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Index to numbered files

1A. Miller Mundy & The Hall
1B. Miller Mundy & The Hall (cont.)
2. Shipley Hall Estate.
3. Tudor Shipley.
4. Shipley Estate 17th Century.
5. Shipley Estate 18th Century.
5A. Tissington 18th Century Coal.
6. Shipley Estate 19th Century.
7. Miller Mundy Correspondence.
8. Miller Mundy 19th Century Wills & Land Settlements.
9. Mapperley.
10. Mapperley.
10A. Local & General.
11. Heanor.
12. Smalley.
13 19th Century Trade Directories.
13A. 20th Century Trade Directories.

(Source material files)

14. Maps: The Shipley Area & Derby County.
14A. Maps: The Shipley Area.
15. Forests.
16. Derbys. Feudal Aids: Inquisitions & assessments.
17. Jeayes' Derbys. Charters; 1129-1550.
17A. DAJ Fines for the County of Derby, 1196-1324.
18. Chas. Deering; History of Nottingham.
19. Fairey 1817: Survey of Agriculture & Minerals.
20. Fairey 1817: Survey of Agriculture & Minerals, (cont.)
21. Fairey 1817: Township Index.
22. Stone Buildings.
23. Miller Mundy mss.
24. Derbys. Arch. Journal: Belvoir mss.
25. Wooley mss. index.
26. DAJ Burton Cartulary.
27. The Cartulary of Dale Abbey.
28. The Cartulary of Darley Abbey.
29. Military History.
30. Ilkeston & District LHA Newletters.
31. Maps: Photos. of Parish Maps.
32. Opencast Mining.
33. J.U. Nef's: Rise of the British Coal Industry.
34. TextiIes.
34A. Textiles (A3, enlargement of 34.).
35. The Shipley Area (A3); Maps and Plans.
36. Shipley Hall (A3); Maps and Plans, also estate.
37. County Maps (A3).
38. Rufford Abbey Charters.
39. Railway mss.

Lettered Files (green labels, box or large ring files)

A. Shipley Families.
B. Farming families other than Shipley.
C. Transport.
D. Railway plans & survey books.
E. Early coalmining.
F. Coalmining (Shipley Area.
G. Coalmining mss.
G+1. Coalmining mss (cont).
H. Wills and Inventories, 1592-1750.
J. DAJ Manorial mss. & Deeds.
K. Printed Sources.
L. Genealogy.
M. DAJ General.
N. Mundy family; political history.

Box Files

AA. Teacher's Packs: Miller Mundy's & Shipley Hall.
BB. Teacher's Pack; Coalmining pre-1770.
CC. Leaflet Materials.
DD. Ilkeston & District LHA Newsletters.
EE. Shipley: News article references.
FF. Modern Local newscuttings.
GG. Newsfile 2; daily press cuttings (area).
HH. Archive Papers & Booklets.
JJ. Original Newscuttings.
KK. History & archaeology leaflets (Museum & Parks countryside).

Miscellaneous items

Fully illustrated catalogue of buildings built for the Shipley Estate; in five-folders.

Report on the Archaeological potential of Shipley Hill.

Collection of Ordnance Survey Maps of Shipley and surrounding area; almost complete from 1850 (first edition) onwards to the present.

Collection of miscellaneous estate and other maps.

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