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Genus Meranoplus
Meranoplus magrettii André

Meranoplus magrettii André

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Sudan (Meranoplus Magrettii n. sp., André, 1884b: 245, worker, in Magretti, 1884; Menozzi & Consani, 1952: 66, queen) collected at Suakin, by Magretti - see below
junior synonyms
bondroiti (Meranoplus Bondroiti n. sp., Santschi, 1915c: 254, illustrated, worker) from Zaïre, Grand Lacs region, Uzaga, Dr. Gerard - see
diversipilosus (Meranoplus Simoni Em. var. diversipilosus nov., Santschi, 1932a: 388, worker) from Zimbabwe - see
springvalensis (Meranoplus Simoni Emery var. springvalensis n. v., Arnold, 1917: 372, worker) from Zimbabwe - see
nitidiventris (Meranoplus Simoni Emery subspec. nitidiventris n. ssp., Mayr, 1901b: 26, worker; Arnold, 1917: 371, queen & male) from South Africa, Bothaville - see
simoni (Meranoplus Simoni n. sp., Emery, 1895h: 41, illustrated, worker) from South Africa, Vrijburg (see below)
suturalis (Meranoplus Simoni Emery subsp. suturalis n. subsp., Forel, 1910e: 424, worker) from South Africa, Natal, Haviland - see
(see Bolton, 1995) .

{Meranopus magrettii}André's (1884b) description is at {original description}. Menozzi & Consani's (1952) description of the queen is at {original description}. Emery's (1895h) description of simoni is at {original description}. Mayr's (1901b) description of nitidiventris is at {original description}. Forel's (1910e) description of suturalis is at {original description}. Santschi's (1915c) illustrated description of bondroiti is at {original description}. Arnold (1917: 369) translation of simoni is at {original description} and his description/translation of the varieties is at {original description}. Santschi's (1932a) description of diversipilosus is at {original description}. Bolton's modern description (1981a) is at {original description}

{Meranoplus magrettii}WORKER - Distinguished by the broad, nodiform postpetiole, and propodeal spines which are long enough to be seen in dorsal view; colour medium to dark brown, usually gaster darker, sometimes reddish (Bolton, 1981a, illustrated, full-face head, lateral alitrunk and pedicel, promesonotal shield).

Described by Bolton (1981a) as primarily a savannah and open-woodland species of eastern and southern Africa. He reported three findings from Ghana, all at Legon which is located in the dry coastal plain (D. Leston; G. Benson; and Mkhise).

Santschi's (1915c, illustrated, right above) description of bondroiti, was -
TL 2-2.2 mm; head wider than long, posterior border regularly rounded with angles slightly flared; sides near straight. Eyes convex andin the posterior third, their diameter slightly larger than the interval separating them from the posterior angle of the face (larger in suturalis). Clypeus longitudinally striate. Thorax as in simoni but anterior angles more flared, sides more deeply narrowed at the otherwise effaced promesonotal suture. Sides of mesonotum more convex. Shield spines longer and the transverse lamella not indented. Propodeal spines almost as long as those of the metanotum but divergent and arcuate. Petiole node a narrowed scale inclined obliquely to the posterior, with the postpetiole slender cuneiform in profile, rounded dorsally, with a strong ventral tooth, and an angular space between the two in profile.
Head and thorax strongly rugulo-reticulate; the meshes as big as in nanus but the rugae more pronounced and the ground shiny on the thorax; rugae more or less longitudinal on the head with a finely granular ground, also shiny; gaster shiny, very finely reticulo-punctate.
Erect pilosity fine, white and little woolly, irregularly long and abundant. Colour uneven brown, dorsum of head and gaster duller; rest more yellow brown.
A single specimen came from Uzaga, Great Lakes Region, Zaïre (probably near Kataki, on shore of Lake Tanganyika) by Dr Gérard.

{Meranoplus magretti}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

{Meranoplus magretti simoni}The photomontage of the simoni type worker is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Meranoplus magrettii
B Taylor det.

B Ndiaye

15.48° N
14.08° W
Katané X 2010 T4P14
Sahelian savannah, pitfall traps

Meranoplus magrettii
B Taylor det.
Lamine Diamé
V2 pitfall 4
tube 05
3 mounted 4 unmounted

{Meranoplus magrettii}The photomontage is of a worker from Senegal; Ferlo; collector B Ndiaye.

{Meranoplus magrettii}The photomontage is of a worker from Senegal; Ferlo; collector L Diame (56).

{Meranoplus magrettii}The photomontage of a worker from South Africa is collated from

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