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The Evans Family of Abersychan

William Evans, born in the late 18th Century, was a Labourer. Speculatively, his birthplace was Llanvihangel, Pontymoile (Pontypool).

His son, Sylvanus (or Silvanus), also was a Labourer, and lived at Salusbury Mill at the time of his marriage to Ann James, on 29th March 1841 at the Parish Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary, of Magor in the County of Monmouth. She was a widow, residing at White Wake, and daughter of James Price, another Labourer. The witnesses to their wedding were Henry Williams and Mary Price (perhaps Ann's mother or sister). Both Sylvanus and Ann were of "full age" when they married.

Sylvanus had died before the marriage of their son, James Thomas Evans, then aged 24 (born 26 May 1858 at Magor, Monmouthshire, died 12 Dec 1937), to Jane Cox, also aged 24 (born 20 Jan 1858 at Gilvath, Llanvaches, died Oct 1895), on 7 May 1882 at the Parish Church, St. Cadoc's, Trevethin in the County of Monmouth. The marriage register describes Sylvanus as a Farmer, and James as a Foreman Platelayer (on the railway). Both James and Jane were residing in Trevethin Parish. The witnesses were George Arnold and Hannah Theakston.

Jane Cox was the daughter of Matthew Cox, a Farm Bailiff. To go backwards, he was the son of John Cox. When Matthew John Cox, aged 29 (born at Woolaston, Gloucestershire), married Mary Ann Wyatt, aged 25 (born at Penhow, Monmouthshire) on May 14 1859 at St. Dubritius', the Parish Church of Llanvaches in the County of Monmouth, he was a Farmer. His father John Cox was a Gentleman's Servant, and Mary's father, John Wyatt, was a Farmer and Blacksmith. The witnesses to the marriage were John Wyatt and Betsy Wyatt. Betsy may have been the sister of Mary, as Mary's mother had died earlier, her father's second wife being Ann Price. Now (2015), Martin, my brother, has found Mary's mother was Elizabeth Wyatt, neé Musgrove, more below.

James and Jane Evans had five children. Their only son, George Evans (born 1887, died 1970) had a son Arthur Evans (1912-1977) who married his cousin, Bernice Hodge (1922-2002). Arthur and Bernice migrated to Canada, where George had spent many years. Their family, Frances, John and Andrew, continued to live in Canada (Andrew, sadly, died in 1968); as has Bernice's sister Madge, married to Don Goffick, of Oregon, USA, and her children.

James and Jane Evans' fourth child and third daughter, Ann Evans (born 11 May 1891, died 13 Jul 1968), married Frank Tudgay.

Frank Tudgay married Ann Evans, from Railway Cottages, 36 Pisgah Road, Talywain, Abersychan, at Penygarn Baptist Tabernacle, Crane Street, Pontypool, on 6th Sep 1913. The witnesses were the groom's brother Arthur Tudgay and his wife-to-be, Amy Wood, together with Ann's brother George Evans, and Minnie Flora. Frank's father, Charles, was given as a Coal Miner (Hewer) and Ann's father, James Thomas Evans, was a Railway Platelayer. [Information unchanged from the 1911 Census, see below]

Frank and Ann first lived in Merthyr, where their first two children, Harry and Aileen, were born.  Harry was born and died ca 29 May 1914. Aileen was born on on 25 Apr 1918. They then moved back to Abersychan, where their home became 'Hillside', Church Road (Manor Road). Their only son, Gordon Tudgay, was born there on 14 Apr 1924. Ann's niece, Ethel (born 1914 died 1993; daughter of Ellen and William Wilcox), joined the family and later took the name Tudgay. 

In 1911, the house known as 'Hillside' (or Hillside Cottages, being a pair) was occupied by Frank's elder brother, Fred Tudgay, then aged 24, coal miner hewer, with his wife Lily, aged 24, and daughters, Edna Irene, aged 3 and Evelyn, aged 2, the register gives their marriage as 6 years.

Family Tree of Ann Evans, 1891-1968, of Abersychan, Gwent (Monmouthshire)

James Price
1777-1862 (BMD d 4Q 1862)
b Undy, Monmouthshire
in 1861 Census living with Evans family. age 84, widower

William Evans
b Llanvihangel, Monmouthshire
BMD has too many Evans family members to  ascertain dates

John Cox
Gentleman's servant
d 4Q 1875, age 64, Newport

John Wyatt
b Jan 1808
Brislington, Somerset
d 19 Jan 1879
Llanvaches, Monmouthshire
BMD d 1Q 1879, age 73, Newport M

m to Mary Ann, b ca 1791, Radnorshire, Wales

John Wyatt
BMD m 4Q 1839 Newport Anne Price
m 1. Elizabeth Musgrove
baptised 20 Nov 1807
Redwick, Magor
d. 16 Dec 1837
m 2. Anne Price née Crockett (widow)
b ca 1803
Llanvaches, Monmouthshire
d. 26 Nov 1866
Ann Wyatt
BMD d 4Q 1866
Newport M

Ann James née Price
b ca 1814
Magor, Monmouthshire
d 4Q 1884, Newport, Monmouthshire
res White Wake

Silvanus Evans
b ca 1809
St Bride, Monmouthsire
d 2Q 1865 Newport M
res Salusbury Mill

Matthew John Cox
b 1830
d 2Q 1903, age 73, Pontypool
b Woolaston,
res Llanvaches
d at Pontypool
m 2Q 1857 Newport
Mary Ann Wyatt
Mary Ann Wyatt
b ca Jun 1832
Wentwood Lodge, Llanvaches
d 2Q 1899, age 66, Pontypool
no occupation
res Llanvaches
? John Wyatt
BMD m  4q 1859 Newport
Mary Elizabeth
Elizabeth Dunscombe
John Wyatt
d 4Q 1893, age 60, Newport M
Elizabeth Wyatt
d 4Q 1870, age 30, Newport M

Henry Williams
Mary Price
Married at
The Parish Church,
in BMD m 1Q 1841 Newport
Ann James
Note: the Evans BMD records for Newport M has many members so below list speculative

Married at
The Parish Church,
Llanvaches, 15/05/1857
John Wyatt
Betsy Wyatt

Children Mary Ann Evans
b 3Q 1841 Newport M
Eleanor Evans b 3Q 1850
James Thomas Evans Elizabeth Evans b 2Q 1844, Undy
Eleanor Evans b ca 1851, Magor
Hannah Evans b 2/3Q 1854, Magor
Thomas Evans b. ca 1859, Magor
(1861 census, Magor, see below)

Silvanus Evans
James Thomas Evans
b 2Q 1858 Newport M
d 4Q 1937, age 79, Pontypool
born at Magor Foreman/Platelayer
In 1911 Census, age 52, widower
living at 36 Pisgah Road, Talywain
Railway Platelayer
a 5 room dwelling

Jane Cox
b 20 Jan 1858
at Glivath, Llanvaches, Monmouthshire
(BMD b 1Q 1858 Newport)
d Oct 1895
BMD d 4Q 1895, age 37. Pontypool

no occupation
Matthew John Cox
then a Farm Bailiff

Married at St. Cadoc's, Trevethin
BMD m 2Q 1882 Pontypool
Jane Cox

both resident at Trevethin
Children Ellen (Nell) Evans
b 17 Jun 1883
m 3 Q 1910 Pontypool
d ca Dec 1915
1911 Census, age 27, living in her father's house with husband of under one year, William

George Silvanus Evans
b 8 Jan 1887 Pontypool
m 1Q 1911 Pontypool
Mary A Davies
d 1970 (not in BMD)
Coal Miner Hewer in 1911
went to Canada after World War I service
returned to Abersychan after wife's death
Florence Evans
b 1888
2Q 1888 Pontypool
d 1Q 1890
age 1, Pontypool
Ann Evans
b 11 May 1891
2Q 1891 Pontypool
d 13 Jul 1968
1911 Census living with her father, aged 19, single, Shop Assistant

Ethel Evans
b 19 Mar 1894
2Q 1894 Pontypool
m 1Q 1917 Pontypool
d 2Q 1971 Pontypool

Spouse William Wilcox
of Pontypool
b. 1Q 1885 Pontypool
(see below 1891 census)
m 1. Ellen
William in BMD as married in Pontypridd
d 2Q 1960, age 75, Pontypool
2. ? Gertie Churchill (widow?)
Gertrude Peters
(1Q 1919, Keynsham)
occupation Plasterer in 1911
Gertrude Wilcox
d 4Q 1958, age 68, Pontypool

Polly Davies
Mary Anne Evans
Age 22 in the 1911 Census
living with her husband George at 25 Woodlands Avenue, Talywain, married under 1 year, in a four room dwelling

Frank Tudgay
of Talywain/Abersychan, Mon.

link to Frank Tudgay tree
 m 3Q 1913 Pontypool
Frank Tudgay

Arthur Hodge
b 4Q 1888 Pontypool
d 3Q 1960, age 71, Pontypool
farmed at Old Mill Farm, Cwm Avon
last res Cwm Avon
Willam Samuel  Hodge
m 2Q 1878 Pontypool
Elizabeth Jane Gough

William S Hodge
d 2Q 1936, age 80, Pontypool
? b 3Q 1855 Langport, Somerset
Children Kathleen Mary Wilcox

b 2Q 1912 Pontypool, mother Evans
d. 3Q 1958 Cardiff
m 1Q 1937, Pontypool
Stanley Melvin Jarvis
b 1Q 1910 Pontypool

son Howard Jarvis
b 3Q 1943, mother Wilcox, Abergavenny
possible BMD marriages
(not in Pontypool or Mon.)

1. Arthur Evans
b in Canada
(Arthur S Evans
mother Davies
b 4Q 1912 Pontypool)
m Berenice Hodge (cousin)
2Q 1945 Pontypool
returned to Canada ca 1960
b Pontypool
mother Hodge
Frances A Evans
b 4Q 1946
John Evans (1949-)
no BMD
Andrew Evans (1951-1968)
no BMD
Robert A Evans
mother Hodge
b 3Q 1950 Pontypool
1. Harry Tudgay
b 29 May 1914
d ca May 1914
Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan

Berenice Hodge
22 Aug 1922-
BMD b 3Q 1922, mother Evans, Pontypool
b at ? Old Mill Farm, Cwm Avon
m Arthur Evans
see left

Ethel May Wilcox
b 2Q 1914 Pontypool, mother Evans
d Mar 1993
fostered by Frank & Ann Tudgay
changed name to Tudgay
b Pontypool District
d Chichester District

2. Francis Madge Evans
4 Apr 1922-4 Feb 2002
mother Davies
b 2Q 1922, Pontypool
d in Quesnel, Canada
m Don Victor Goffic
(d 1992)
in Canada
Gary Goffic
Philip Goffic
(I had this before as Goffick)
of Alberta

2. Aileen Tudgay
m John H S Taylor
of Griffithstown, Mon.
went to London
last res Croesyceiliog, Gwent
Brian Taylor
Peter Taylor
Garry Taylor
Glenys Taylor
Martin Taylor

3. Ella May Wilcox
b. 1Q 1923 Pontypool
  mother Peters
m. 1Q 1948 Pontypool
to Norman T Davies
(no BMD death or birth records as at April 2016)
possible children
mother Wilcox
born Swansea
Alun T Davies
b 1Q 1949
(? m 3Q 1972 E Glamorgan
Rosalind M James)
Linda P Davies
b 1Q 1949
(? m 3Q 1971 Swansea
David J Ridler)
June P Davies
b 3Q 1951 Swansea
(? m 1Q 1974 Swansea
Jonathan Williams)
Kim Davies
b 4Q 1957 Swansea

3. Gordon Tudgay
m Iris Brain
of Cwmbran, Gwent
Claire Tudgay
Paul Tudgay
Lisa Tudgay



Added November 2015: (from Martin). After many years of searching I have finally learnt the maiden name of our great great great grandmother Elizabeth Wyatt, the mother to the female ancestors from mum backwards and first wife of John Wyatt, and also her parents. She eluded me for nearly 10 years but was found by another amateur genealogist in the Monmouthshire Family History group on Yahoo. I had long assumed that the Wyatt family had wed in the Bristol area before coming to Llanvaches and Penhow. The graves of John Wyatt, his second wife Ann and both his parents are beautifully kept in the graveyard of St Dubritius Church, Llanvaches. Well it transpires that John Wyatt married an Elizabeth Musgrove in St Woolos Newport on 3rd August 1829. I missed this wedding entry as it falls before civil registration in 1837 and the parish record transcription on is incorrect showing Elizabeth Morgan to be the bride. The Monmouthshire group's correct transcription has Elizabeth Musgrove as the bride. Further evidence is the Musgrove family had another child baptised in Llanvaches and the John Wyatt's second marriage to Ann Price following the death of Elizabeth in 1837 was witnessed by Elizabeth's sister Mary Musgrove.
Elizabeth Musgrove was baptised on 20th November 1807 in Redwick, Magor to parents David Musgrove and Jane Musgrove nee Jones. Redwick is just 4-5 miles from Llanvaches.
I still haven't found Elizabeth's resting place but believe it could be a non-conformist burial as some others in her family had non-conformist baptisms. She died from measles and a chest infection at the young age of 30 in Penhow on 16th December 1837. I have her death registration certificate.
Our matrilineal line, showing maiden names is therefore as follows:- Aileen Tudgay, Ann Evans, Jane Cox, Mary Ann Wyatt, Elizabeth Musgrove and Jane Jones with Jane Jones being our 4xgreat grandmother.

Anne Price née Crockett (widow) was the daughter of Matthew Crockett (dates unknown) and Martha, b ca 1773 d 2 Jul 1843, at Llanvaches, Monmouthshire. Her first husband was John Wyatt, b ca Jan 1808, Brislington, Somerset, d 19 Jan 1879, Llanvaches. Children were Betsy Wyatt (1842-May 1874) and Anne Wyatt, 1840-23 Feb 1845. Her second husband was (as above) was John Price, children were James Price b ca 1824, at Penhow), John Price (b ca 1830), William Price (b 1827, Llanvaches), Matthew Price (b ca 1832) and Charles Price (b ca 1833)

Matthew John Cox, had three children, Jane Cox (see above), John Cox (b ca 1860 at Caerleon) and George Cox (b ca 1867, at Trevethin, Monmouthshire).  George married Caroline (b ca 1869) at British, Monmouthshire.  their children were Frederick Cox (b 1892, at British), Bertie Cox (b ca 1896, at British) and Matthew J Cox (b ca 1899, at British).

Wilcox: Monmouthshire Records webpage has - Trevethin Marriages: March 27, 1937, Stanley Melvin Jarvis, 27, B, ironworker, 9 Crumlin Street Pontypool; Ernest Jarvis, iron worker (? father); Kathleen Mary Wilcox, 24, Spin, tailoress, 5 Haden Street Pontypool; William Wilcox, plasterer (father), Ella May Wilcox, Tom Stanley Churchill (half-brother?), William Wilcox, B. Presumably the marriage of Melvin & Molly.

Trevethin Baptisms: Sunday, February 28, 1932, Kathleen Mary, Wilcox, d, William, Wilcox, Ellen, Wilcox, 8 Haden Street Pontypool, plasterer, [born] Friday, April 12, 1912

A William Wilcox, died aged 76 in 1960

The 1861 Census for Magor has:
House 74.
Silvanus Evans, Head, age 52, Ag. Lab. b Monmouthshire, St. Brides, Netherwent, Magor.
Anne Evans, wife, age 47, b Magor
Elizabeth Evans, dau., age 17, Farm Servant, b. Undy
Eleanor Evans, dau., age 10, scholar, b Magor
Hannah Evans, dau. age 7, scholar, b. Magor
Thomas Evans, son. age 2, b. Magor
James Price, relative, widower, age 84, Ag. Lab. b. Undy

Evans family ca 1897
Evans family ca 1897
Jane Evans and Ann ca 1893
Jane Evans and Ann ca 1893

Thomas James Evans
Thomas James Evans ca 1937
Ann Evans ca 1912
Ann Evans ca 1912

Hodge and Evans group - George Evans, Ethel Hodge (née Evans), Berenice,  Arthur Hodge and Samuel William Hodge (Arthur's father)
Photograph from Ruth Braithwaite, granddaughter of Richard John Hodge, brother of Arthur Hodge.
Hodge-Evans family

William Wilcox records
1891 Census: (probable) 14 Hugh Houses, Victoria Village, Abersychan.
Denis Wilcox, Head, age 37, Coal Miner, b. Abersychan
Mary Ann Wilcox, Wife, age 35, b. Abersychan
George Wilcox, son, age 15, Coal Miner, b. Abersychan
Ann E. Wilcox, daughter, age 13, Apprentice Shoe Factory, b. Abersychan
Joseph R. Wilcox, son, age 10, scholar, b. Abersychan
William Wilcox, son, age 6, scholar, b. Abersychan
Sarah Wilcox, daughter, age 4, b. Abersychan
Charles Wilcox, son, age 2, b. Garndiffaith
Harriet Wilcox, daughter, age 1 month, b. Garndiffaith (died soon after?)

1901 Census: Same except
William now a Coal Miner Hewer
Richard Wilcox, son, age 20, Cola Miner Hewer, b. Abersychan (?)
James Wilcox, son, age 7, b Garndiffaith
Harriet Wilcox, daughter, age 4, b. Garndiffaith
Herbert Wilcox, son, age 2, b. Garndiffaith
Howard Jarvis, b. 1943, mother Wilcox, Abergavenny.
Married (?) 1998, Valerie A Hill, Newport, Monmouthshire
No BMD marriage or death as at April 2016

Most of the basic research, i.e. obtaining Marriage Certificates, etc., was done by my late mother, Aileen Tudgay.

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