The Ants of Africa
Genus Sphinctomyrmex
Sphinctomyrmex species from Ivory Coast

Sphinctomyrmex species - partial description by Brown, 1975

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WORKER - TL 2.9 mm, HL 0.56, HW 0.40; sides of head parallel, posterior margin concave; eyeless; frontal lobes vertical, very close together; no distinct median clypeal tubercle, no distinct teeth from anterior edges of antennal sockets. Antenna 12-segmented. Alitrunk with a straight dorsal profile. Petiole node slightly elongate in lateral view, about as broad as long from above. Postpetiole longer than following segment of gaster. Main gaster segments about equal in length. Pygidium flattened apically, but scarcely concave, free caudal margin rounded with a narrow marginal band of sharp slender denticles.
Shining, sparsely punctate, except dorsum of head which has punctures larger and contiguous or subcontiguous except for a narrow median strip. Colour ferruginous yellow.

Collected by J Lévieux at Lamto, Ivory Coast, from in soil. Brown commented that specimens were with Dr RW Taylor who had expressed an interest in describing them.

{Sphinctomyrmex spcies undetermined}The photomontage is collated from images at - originals by Gary Alpert, Harvard University; Ivory Coast specimens (presumably the Brown specimens).

{Sphinctomyrmex rufiventris}.

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