The Ants of Africa
Ants photographed in South Africa by Joan Young & others

Joan Young

Ted Macrae

Subfamily Species Photographer Location Notes
Dorylinae Dorylus (Typhlopone) badius male Joan Young Pretoria; nos 100-5775 to 100-5823 Male
Formicinae Anoplolepis (Zealleyella) custodiens Joan Young Natal; nest and workers nos 101-6402, 101-6405, 101-6406 & 101-6408; second set IMG 7779 to 7786 Type location Port Natal
Formicinae Camponotus (Myrmopiromis) niveosetous Joan Young Pretoria; workers nos 100-2751, - 2753 and - 2755; queen nos. 101-6189, 6192, 6193, 6194, 6195 and 6198 Type location Cape of Good Hope; first queen illustration
Formicinae Camponotus (Myrmosericus) eugeniae Joan Young Bela-Bela, 100 km north of Pretoria; major and minor workers Type location Transvaal
Formicinae Camponotus (Myrmosericus) rufoglaucus Joan Young Pretoria; workers nos 100-9861, 100-9862 and 101-1069 Type location India with African subspecies
Formicinae Camponotus (Myrmotrema) postoculatus Joan Young Pretoria; 100_8627 No prior illustrations; speculative ID
Formicinae Lepisiota capensis Joan Young Pretoria; 100_6382 to 6385 Type location Cape of Good Hope
Formicinae Polyrhachis schistacea Joan Young Pretoria; two sets 101-2329 to 2336; and, 100_4152 to 4198, 100_5261 Type location Mozambique but possible earlier report from Port Natal
Formicinae Polyrhachis schlueteri Joan Young Kwazulu, Natal, St. Lucia, S 2823.2' E 3224.3'; nos 100_2833 & 100_2834 Subspecies type location Durban
Myrmicinae Carebara vidua Joan Young Pretoria; queens Type location Port Natal
Myrmicinae Carebara vidua Ted Macrae sexuals; Borakalalo National Park in North West Province. Photos taken 25.xi.1999 .
Myrmicinae Crematogaster (Cr.) delagoensis Joan Young Pretoria; workers on flower v. acutidens type location is Weenen, Natal
Myrmicinae Monomorium havilandi Joan Young Pretoria nos 100_8674 to 8677 Type location is Natal
Myrmicinae Myrmicaria faurei Joan Young Pretoria nos 101_5601 to 5604 and 101_5963 to 5964 First photographs; type location is Transvaal
Myrmicinae Myrmicaria natalensis Joan Young St. Lucia, Kwazulu, Natal; nos 101_2909 to 2911 Type location is Natal
Myrmicinae Pheidole crassinoda Joan Young Pretoria; nos 101_1551 to 1556 & 101_1567 to 1568 Type location is Natal; first photo of a major worker
Myrmicinae Pheidole foreli Joan Young Pretoria; nos 101_2783 to 2804 Type location is Natal; no prior illustrations
Myrmicinae Pheidole impressifrons Joan Young Pretoria; no IMG7700 to 7706 Original description refers to specimens from Natal; first photos
Myrmicinae Pheidole megacephala Joan Young Pretoria; nos 101_9623 Type location is Natal (photo not used on species page)
Myrmicinae Tetramorium quadrispinosum Joan Young Pretoria; nos 100_6382 to 6385 Type location Cape of Good Hope, distribution includes Natal
Myrmicinae Tetramorium setuliferum Joan Young Pretoria; nos IMG7736 to 7749 Type location Vrijburg, Botswna; others from Orange
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