The Ants of Africa
Genus Dorylus - Subgenus Anomma
Dorylus (Anomma) nigricans Illiger - workers

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{Dorylus nigricans media}Reviewing my photographs of specimens collected by Sky Stephens in Ghana, I now (February 2009) think that nigricans workers are separable and are readily distinguished from D. burmeisteri. Two majors and two morphs are shown below. Moreover, I have re-evaluated my drawings and descriptions from Nigeria and feel the specimens I once thought might be Dorylus victoriae also are D. nigricans (Taylor, 1980b: 15, as Dorylus (An.) species T¹) although the collection did not include a major worker.  The specimens sent to me from Benin in 2010, which include a full range of worker morphs, confirm the separation.

TL 9.56-3.93, at least four morphs; largest HL 2.41 HW 2.47 SL 1.27 PW 0.89 Petiole L 0.87. Colour very dark red-brown. Erect setae on sternites, one dorsal pair and two ventral pairs on petiole. Sculpturation extremely fine all over reticulation. Mandible apical tooth relatively short blunt, small preapical tooth irregular margined flange running to large blunt triangular basal tooth. Antennal scapes thickening slightly to moderately broad apex. Anterior clypeal margin with short setae only. Head widest at anterior margin, sides only slightly convex. Promesonotum strongly convex dorsally; propodeum rounded in profile. Subpetiolar process rear curving, triangular. Collected on leaf litter under cocoa.

{Dorylus nigricans polymorphism}Worker polymorphism
The photomontage is of specimens from Benin, Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè; collector S Tchibozo.

{Dorylus nigricans major}Major from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans major 2}Seond major from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans media 1}Media 1 from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans media 2}Media 2 from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans media 3}Media 3 from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans media 4}Media 4 from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans minima}Minima from Forêt de Kpinkonzoumè

{Dorylus nigricans major} Ivory Coast Major
The specimens in the photomontages are from Ivory Coast, collected by Caspar Schoning; Collection Information: CASENT0172642; Locality: Ivory Coast: Taï NP; Collection codes: ANTC7481; Collected by: C.Schöning; Habitat: close to ""North Camp"" Field Station MPI EVA;

{Dorylus nigricans major}Gambia major
The photomontage is of a major from Gambia, Abuko Nature Reserve, 13°23'41" N 016°38'41" W, collected by Roy W Goff, 02.xii.2009. Other images can be seen in the folder at - {original description}

{Dorylus nigricans major} Ghana Major. Collector Sky Stephens (06G0065).

{Dorylus nigricans media 1} Ivory Coast Media 1

{Dorylus nigricans media}The photomontage is of a specimen from Central African Republic, Dzanga-Sangha NP; collector Philippe Annoyer (CAR Camp 1).

{Dorylus nigricans media 4} Ghana Media 4. Collector S Sky Stephens (06G0065)

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