The Ants of Africa
Genus Pristomyrmex
Pristomyrmex usambarensis Taylor new species

Pristomyrmex usambarensis Taylor new species

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Tanzania; holotype and two other workers .

WORKER DESCRIPTION: Clypeus without a median carina and the anterior margin with the lateral teeth more pronounced than the obtuse central projection; frontal carinae short but distinct and diverging to about twice as wide posteriorly than at the antennal insertions; head in full face view widest at anterior with convex sides narrowing to an essentially straight occiput which has a median despression; petiole node with a sharp but rounded angle between the anterior face and a longer convex posterior face; almost no sculpturation other than minute hair pits on the front of the head; very fine and fairly long hairs present on head and alitrunk but these are only semi-erect; gaster with minute but distinct sparse pubescence; overall a uniform glossy dark brown but with lighter red-brown areas, notably the frons and the pedicel (posterior alitrunk).

TL 3.2 mm, HL 0.92, HW 0.96, SL 0.74, EL ca 0.12, i.e. only about 0.125 of head width; PW 0.55 at base of spines, AL 0.68/ Indices CI 104, SI 78,

Key separation characters: Distinct frontal carinae; scapes shorter (SI 82-90); small eyes and pronotum armed with distinct sharp teeth or spines; almost wholly unsculptured, except for minute hairs pits on the front of the head; mandibles apparently with distinct teeth; antennal scapes near straight; pronotum with long acute spines that are very narrow in frontal view; shiny, dark red brown with distinct lighter areas, notably on the frons and pedicel

Name derived from the collecting area.

Specimens deposited in the Oxford University Museum of
Natural History.

{Pristomyrmex usambarensis}The photomontages are of a specimens collected in Tanzania, West Usambara Mts, Lushoto District, Grant's Lodge; Mkusu R., 3-4 km upstream of Kifungilo; 1660 m; 03-08.x.2002; by Vasily Grebennikov; total of three workers. Other images can be seen in the folder at {album}

{Pristomyrmex usambarensis}Second specimen.

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