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Bothroponera crassa (Emery)

Bothroponera crassa (Emery)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Eritrea (Ponera crassa, n. sp., Emery, 1877b: 366, illustrated, worker; new status Schmidt & Shattuck, 2014: 77) Sciotel, Beccari - see below
crassior (Bothroponera crassa Em. var. crassior n. var., Santschi, 1930a: 53, worker; Santschi, 1930d: 267, male) from Kenya, west side of Mount Kenya, by Alluaud & Jeannel, 1.ii.1912 - not on Antweb (September 2014)
ilgii (Pachycondyla (Bothroponera) crassa var. ilgii n. var., Forel, 1910c: 244, worker) from Ethiopia, Nefassit - see
unavailable name andrieui (Bothroponera crassa Em. stirps crassior Sants. v. Andrieui n. var.) from Mali (French Sudan, not modern Sudan, Soluba near Kolouba, by Andrieu) - see below
worker and male only (see Bolton, 1995, where type location given as Ethiopia) .

{Pachycondyla (Bothroponera) crassa}Emery's (1877b) description is at {original description}. Forel's (1910c) description of ilgii is at {original description}. Santschi's (1930a: 54) descriptions of crassior and v andrieui is at {original description}. Santschi's (1930d) descriptions of the crassior male is at {original description}.

{Pachycondyla crassa}WORKER - TL 7-7.5 mm; head subrectangular; clypeus feebly sinuate in middle; mandibles finely striate; eyes well developed; overall subopaque or shining.

Bernard (1952) gave findings at Mount Tô (Camp I), Guinea, 4 workers. He noted that it is common north of the Equator, especially in Erythrea and Sudan, but absent south of Congo. His specimens, TL 7 mm, were somewhat different from the type, in being more shiny, with bronze reflections, and the abdomen with denser yellow hairs.

The photomontage right of a cotype is collated from the MCZ website; collector Beccari, from Bogor, in Emery (1892a: 111).

{Pachycondyla crassa} The photomontage of the andrieui type worker is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Bothroponera crassa
B Taylor det.
B Ndiaye

12°05'18" W
Bansifoukha 10-VIII-09 St15
Soudanian savannah, pitfall traps

{Pachycondyla crassa}The photomontage is of a worker from Senegal; Bansifoukha; collector B Ndiaye

{Pachycondyla crassa}The photomontage is collated from
Zimbabwe (S. Rhodesia); Bulawayo; 20°10'00"S 028°43'00"E
Collection Information: Collection codes: SAM-HYM-C005886 Date: 20 Jul 1913
Collected by: Rhodesia Museum

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