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SUBFAMILY FORMICINAE - Genus Lepisiota - Lepisiota syriaca (André)

Lepisiota syriaca (André)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Syria (Acantholepis frauenfeldi ssp syriaca, André, 1881b: 61, illustrated [Plate unavailable], all forms; raised to species by Tohmé & Tohmé, 1980c: 518) Beirut - no images on Antweb (October 2014).

{Lepisiota syriaca}André's (1881b) description is on {original description} - the illustration of the alitrunk of the queen is unavailable on HNS.

WORKER - TL 2.0-3.2 mm; petiole scale acutely dentate; propodeum with short teeth about than 0.5 X basal space; clypeus with weaker median carina; less shiny but finely and distinctly reticulate; alitrunk dark reddish-brown, with appendages lighter
André (1881b) noted this variety as from Beirut with a small size; close to bipartita in colour and appearance. However, its behaviour ("allures") is quite different and the queens are distinct from those of the type and of bipartita
Finzi's (1936: 185) illustrated description of syriaca from Egypt is on {original description}.

{Lepisiota syriaca}Tohmé & Tohmé (1980c) reviewed the status and described the sexual stages; this is at {original description}.
Reference is made to - Tohmé & Tohmé 1975. Description des castes d'Acantholepis frauenfeldi, Mayr et des différents stades larvaires. Bull. Soc. ent. Egypte, 59, 131-141 - not listed in Bolton (1995) nor in HNS.

{Lepisiota syriaca petioles}

Oxford University Museum specimens

Lepisiota syriaca
B Taylor det.

J Kugler

31°47' N
35°13' E
2 workers & 1 queen


{Lepisiota syriaca worker}The photomontage is of workers from Israel, Tel Aviv, sent to BT by Armin Ionescu, Tel Aviv University. 

{Lepisiota syriaca queen}The photomontage is of a queen from Israel, Tel Aviv, sent to BT by Armin Ionescu, Tel Aviv University.

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