet
Gabon 210
0034' N
0919' E
Found in or on dead wood 1

{Dorylus braunsi}The photomontage is of a media worker from Liberia, Yekepa; collector E Poiriet (Yekepa PF 11). Exactly matches the type worker shown above.

{Dorylus braunsi}The photomontage is of a media (?) worker from Gabon, Pongara NP; collector Yves Braet (Gabon 210).

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