The Ants of Egypt - Contents


A brief history of the collection and identification of ants from Egypt

The Savigny drawings - ants from the 1798-1802 French Army expedition to Egypt

Publications directly concerning ants collected in Egypt

Illustrated glossary of ant taxonomy

Gazetteer to modern place names by Dr. Mahmoud S. Abdel-dayem, Assistant Professor, Entomology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza

Ecological Notes by Mostafa Sharaf

Studies in St Katharine's Protectorate, Sinai by postgraduate students of Prof. Francis Gilbert

Notes on the distribution cards

Ant genera and species details

An alphabetical list by Genus name of ant species known or thought likely from Egypt

An alphabetical list of all specific epithets (names) used for ant species known or thought likely from Egypt

Key to workers of ant genera known or likely to be found in Egypt

Subfamily Aenictinae

Subfamily Amblyoponinae

Subfamily Cerapachyinae

Subfamily Dolichoderinae

Subfamily Dorylinae

Subfamily Formicinae

Subfamily Myrmicinae

Subfamily Ponerinae

Subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae

Full Reference list

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