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Paratrechina hagemanni (Forel) new status

Paratrechina hagemanni (Forel) new status

return to key Type location Zare (Prenolepis longicornis Latr. v. Hagemanni n. var., Forel, 1901h: 65, worker) from Boma, collector Dr G Hagemann - no images on Antweb (January 2018) {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}.

Raised here from subspecies of Paratrechina longicornis.

Forel's (1901h: 605) description of hagemanni is at {original description}.

The specimen below, from Sudan, has the yellowish-red colour, with lighter antennae and legs given by Forel. He also gave the erect hairs as near white. In comparison with longicornis: the propodeum profile is more convex; this specimen has no erect hairs anywhere on the alitrunk, even on the anterior coxae (where abrasion would not be likely to have occurred); the eyes are near circular rather than ovoid; and, in full face view, the head has convex sides rather than the usual near parallel sides. Also distinctive are the raised metanotal spiracles, set behind the weakly convex mesonotum (shallowly concave in longicornis). The propodeal spiracle is set in the centre of the side, on longicornis it is set almost on the border of the declivity
TL ca 2.5 mm (bigger than Forel's TL 2.2 mm), HW 0.53, HL 0.65, CI 76, SL 1.20, SI 234, EL 0.20, EI 35, PW 0.41.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paratrechina hagemanni
B Taylor det.

Z Mahmoud
Wad el Hadad
1349'12.06" N
3332'31.53" E
Hand collected

{Paratrechina hagemanni} The photomontage is of a specimen collected in Sudan, Wad el Hadad; collector Mahmoud Zuheir.

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