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Genus Paratrechina
Paratrechina weissi (Santschi)

Paratrechina weissi (Santschi)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Congo (Prenolepis (Nylanderia) Weissi n. sp , Santschi, 1911g: 210, worker) collected at Brazzaville, by Weiss; worker only described (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Paratrechina weissi}Santschi's (1911g) description is at {original description}.

Paratrechina weissiThe photomontage of the type worker is collated from

Given the availability of workers from Liberia, I have raised the former subspecies Paratrechina nimba to species status. Bernard's (1952) note, with description of nimba is at {original description}.

I am ignoring the synoynmy under P. jaegerskioeldi by LaPolla, Hawkes & Fisher (2011) as I believe it to be undemonstrated and because that they did not examine the type specimen.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paratrechina weissi
B Taylor det.
Central African Republic
P Annoyer
2°27'53.6"N 16°13'30.5"E

414 m; jour, équipe 1, pièges papillons (banane) + tripes zébu au sol dans clairières au bord du lac 7
Paratrechina weissi
B Taylor det.
Queen ?
Central African Republic
P Annoyer
395 m; nuit, équipe 1, UV : 20h-4h, bord lac 2

{Paratrechina weissi}The photomontage is of a specimen from Central African Republic, Dzanga-Sangha; collector Philippe Annoyer (CAR OR).

Dimensions. TL ca 2.75 mm, HW 0.72 HL 0.82 SL 0.86 EL 0.17 PW 0.52 CI 88 SI 120 EI 24

Egyptian jaegerskioledi: TL ca 3.7 (distended gaster) HW 0.78 HL 0.88 EL 0.21 SL 0.87 PW 0.60 CI 94 SI 115 EI 27

Pronounced raised transverse welt at metanotum; propodeum with a relatively longer dorsum and a sharper angle at the transition from dosrum to declivity. This matches the type worker (above) almost exactly.

Paratrechina weissiThe photomontage is collated from  where it is labelled P. jaegerskioeldi.

Locality Gabon: Ogooue-Maritime: Reserve de la Moukalaba-Dougoua, 12.2 km 305 NW Doussala; 02°17'00"S 010°29'50"E 110 m
Collection codes: GA00S007; Collected by: S. Van Noort
Habitat: Coastal Lowland Rainforest, elephant path
Date: 26 Feb 2000; Method: Sweep

{Paratrechina weissi}The photomontage is of a possible queen from Central African Republic, Dzanga-Sangha; collector Philippe Annoyer (CAR MP1).

Dimensions. TL ca 5.6 HW 0.80 HL 0.82 SL 0.80 EL 0.23 PW 1.3 CI 98 SI 100 EI 29 Wing length 5.0

Egypt jaegerskioeldi queen TL 7.8 (more distended gaster) HW 1.0 HL 0.97 SL 1.03 EL  0.35 PW 1.2 CI 103 SI 103 EI 35 Wing length 5.5

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