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Genus Paratrechina
Paratrechina luteafra (LaPolla & Fisher)

Paratrechina luteafra (LaPolla & Fisher)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Gabon (Nylanderia luteafra, LaPolla & Fisher, 2011: 20, illustrated, worker) Ogooue-Maritime: Reserve de la Moukalaba-Dougoua, 12.2 km 305 NW Doussala, 0217'00" S, 01029'50" E, elev. 110 m, 26.ii.2000 (S. van Noort) (CASC) (CASENT0179584); 1 paratype worker with same label data as holotype except date: 29.ii.2000; 1 paratype worker with same label data as holotype except coordinates are: 0217'00" S, 01029'83" E (CASC, USNM) .

Diagnosis: Overall yellow in color with contrasting, darker, erect setae and a conspicuously domed propodeum.
Description: Overall yellow to brownish-yellow, with darker, erect macrosetae across body; cuticle shining, rugulose on head, mesonotum (on some specimens, pronotum is slightly rugulose), and propodeum. Posterior margin of head with rounded posterolateral corners, slightly emarginate medially. Scapes surpass posterior margin by about length of the first 3–3.5 funicular segments; scape with erect setae and abundant appressed to decumbent pubescence (SMC = 24–31). Mesosoma with erect macrosetae of varying lengths (PMC = 2–4; MMC = 2–3); in profile, prono- tum with linear rise towards mesonotum; metanotal area elongate; dorsal face of propodeum dome-like, slightly lower to about the same height as mesonotum; dorsal face and declivitous face about the same length. Gaster shining, with abundant erect macrosetae.
Measurements (n = 4): TL 2.3–2.8 HW 0.54–0.65 HL 0.66-0.74 EL 0.13–0.16 SL 0.83– 0.89 PW 0.39–0.44 WL 0.87–1.0 GL 0.81–1.04
Indices: CI 81–89 REL 21–22 SI 137–155

The queen and male castes are currently unknown for this species.

Etymology. The species epithet luteafra is a combination of luteus (L. = yellow) and afra (L. = Africa).

Non-type Material examined. CAMEROON: Ottotomo, 339' N, 1119' E*, 2 April 1989 (A. Dejean); GABON: Prov. Ogooue-Maritime, Reserve des Monts Doudou, 24.3 km 307 NW Doussala, 213.4' S, 1024.4' E, 375 m, 6 March 2000 (B.L. Fisher); Prov. Ogooue-Maritime, Reserve de la Moukalaba-Dougoua, 12.2 km 305 NW Doussala, 217.00' S, 1029.83' E, 110 m, 26 Feb 2000 (S. van Noort); Prov. Woleu-Ntem, 31.3 km 108 ESE Minvoul, 204.8' N, 1224.4' E, 600 m, 12 Feb 1998 (B.L. Fisher).
Notes. The only species P. luteafra easily might be confused with are Paratrechina incallida, which has different meso- somal macrosetae (thinner, lighter, and longer), and P. usambarica, which has a much higher PSC and lacks a domed propodeal dorsum. The darker macrosetae contrast strongly with the yellow cuticle, a character state seen only in one other species, N. usambarica, but these two species can be separated by the characters noted above.

Paratrechina sp undet GabonThe photomontage is collated from Locality: Gabon: Ogooue-Maritime: Reserve de la Moukalaba-Dougoua, 12.2 km 305 NW Doussala; 0217'00"S 01029'50"E 110 m
Collection codes: GA00S007; Collected by: S. Van Noort
Habitat: Coastal Lowland Rainforest, elephant path
Date: 26 Feb 2000; Method: Sweep

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paratrechina luteafra
B Taylor det.
A Fotso Kuate
Paratrechina spA

0354'30" N
1125'58" E
Quadrat in forest

{Paratrechina luteafra}The photomontage is of a worker from Cameroun; Matomb; collector A Fotso Kuate (fk paratrechina spa).

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