The Ants of Africa
Genus Lepisiota
Lepisiota junodi (Forel) - new status

Petiole with spines longer than their basal interval - incisa-group

Lepisiota junodi (Forel) - new status

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location South Africa (Acantholepis capensis Mayr r. junodi n. stirps, Forel, 1916: 438, worker) Shilowana, Transvaal, Junod
worker only known .

Note: Lepisiota junodi was previously listed as a variety of Lepisiota incisa but it is a quite distinct species with long fine white erect hairs.

Forel's (1916) description of junodi is on {original description}

{Lepisiota junodi}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

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