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SUBFAMILY MYRMICINAE - Genus Tetramorium - Tetramorium salwae Mohamed et al
{Tetramorium salwae}

Tetramorium salwae Mohamed et al

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Described by Mohamed et al (2001).

WORKER - TL 3.2 mm; head with slightly concave occiput, laterally moderately curved; shining and smooth with many hair pits on frontal area, superficial longitudinal striations anterior to and below the eyes; antennae with dense hairs, first segment of funiculus longer than second and third segments combined, third, fourth and fifth segments wider than long; mandibles striate with five blunt teeth and faint pubescence; anterior border of clypeus with about three long hairs projecting forward; alitrunk shiny with dark brown, alitrunk shiny with longitudianl striations except on mesonotum which is smooth; pronotum with several pairs of erect hairs; propodeum without erect hairs, spines reduced to short blunt tubercles; petiole dorsum weakly sculptured with 2 pairs of hairs; postpetiole dorsum broader than long, shiny and smooth with 4 pairs of hairs; gaster shiny with numerous erect hairs; dark brown with sides yellowish brown as are the legs.

{Tetramoriium salwae} Sharaf list - material examined: Wadi El-Arbaein, St.Catherine (South Sinai), 5.iii.1998 (1) Leg. M. R. Sharaf; Sahab (South Sinai), 18.ii.1999 (1) Leg. M. R. Sharaf (ASUC).
The photomontage of the holotype was taken by Mostafa Sharaf.

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