Introduction The Ants of Africa
Chapter 2 - Geography and History - Sub-Saharan Burkino Faso, Chad, Mali & Niger

In reviewing the original descriptions now (late-2003) made available by the efforts of Donat Agosti, I realised that the geography as understood in the late-19th century was not fully comprehended by modern researchers. For instance, in his great Catalogue, Bolton (1995) has a few instances of type location given as "SUDAN" - this modern students would take as being the large Republic of Sudan, in north-east Africa. Most notably these relate to findings in Santschi (1930a) from collections by Andrieu, near Koulouba (1329'N 908'W, a 100 km or so north-west of Bamako), that is in modern Mali. In the nineteenth century, however, the term "Sudan" also applied to the huge area of French dominated north Africa, stretching from the Atlantic right across to the British-dominated territory, now the modern Sudan.

In my possesssion I have a copy of the Eton Compendium of Geography, edition published around January 1856, by C.G.N. of King's College, London; the first edition, by Rev. Aaron Arrowsmith, having been published in 1831. I have reproduced the relevant pages - 733 to 735 - as a pdf which can be read by using the link {original description}.

Burkino Faso

Summary of known collectors
Betbeder (Bolton, 1982); A Chevalier (Santschi, 1926b); P Room (Bolton, 1980, 1982, 1987).


Summary of known collectors
A Chevalier (Santschi, 1929b); Dr J Decorse (Santschi, 1910g, 1912b, 1915c, 1917c, 1926b); H Franz (Bolton, 1983); Dr R Gaillard (Santschi, 1926b); Schubotz (Stitz, 1916); N A Weber (Bolton, 1983).


Summary of known collectors
A Chevalier (Santschi, 1911c, 1929b); Andrieu (Santschi, 1929f, 1930a); Claveau (Santschi, 1930a); Dr J Decorse (Santschi, 1911g); Dr R Gaillard (Santschi, 1923e); M de Lepiney (Santschi, 1934b); B Malkin (Bolton, 1982, 1987); D R Reynold (Bolton, 1980); P Room (Bolton, 1982, 1980, 1987); de Zeltner (Santschi, 1923e).


Summary of known collectors
Andrieux (Santschi, 1937a); F Bernard (Bernard, 1950b); R Chudeau (Santschi, 1929b); Dr Gaillard (Santschi, 1924b); J Newby (Bolton, 1982); Noel (Santschi, 1923e); P Room (Bolton, 1982, 1987).

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