The Ants of Africa
Genus Anochetus
Anochetus fuliginosus Arnold

Anochetus fuliginosus Arnold

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Type location South Africa (Anochetus fuliginosus n. sp., Arnold, 1948; 214, illustrated, worker); worker only described (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Anochetus fulginosus}Arnold's (1948) description is at {original description}. Brown's (1978) description is with pellucidus at {original description}. Described as ranging widely in West Africa, from Liberia east to Zare by Brown (1978c: 605), who has good illustrations (Fig. 3, full face, and Fig. 42, lateral).

{Anochetus fulginosus}Listed by Room (1971) as found three times in his cocoa canopy collections in southern Ghana. Presumably those included the specimens reported from Aburi (2 workers, P. Room) by Brown (1978c), who also listed a specimen from Mampong (1 worker, D. Leston).

Brown (1978c) also noted a small nest series from Monrovia, Liberia (E.S. Ross and R.E. Leech).

{Anochetus fuliginosus} Nigeria specimens (as Anochetus species 1, Taylor, 1976: 15). WORKER. TL 6.02 mm, HL 1.09, HW 1.09, SL 1.09 and PW 0.68
Colour very dark castaneous, lighter on the apices, antennae golden-yellow, shiny. Head coarsely striate on dorsum. Pronotum more or less longitudinally rugose. Propodeum rugoreticulate. Petiolar node a thick scale with the apex bluntly concave, and a rectangular sub-petiolar process. Eyes large, length 0.31 mm.

Collected at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Idi Ayunre, on a mature cocoa tree, from a crevice containing vegetable debris, soil and arthropod remains. Brown (1978c) reported a specimen from on a cocoa tree trunk at CRIN (B. Bolton).

{Anochetus fulginosus}The photomontage is collated from From those listed by Brown (1978c).

Oxford University Museum specimens

Anochetus fuliginosus
B Taylor det.
Central African Republic
P Annoyer
0303'58.3" N
1608'59.6" E
Camp 1; 528 m; Ayous Polytrap

{Anochetus fuliginosus ? queen}The photomontage is of a probable queen from Central African Republic, Dzanga-Sangha NP; collected by Philippe Annoyer.

The queen is previoulsy unreported.

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