The Ants of Africa
Genus Anochetus
Anochetus hirsutus new species

Anochetus hirsutus new species

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Type location Cameroun.

This has no obvious close relatives and is characterised by the unique development of extensive fine long pilosity.

Comparison with Anochetus pubescens (from Zimbabwe, grassy area). That has a similar HW but this has longer scapes and funiculi; a more rounded apex to the petiole profile, petiole in anterior view with a weakly concave upper margin; a rounded not angular profile to the propodeum; eye with ca 100 ommatidia (pubescens has 33).

TL ca 3.6 (gaster & alitrunk) + HL 1.27 = 5.9 mm (sedilloti TL 6-6.5 mm); HL 1.27, HW 1.10, SL 1.13, PW ; CI 87 (sedilloti 100) SI 103 (sedilloti 83) OI 29 (EL/HWX100) (sedilloti 27); mandible length 0.90/ HL X 100 = 71 (sedilloti = 53)

Collected from Cameroun, Awae, 0354’30”N; 1125’58”E; > 500 m; A Fotso Kuate, 15.i.2008; quadrat in forest.

Brown's (1978) Asian key leads to Anochetus sedilloti.  Perhaps unique among African members of the genus in having a double inner margin to the mandibles, found in the cato-group from the Western Pacific rim, and the risii-group from the same area together with Southeast Asia. This species, however, appears unique in having small teeth on the upper margin and not on the lower margin. The surface of the head essentially is smooth and shiny but with the minute hair insertions clearly visible. Most of the alitrunk and lateral petiole with sub-rugose sculpture semi-concealed by the dense fine pilosity. On the scapes the dense fine sub-erect pilosity is longer than all but the median thickness of the scape.

Anochetus hirsutusThe photomontage is of the holotype worker.

Other images can be seen in the folder at - {original description}.

{Anochetus new species Cameroon FK head}The photomontage is of the head of the above worker specimen.

{Anochetus new species Cameroon FK eye}{Anochetus new species Cameroon FK mandible}Eye and mandible of the above worker specimen.

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