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Genus Plectroctena
Plectroctena conjugata Santschi

Plectroctena conjugata Santschi

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location South Africa (Plectroctena minor Em. stirps conjugata n. st., Santschi, 1914e: 8, worker & queen; Santschi, 1924a: 166, male and raised to species)
all forms known (see Bolton, 1974b: 326, Bolton, 1995) .

Possibly simply a variant of mandibularis (Bolton, 1974b); seemingly confirmed by Bolton & Brown (2002: 11). The latter follows the conclusions of Villet et al (1999), who studied specimens from a combination of inter-nest and intra-nest collections across south-eastern Africa, and reduced conjugata to a junior synonym of mandibularis.

Santschi's (1914e) description is at {original description}. Santschi's (1924a) note on the type and description of the male is at {original description}. Bolton's modern description (1974b) is at {original description}

Note On re-photographing the Hlavác specimen, I am led to feel it, as shown below, could be mandibularis. However, although the size is at the upper end of that Bolton gives for conjugata, i.e. 11.8-14.6 mm, there are distinctive features. For instance the petiole profile is near rectangular with a convex dorum, there also is a small anteroventral spine (not mentioned for either species). The striation on the underside of the head and sides of the alitrunk is very fine (if striation is what one would call it) and there definitely is no striation on the dorsal alitrunk. The full face head shape also is near square with parallel sides and a near straight occiput. These features are shared with the specimen shown at the bottom as determined by Bolton and compared with the type.

Plectroctena conjugataThe photomontage of a cotype is collated from The Smithsonian Institute images at

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Plectroctena conjugata
B Taylor det.

South Africa
Peter Hlavác

34°03.5' S
22°23.14' E
Western Cape, Knysna env., Goukamma, 350 m

{Plectroctena conjugata}The photomontage is of a worker collected from Western Cape, South Africa, Knysna Env., Goukamma, S 34°02.7' E 22°50.2'; sea level, Peter Hlavác, 28.i.2004; from coastal forest. This matches exactly the description given by Santschi. 

{Plectroctena conjugata}The photomontage is collated from; Locality Collection Information - South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal: [Sydenham. Natal, B.M. 1934-354.; compared with type]; Collection codes: ANTC5312 Date: Apr 1915; Collected by: H.B.Marley

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