1991 - 1992. Deputy Director and Assistant Director (Research), Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa), P.O. Box 51, Mulanje, Malawi.

Funded by the Tea Associations of Malawi and Zimbabwe, and aided by UNDP, EU Stabex), ODA and The World Bank

Revitalised tea and coffee research programmes and stimulated multidisciplinary working among the 35 senior graduate staff covering plant breeding, propagation technology, agronomy, crop protection, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, process technology, instrumentation and computer science, advisory and extension work, and estate managers. Key achievement was the compilation of a Strategy document to take TRF(CA) into the 21st Century. This has enabled TRF to achieve its initial goal of achieving the status of an International centre.

Management documents -
Taylor, B. (1991b) Strategy Document for 1991-2006. Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa), Malawi. 14 pp. [with Mission statement, Programme goals and Research Protocol outline, also management restructuring].
Taylor, B. (1991c) New salary scales (for technical, administrative and support staff). Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa), Malawi.
Taylor, B. (1991d) Draft Terms & Conditions of Service (for all staff). Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa), Malawi.

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