The Ants of Africa
Genus Platythyrea
Platythyrea cribrinodis (Gerstäcker)

Platythyrea cribrinodis (Gerstäcker)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Mozambique (Ponera cribrinodis n. sp., Gerstäcker, 1859: 262, worker; Emery, 1896i: 154, male) - see below
brevidentata (Wheeler, 1922: 759, replacement name for Platythyrea cribrinodis Gerstaecker v. punctata n. v., Arnold, 1915: 24, worker) from Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, G Arnold - see below
brevinodis (Platythyrea cribrinodis var. brevinodis nov., Santschi, 1914b: 47, worker; Santschi, 1935b: 257, male) from Kenya, Samburu, 1904 - see
worker and male described (see Bolton, 1995) .

Gerstäcker's (1859) description is at {original description}. Arnold (1915) gave a translation and expanded description; this is at {original description} and (male illustration) at {original description}. Santschi's (1914b) description of brevinodis is at {original description}.

{Platythyrea cribrinodis}The photomontage of the holotype worker is collated from

{Platythyrea cribrinodis}The photomontage of the holotype worker of punctata is collated from

{Platythyrea cribrinodis}The photomontage of a specimen from Kenya is collated from
Collection Information; Specimen Code SAM-HYM-C005620A; Locality Kenya: Shimba Hills, Kwale district, S of Mombasa; 04°22'30"S 039°07'30"E; Collection codes: SAM-HYM-C005620; Date: 29 May 1991; Collected by: C.Peeters

Further specimen from Zimbabwe (possibly brevidentata) can be seen on the site at
Collection Information: Specimen Code SAM-HYM-C001104; Locality Zimbabwe (S. Rhodesia): Mazoe Estates; 14°28'00"S 031°01'00"E 1250 m; Collection codes: SAM-HYM-C001104; Date: 12 Dec 1987; Collected by: H.G.Robertson.

{Platythyrea cribrinodis male}The photomontage of a male is collated from

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