The Ants of Africa
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Diagnostic Features - Pedicel of a single segment, with a relatively narrow connection to the gaster (the helcium) so that the petiole has a distinct posterior face. Eyes usually present but small; clypeus reduced so that the antennal insertions are close to the anterior margin of the head. Genae usually not carinate. Frontal carinae reduced leaving the antennal insertions uncovered. Pygidium never impressed or armed with spines or denticles. Alitrunk dorsally usually completely fused.

Original status Tribe Proceratii Emery (1895j: 765), type-genus Proceratium see {short description of image}. New status as Subfamily by Bolton (2003: 8, 48, 178).

Escherichia Forel (1910c:245, type species E. brevirostris by monotypy) was reduced to junior synonym of Probolomyrmex by R W Taylor (1965d: 346) who noted - "The single known brevirostris worker is a perfectly typical Probolomyrmex, except for its well developed compund eyes. Separate generic status on the basis of this chracter would be completely unjustified".

Illustrated key to Proceratine genera of Africa - derived in part from Bolton (1994)

1 {Discothyrea form}Tergite of second gastral segment strongly arched and vaulted so that the remaining segments point anteriorly. Sternite of second gastral segment small to minute in profile, triangular in shape, and with the apex of the triangle directed ventrally or anteriorly. Eyes present, often small 2
-- {Probolomyrmex gaster}Tergite of second gastral segment not arched and vaulted, the remaining segments directed posteriorly. Sternite of second gastral segment large and longitudinal in profile, subrectangular to trapezoidal in shape. Eyes absent except in Probolomyrmex brevirostris Probolomyrmex
2 {Discothyrea head profile}Mandible edentate, overhung by the projecting clypeus. Apical funicular segment strongly bulbous Discothyrea
-- {short description of image}Mandible with 3 or more teeth, not overhung by the clypeus. Apical funicular segment moderately enlarged but not strongly bulbous Proceratium
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