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Genus Tetramorium
Tetramorium flavithorax (Santschi)

Tetramorium flavithorax (Santschi)

return to group key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Ghana (Xiphomyrmex Muralti Forel stirps flavithorax n. st., Santschi, 1914d: 369, illustrated, worker) collected at Aburi by F. Silvestri, 1913
new combination and status, Bolton (1980: 226); worker only described (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Tetramorium flavithorax}Santschi's (1914d) description is at {original description}. Bolton's modern description (1980) is at {original description}.

WORKER - TL 2.1-2.3 mm; characterized by the strongly developed antennal scrobes with strong posterior and ventral margins, smooth mandibles and reduced sculpturation on the head and alitrunk. Colour distinctive, with head, pedicel and gaster black or blackish-brown, and alitrunk and appendages clear yellow (Bolton, 1980: 226, not illustrated).

A forest species of West Africa (Bolton, 1980). From Nigeria, at IITA (B.R. Critchley) and Ile Ife (J.T. Medler). Ivory Coast, at Tai Forest (T. Diomande), Bandama Forest (W.H. Gotwald and R. Schaefer), Nzi Noua and Banco Forest (W.L. Brown). Ghana records included that of P.M. Room (Room, 1971, as Xiphomyrmex flavithorax) in cocoa leaf litter and on herbs, nesting in dead wood on the ground at the Mampong Cemetery site; plus others at CRIG (B. Bolton; M. Bigger), Mampong and Kade (D. Leston), Mt. Atewa (B. Bolton), and Akosombo (C.A. Collingwood). Recently found in leaf litter by Belshaw & Bolton (1994b), they describe it as widespread (350 workers from 17 sites).

{Tetramorium flavithorax} The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Tetramorium flavithorax
B Taylor det.
S Sky Stephens
In personal collection of S Sky Stephens


Tetramorium flavithoraxThe photomontage is of a specimen from Ghana, collected by S Sky Stephens

{Tetramorium flavithorax} The photomontage is of a worker from Ghana collated from

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