The Ants of Africa
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Genus Prenolepis Mayr (1861: 52)

In Tribe LASIINI (Ashmead, Emery emend, 1925b: 212, previously PRENOLEPIDINI.

Diagnostic Features (after LaPolla, Brady & Shattuck, 2010: 129) - Mandible with 5 to 7 teeth (in Pr. kohli up to 8 teeth observed in some specimens); maxillary palps 6- segmented; labial palps 4-segmented; erect setae on dorsum of head randomly placed; with erect setae on scapes, legs and dorsum of alitrunk, including propodeum. Eyes well developed, often strongly convex, and placed posteriorly on the head. Alitrunk constricted immediately behind pronotum; propodeum with a high-domed dorsal face, with entire propodeum often distinctly rounded in overall shape; overall alitrunk shape long and slender.

Note: LaPolla, Brady & Shattuck (2010:  129) stated "we are transferring" Pr. kohli "to Prenolepis from Paratechina".  In fact, they reverted the species to the genus in which it originally was placed by Forel, as the first African species from the genus.

Mayr's (1861) genus definition is at {original description}.

African species. Prenolepis kohli Forel - Congo Basin

Asian species. Prenolepis naoroji Forel - India & Sri Lanka

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