The Ants of Africa
Genus Camponotus subgenus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) probativus Santschi - new status

pompeius species-group
Major clypeus with distinct median carina; large TL 15 mm plus; alitrunk profile convex with angular propodeum, petiole scale quite thick; trimorphic (?) minors with distinct posteriorly narrowed heads; soldiers dark red-brown to near black; minors lighter brown-orange to yellow-red. Most catalogued under Camponotus (Dinomyrmex) by Wheeler (1922: 962).

Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) probativus Santschi - new status

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type locality Mozambique (Camponotus (Myrmoturba) compressus F. stirps probativus n. st., Santschi, 1921d: 73 (footnote), major & minor workers) Delagoa; major & minor workers only described (see Bolton, 1995).
I have included this as a full species as the supposed substantive species Camponotus compressus is known from India across to North Africa but nowhere else in sub-Saharan Africa. .

{Camponotus probativus}Santschi's (1921d) brief description is at {original description}; his comparison is partly with Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) sexpunctatus. Santschi (1923e: 291) provided an illustration of probativus, in a comparison with Camponotus maculatus variation beta of Arnold (1922: 639) - which Santschi reckoned not to be var melanocnemis. Arnold's (1926) gave a translation and further description, with his earlier (1922: 634) notes; these are at {original description}. I find the comments confusing but it may be that this and sexpunctatus are identical, in which case the latter is the prior name. However, alternatively it may be that the latter is a separate entity and is a subspecies of maculatus. The type image label (below) shows the Forel label referred to by Santschi.

{Camponotus probativus}The photomontage of the type major worker is collated from

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