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Genus Ecphorella (Forel, 1909b: 65)
Dolichoderinae Introduction

Genus Ecphorella (Forel, 1909b: 65)

Originally a subgenus of Tapinoma Forel (1909b: 65); raised to genus by Shattuck (1992c: 85).

Genus (subgenus) description by Forel (1909b); this is at {original description}.

Differs from Tapinoma by its entire propodeum, its flattened head, slender antenna, and specially the petiole which is a scale with a steep anterior face but with a distinct and strongly narrowed summit, which is rounded. Solely one specimen therefore gaster undissected. Somewhat similar to subgenus Doleromyrma Forel [raised to genus by Shattuck, 1992c, but known solely from Australia], which also has the petiole scale but that is very slender.

Monotypic - single species Ecphorella wellmani.

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