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SUBFAMILY PONERINAE - Genus Streblognathus
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Genus Streblognathus Mayr (1862: 716)

Diagnostic Features - Sides of petiole converging dorsally into a sharp, longitudinal crest, which runs the length of the segment. Posterolateral margins of petiole also sharply angulate in the dorsal half, these sharp angles meeting the dorsal crest at its posterior end. Anterior clypeal margin broadly concave, the concavity terminating at each side in a prominent angle or tooth-like projection. See Arnold (1915: 41) (below).

Mayr's (1862) genus description is at {original description}. Robertson (2002) made a fresh study and described peetersi, his paper is at - {original description}.

More information is available at - from where the following key

Species from (South) Africa
Streblognathus aethiopicus - Scape both absolutely and relatively longer (Scape length 4.32-5.11 mm; Scape index 102-113); Eye length 0.86-1.03 mm; Mesonotal-propodeal length 5.56-6.32 mm; hind tibia length 4.80-5.54 mm
Streblognathus peetersi - Scape both absolutely and relatively shorter (Scape length 3.28-4.12 mm; Scape index 87-98); Eye length 0.62-0.85 mm; Mesonotal-propodeal length 4.34-5.47 mm; Hind tibia length 3.80-4.80 mm.

Contents PONERINAE Introduction
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