The Ants of Africa
Genus Lepisiota
Lepisiota xxxx Sudan JM 362 Taylor new species

Petiole with no more than denticles

Lepisiota xxxx Sudan JM 362 Taylor new species

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Sudan, worker only described .

WORKER DESCRIPTION: Very distinctive shiny unsculptured, yellow brown, gaster darker; pronotum dorsally flattened; head sub-square, widest behind the eyes; eyes ovoid moderately convex (0.37 X length of side of head); in profile head sub-circular with broadly convex lower side; clypeus with strong median carina running right to anterior margin; propodeum dorsum with distinctive longitudinal septum; petiole narrow and emarginate apically; abundant erect yellow pilosity (ca 0.16 mm long)
TL ca 2.7 mm, HL 0.68, HW 0.58, CI 90, SL 0.73, SI 131, PW 0.43
Khordonia 1 tree (6). Holotype and two other workers

Name in recognition of ???.

Specimens deposited in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Lepisiota Sudan JM362
B Taylor det.

J Mathews
JM 362

1151' N
3415' E
Blue Nile, Damazine Plantation
Semi-natural forest
Canopy fogging of Acacia senegal


Lepisiota nsp Sudan JM 362The photomontage is of a specimen from Sudan, collected by J Mathews, by pyrethrum fogging of Acacia senegal;  Khordonia, Damazine Plantation, Blue Nile - 1151' N 3415' E; JM 362; 14.x.2001, 3 workers.

Lepisiota nsp Sudan JM 362The photomontage is of a second specimen

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