The Ants of Africa
Genus Tapinoma
Tapinoma new species CRIN T

Tapinoma new species CRIN T

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{short description of image}Nigeria specimens (as Tapinoma species T, Taylor, 1978: 51) -
WORKER - TL 1.59 mm, HL 0.47, HW 0.40, SL 0.31, PW 0.26
Colour all over brown, shiny. Antennal scapes noticeably short relative to the head length. Erect hairs only on the clypeus. Dense fine pubescence on all surfaces except the sides of the head, where it is sparse. Dorsum of alitrunk nearly smoothly convex in profile with a slight depression at the metanotal suture.
I found it nesting under bark of a cocoa tree at Ilesha and under the bark of an Indian Almond tree at CRIN.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Tapinoma nsp Taylor T2
B Taylor det.

A Fotso Kuate
Tapinoma spT1

Awae II
0354'30" N
1125'58" E
Quadrat in fallow

{Tapinoma CRIN T2}

Tapinoma species CRIN T2

Colour wholly very dark brown, including antenna, tarsi and tibiae.

The photomontage is of the holotype worker from Cameroun, Awae II; collector A Fotso Kuate ((Tapinoma sp T1)

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