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The Tudgay Lineage - family of Charles Edwin Tudgay (1851-1939) of Abersychan, Gwent

{short description of image} Abersychan Maps. Note - the use of Trevethin in registration records, refers to the whole old parish; the actual births, etc. were in Talywain, where St. Thomas's Church was, etc.

Thomas Smith
backward link to Leigh on Mendip William Tudgee
b Leigh on Mendip
[appears to have been christened at Maiden Bradley, 27 Jul 1776]
Sarah George

Isaac Tanner
occupation given as farmer at son's wedding
b ca 1833
at Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire
Note - many Tanner family members in Pontypool BMD William Davies
occupation given as collier at daughter's wedding
son Charles Davies b ca 1831
Trevethin, Monmouthshire

Eliza Smith 1820 - 13 Feb 1890
Isaac Tudgee
ca Aug 1816 - 2 Dec 1889
[fifth child]
backward link to Talywain/Abersychan
Isaac Tanner
1829- ca Jun 1899
d at Pontypool
BMD d 2Q 1899
age 68, Pontypool
(Born 1831)

Mary Davies 1834-Sep 1909
b Varteg

Moved to Talywain/Abersychan ca. 1846
name appears as Tudgay thereafter
Married at St. Peter & St. Paul, Bath, 19 March 1838 Twelve or 14 children
at Charles Edwin's wedding Isaac was a collier
resided Garndiffaith
occupation given as collier at daughter's wedding
Married at Pontypool Registry Office, 25 Dec 1853
BMD m 4Q 1853
Mary Davies

resided Garndiffaith
Mary Tanner
BMD d 3Q 1909
age 73, Pontypool

(CET0) Eighth child was Charles Edwin
Charles Edwin Tudgay
3 Sep 1851-26 May 1939 (?21 May)
born at Woodlands, Talywain
then a Collier
d at 43 Wellington Road, Talywain
buried St John's Cemetery, Garndiffaith
BMD b 4Q 1851 Pontypool
Edwin C Tudgay
d 2Q 1939, age 87, Pontypool
Married at St. Lukes' Pontnewynydd, 24 Nov 1872
BMD m 4Q 1872
Charles Tudgay
Gwenny Tanner
Gwennie Jane Tanner
Gwenilian Tanner
BMD b 3Q 1855 Pontypool
ca Jun 1854-26 Jan 1930
born at Garndiffaith
b 1855 in 1881 Census
d at 30 Commercial Road, Talywain
BMD d 1Q 1930, age 74, Pontypool

William Tanner
b 1857
m 30 May 1881
Bachelor of Garndiffaith
Family of Charles and Gwennie Tudgay
James Tudgay*
b Garndiffaith
William Tudgay
b Talywain
Eliza Ann Tudgay
b Talywain, 8 mths old in 1881 Census
Frederick Tudgay*
Mary-Ann Tudgay (Polly)
Frank Tudgay*
Thomas Tudgay*
Arthur Tudgay*
Harry Tudgay*
BMD b 4Q 1872 Pontypool
d 1Q 1957, age 84 Cardiff

b 1878
d 28 Jul 1918
d at Abersychan
b 3Q 1880
m 4Q 1902 Pontypool
d ca 1972
b ca Jan 1884
d 1966
East Glamorgan District
b 1886
d 3 Dec 1948
43 Wellington Road, Talywain
b 09 Feb 1888
d 07 May 1979
Newport, Gwent
21 May 1889-23 Feb 1965
1893?-?1976 ca Mar 1896-1968
d at Pontypool
m Mary A Hawkins
1Q 1922 Pontypool
BMD m 1Q 1896 Pontypool
m 12 Mar 1896
at St Michael's, Llanvihangel, Pontymoile
Ellen (Nell) Dando
b 1874
Mary Frankham
m 08 Apr 1901
at St Thomas', Talywain
Lewis Edmund (Edward) Llewellyn
emigrated to Akron, Ohio, USA
Lily Parker
b 4Q 1886
Abersychan (Pontypool)
m 4Q 1904, Pontypool
Fred Tudgay - Lily Parker
Frank Harrison*
b 4Q 1885
(Chedworth, Gloucs)
m. 3Q 1907, Pontypool
Mary Tudgay
Ann Evans 1891-1968
 m 06 Sep 1913
Gladys Lewis
m 05 Nov 1913
at Pisgah Chapel, Talywain
Amy Wood
m 05 Jun 1919
TBC Pontypool
Nan Hawkins
13 Mar 1894- 6 Aug 1986
 d at Blaenavon
Clifford Tudgay
Irene Tudgay
Lena Tudgay
Dora Tudgay
see 1. below
Wilfred Tudgay
Muriel Tudgay
see 2. below
Edith Llewellyn
BMD ? b 4Q 1903 (Edith Novello) Pontypool
Hilda Llewellyn
?b 3Q 1906 Pontypool
Bert Llewellyn*
Doreen Llewellyn
Gerwyn* Llewellyn
Edna Irene Tudgay
Evelyn (Cis) Tudgay
Ethel Harrison
Thomas Charles Harrison
May Harrison
Arthur Harrison*
Jack Harrison*
Hilda Harrison
Aileen Tudgay
Gordon Tudgay
see 3. below
Gwenillian Jane (Jenny) Lewis
see 4. below
Nora Tudgay
Alan Tudgay
see 5. below


Charles Tudgay 1911 census1911 Census living at 30 Commercial Road, Talywain, a four room dwelling
Charles Tudgay, Head, age 59, married 38 years, Coal Miner Hewer
Gwen Tudgay, wife, age 56
Frank Tudgay, age 23, son, single, Coal Miner Hewer
Thomas Tudgay, age 21, son, single, Coal Miner Hewer
Arthur Tudgay, age 19, son, single, Colliery Labourer below ground
Harry Tudgay, age 15, son, single, Coal Miner Hewer

Map (below) is of Talywain in 1886 (Golynos Road and Woodlands are my guess) see also {short description of image} Abersychan Maps and modern map with street names (below right).

Charles Edwin Tudgay was buried at St John's Cemetery, Garndiffaith, 21 May 1939 [* at the funeral].

Then alive were James of Aberbargoed, Fred, Frank, Tom, Arthur (all of Abersychan), Harry (then of London, Harlesden, later came back to Pontnewynnyd), Eliza Llewellyn (visiting Akron, Ohio, USA, where she went to live) and Polly (Harrison).

Also Joseph (Blaina); cousins Sid and Isaac (sons of James Tudgay). Flowers were sent from sister Edith and brother Ben. Laura and family. Aunty Polly and children. Bess, Till, May and Cis. Cousin Sid, Lizzie and family. Bert, Flossie and David. Sister Lizzie and family. Thomas and Lewis Hayward and family.

Charles & Gwennie Tudgay Golden Wedding 1922
{Talywain 1886}

CET1. Family of James Tudgay 1873-1957

James Tudgay
collier of Garndiffaith
b 1873
Talywain, Monmouthsire
d 1957
BMD b 4Q 1872 Pontypool
d 1Q 1957, age 84 Cardiff

m 12 Mar 1896
at St. Michael's, Llanvihangel, Pontymoile
Ellen Dando
b ca 1874
Pettsingby, USA
(see below)
d 1Q 1959, age 85
Bedwellty District, Monmouthshire

William Dando
b 2Q 1840
d 3Q 1911, age 71, Bedwellty
William Amsbury Dando
m 4Q 1863, Pontypool
Jane Hawkins
Jane Dando
d 3Q 1933
age 89 (b 1844) Bedwellty

Edith Irene Tudgay
BMD b 3Q 1897 Pontypool
b 06 Jul (Jun?) 1897
at Neville St., Garndiffaith
d Apr 1992
South Glamorgan
never married

Clifford James Tudgay
BMD b 3Q 1899 Pontypool
b 17 Aug 1899
at Neville St., Garndiffaith
d 3Q 1922, age 22
Newport, Monmouthshire
Eleanor Jane Tudgay
BMD b 1Q 1902 Pontypool
b 20/02/1902
at Neville St., Garndiffaith
never married

Kathleen Dora Tudgay
BMD b 3Q 1906
Bedwellty District
3Q 1926, Bedwellty
William J Trew
b 1Q 1906 Bedwellty
(see below)

mother Tudgay
born Bedwellty
? John G Trew
b 2Q 1938
no other BMD
see below for re-registration

John G Trew
b 1Q 1924
[BMD John G T Tudgay
b 1Q 1924
James G Trew
b 1Q 1927
Kathleen J Trew
b 3Q 1928
Margaret I Trew
b 1Q 1931
William L Trew
b 3Q 1933
Haydn J Trew
b 3Q 1935
Clifford C Trew
b 1Q 1937
Barbara J Trew
b 2Q 1942
Patricia A Trew
b 2Q 1945
John G Trew
m 4Q 1946 Bedwellty
Evelyn J Yates
6 children
inc. Beverley
b 4Q 1963 Cardiff (see below)
James G Trew
m 2Q 1955 Bedwellty
Dora Cox
4 children
Kathleen J Trew
m 3Q 1946 E Glamorgan
Leslie R Thompson
Margaret I Trew
m 3Q 1950 Bedwellty
Graham H Bowden
2 children
William L Trew
m 3Q 1954 E Glamorgan
Iris M Jones
9 children of Trew-Jones in BMD

Haydn T Trew
m 2Q 1964 Bedwellty
? Sullivan
Haydn T Trew
mother Sullivan
b 2Q 1964 Bedwellty

Clifford C Trew
m 4Q 1954 E Glamorgan
Iris M Taylor
probably 5 children in BMD
Barbara J Trew
m 4Q 1960 Bedwellty
Alec James
2 children b in Bedwellty
Patricia A Trew
m 4Q 1962 Bedwellty
Richard T Jones
2 children b in Bedwellty

James Tudgay, age 24, collier of Garndiffaith, father Charles, collier, married Ellen Dando, age 22, on 12 March 1896 at St Michael's, Llanvihangel, Pontymoile. Witnesses Sidney Geo. Powell, Ada Dando; father William Dando, also a collier.

On reading the info about the Tudgay family I thought you might be interested to know that a Mrs Tudgay and her daughter Lena were neighbours and lived on Bedwellty Road, Aberbargoed, Gwent for some years around the 1950 - 1990s. The mother died somewhere around 1970 I believe, as I had left home - Message posted on forum, by Margaret Haworth, in answer to a Keith Berry query, 17 June 2002. (link gone January 2018) has - 87. William Amsbury Dando (George, Isaac, Abraham, William, William, Stephen) was born 1840 [in Garnidffaith?]. He married Jane Hawkins, 24 December 1863 in Wesleyan Chapel, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales. She was born Abt. 1844 in Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales.

Notes for William Amsbury Dando:
William and Jane were in Wales, then in PA, USA, then back in Wales.
More About William Amsbury Dando:
Baptism: 13 September 1840, Varteg Wesleyan Chapel, Monmouthshire, Wales

More About William Dando and Jane Hawkins:
Marriage: 24 December 1863, Wesleyan Chapel, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Children of William Dando and Jane Hawkins are:
138 i. Elizabeth Dando, born 1865 in Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales.
139 ii. Ada Dando, born 1869 in Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales.
140 iii. Emma Dando, born 1872 in Schuylkill Co., Pennslylvania, USA.
141 iv. Ellen Dando, born 1874 in Schuylkill Co., Pennslylvania, USA.
142 v. William Dando, born 1878 in Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales.

James Tudgay signature 1911 census1911 Census Bedwellty District; 30 Bedwellty Road, Aberbargoed
James Tudgay, M, age 38, Baker (Provision Merchant), b Trevethin, Monmouthshire
Ellen Tudgay, wife, F, age 37, b America
Edith Irene Tudgay, F, age 13, scholar, b Trevethin
Clifford James Tudgay, son, M, age 11, scholar, b Trevethin
Eleanor Jane Tudgay dau., F, age 9, scholar, b Trevethin
Kathleen Dora Tudgay, dau., age 4, b Trevethin
Ada Dando, sister, age 42, single, Draper, b Trevethin
Florence Hawthorne, cousin, age 21, Milliner, b Trevethin

I received this in February 2009:

"My daughter Emma has been tracing our family tree and came across the information that you have put on the web.
My great Grandparents were Ellen and James Tudgay, My grandmother was Kathleen Dora Tudgay, who married William (Billy) Trew. When my dad (John Grenville Trew) was born, for some reason he was brought up with his grandparents, Ellen (Nell) Dando, and James Tudgay, whom he called mum and dad.
Kathleen Dora Tudgay and William (Billy) Trew, then went on to have my uncle and aunts. I'm not sure what order they were born in, but there was Clifford Trew, Leon Trew, Joan Trew (who is now Thompson), John Trew, Grayham Trew, Irene (Rene) Trew (Who is now Bowden and deceased), Beryl Trew and Barbara Trew (Who is now James).
As for Eleanor Jane Tudgay, (or Auntie Lena, as I called her) she never married and stayed in Bedwellty Road, Aberbargoed, until she died.
Edith Irene Tudgay, (or Auntie Peg, as I called her) never married and lived in Cardiff until she died.
Most of my dad's family still live around Aberbargoed, or close by, if we can help you with any more information, Please let me know.
Yours Sincerely,
Beverley Griffiths (Trew)
Emma Griffiths (My daughter)"

Later, 10 February 2010, they wrote:

"After talking to my older sister, we found out that my father, John Grenville Trew (Tudgay), was brought up by his Grandparents, James and Ellen Tudgay, due to the fact that Kathleen Dora Tudgay, was not married to William Trew at the time. He was registered as John Grenville Tudgay, but when Dora and William married, they re-registered him as Trew. So, he has two Birth Certificates, one in the name Tudgay, and another in Trew.
Also, can you tell us, if the Lilian Parker, is the Lily, that fell down the stairs in 30 Bedwellty Road, and broke her neck? As when we were little, we were told the story, of family members having the feeling of a lady on top of the stairs, with her arms out, as if she was going to push you down the stairs. But really, they said that she was holding out her arms to save you.
Please find attached, three photos, one of Ellen, James and Dora, another of Lena (Eleanor), and the last one is of my father, John Grenville Trew (Tudgay)."
Ellen, James and Dora Tudgay
Ellen, James & Dora Tudgay
Eleanora (Dora) Tudgay
Eleanor (Dora) Tudgay)
John Glenville Trew
John Grenville Trew

{Abersychan area street names 2002}CET2. Family of William Tudgay 1878-1918

William Tudgay
collier of Garndiffaith
b May 1878
d 29 Jul 1918
m 08 Apr 1901
at St. Thomas's, Talywain
BMD m 2Q 1901 Pontypool
Mary Ann Frankham
b 3Q 1882 Pontypool
at William's funeral in 1918, Ada & Will brother and sister were present; also Tom & Linda; Ellen & Will Frankham
Mary's father was Henry Frankham
Henry Frankham
m 3Q 1873 Pontypool
Mary Harris
Henry Frankham
b 1Q 1853 Keynsham, Wilts
d 2Q 1920, age 67, Pontypool
Wilfred Frankham Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1902 Pontypool
b 23 Apr 1902
at Woodland Cottages, Talywain
d 1Q 1975, b 23 Apr 1902, Bristol

Muriel Tudgay
b 08 Jul 1903
at Woodland Cottages, Talywain

m 2Q 1929 Pontypool
Ada Nellie Blake
b 4 Aug 1905
d June 2000 at Gloucester

m 01 June 1924
at St. Thomas, Talywain
Graham Savery
b ca 1898
no BMD

mother Blake
Wilfred Glyn Tudgay

b 2Q 1930 Pontypool
BMD d 2Q 1933, age 2, Pontypool
(d 26 Jan 1933 at Manor Road, Abersychan)
Royston Tudgay
b 3Q 1934
b 05 Jul 1934
at Manor Road, Abersychan (see below)
Carole Tudgay
b 3Q 1944 Bristol

mother Tudgay
b Pontypool
Edith M Savery
b 3Q 1928
d 2Q 1929, age 0
Marian Savery
b 1Q 1930
m 3Q 1952 Pontypool
Ernest V Worsdell
? no children

Royston Tudgay
m 3Q 1959 Sturminster
Maureen R Stockley
m 1Q 1975 Sodbury
Evelyn M Williams
Carol(e) Tudgay
m 1Q 1965 Bristol
Robert P Carnew

mother Stockley
Garry R Tudgay
b 3Q 1960 Thornbury
Graham K Tudgay
b 2Q 1962 Wallingford
Sharon R Tudgay
b 2Q 1964 Wallingford
Andrew Craig Tudgay
b 3Q 1966 Bristol
mother Tudgay
Paul Carnew
b 2Q 1966 Bristol

Note: Maureen R Tudgay
m 2Q 1974 Swindon
Ralph L I Morgan

1911 Census living at 13 River Row, Abersychan (a 4 room dwelling)
William Tudgay, Head, age 32, married 10 years, Coal Miner, Roadmaster, below ground
Mary Ann Tudgay, wife, age 30
Wilfred Tudgay, son, age 8
Muriel Tudgay, daughter, age 7

In 1918, a William Tudgay was undermanager at the Navigation Pit, Crumlin [web link to source]. The pit was owned by Partridge Jones and Co. Ltd., Abersychan, Pontypool; they also owned the Blaensychan and Llanerch Pits, at which the earlier Tudgays worked and three died. He died later that year at Station street, Abersychan (Obituary), the funeral service being at St. Thomas' Church, Talywain, and the burial at St. John's burial ground, Coombes Cross, Garndiffaith. He was a Sidesman, CEMS Treasurer and Sunday School teacher at St. Thomas's. At his funeral were Blaensychan (Blaenerserchan) Pit bottom mates.

Wilf and Ada moved to Bristol and both died there. A notice in the London Gazette, dated 14th day of May 1946, showed Wilfred Tudgay, of 22 Forest Road, Fishpond, Bristol, as going into partnership with Arthur Victor Smith to run "City Engineering and Light Metal Works" at No. 119 Newfoundland Road, Bristol. Link

Royston Tudgay (b 1934), married (1) Maureen Stockley (2) Eve ??. Lives in Gloucestershire.
Children -
a. Gary Royston Tudgay (Morgan);
b. Graham Keith Tudgay - two sons and one daughter;
c. Sharon Ruth Tudgay;
d. Andrew Craig Tudgay

CET4. Family of Fred. Tudgay 1887-1966

Frederick Tudgay
b 1Q 1884 Pontypool
m 4Q 1904 Pontypool
d 4Q 1966 E. Glamorgan

Lily Parker
b 4Q 1886 Pontypool

Edna Irene Tudgay
b 1Q 1908 Pontypool
m 3Q 1933 Pontypool
William Henry Cound
b 4Q 1896 Pontypool
d 2Q 1975, dob 7 Oct 1896, S Glamorgan

Evelyn Tudgay
b 1Q 1909, Pontypool
Eveline Tudgay
m 4Q 1933 Pontypool
Alfred Langley

mother Tudgay
Barbara A Cound
b 4Q 1935 Eton
m 2Q 1958 Cardiff
David A Hubbarde
no children
mother Tudgay
Robert M H Cound
b 1Q 1947 Pontypool
m 4Q 1961 Kington
Lilian M Russell
no children

mother Tudgay
Judith P Langley
b 1Q 1947 Caerleon
m 3Q 1967 Cardiff
Michael C Guy
no children
mother Tudgay
Nicola R Langley
b 3Q 1952 Cardiff
m (1) 4Q 1971 Pontypool
Keith W Beverstock
no children
? divorced
(Beverstock remarried 2Q 1977)
m(2) 1Q 1979 Pontypool
Michael D Brittain

Fred Tudgay signature 1911 census1911 Census living in the house known as 'Hillside' (or Hillside Cottages, being a pair), a dwelling with two rooms (corrected from 4 rooms?)
Fred Tudgay, age 24, Coal Miner Hewer
Lily Tudgay
, wife, age 24, married 6 years
Edna Irene Tudgay,
daughter, age 3
Evelyn Tudgay, daughter, age 2

CET5. Family of Frank Harrison

Frank Harrison
b 4Q 1885
(Chedworth, Gloucs)
d 2Q 1965 age 79
m. 3Q 1907, Pontypool
Mary Tudgay
Mary-Ann Tudgay (Polly)
b 1886
d 3 Dec 1948
43 Wellington Road, Talywain

Ethel Harrison
b 1Q 1908 Pontypool
no readily traceable further BMD
Thomas Charles Harrison
b 2Q 1909 Pontypool
m 2Q 1941
Gladys M Davies
May Harrison
b & d 1Q 1912, Pontypool
mother Tudgay
Arthur Harrison*
b 4Q 1917, Pontypool
mother Tudgay
m 3Q 1939
Gwendoline A Radmore
Jack Harrison*
John H Harrison
b 4Q 1919, Pontypool
mother Tudgay
m 2Q 1945
Gwendoline G Haynes
Hilda Harrison
b 2Q 1922, Pontypool
mother Tudgay
d 1Q 1923, age 1, Pontypool

mother Radmore
John Harrison
b 2Q 1940
? m 1Q 1963
Marjorie E Bladen
Cliffford Harrison
b 3Q 1944
? m 2Q 1982
Lynne M Jefferies
Gillian Harrison
b  2Q 1946 Newport
mother Haynes
Gillian M Harrison
? m 1Q 1967, Pontypool
Rodney E Evans

mother Bladen
b Pontypool
Mark Andrew Harrison
b 1Q 1966
Nicola Harrison
b 4Q 1968
died 26 December 2015
see below
no children
mother Harrison
b Pontypool
Neil Andrew Evans
b 1Q 1968
Sarah Louise Evans
b 1Q 1970

Frank Harrison signature 1911 census1911 Census living at 31 Commercial Road, Talywain
Frank Harrison, Head, age 28, Coal Miner Hewer
Mary Harrison, Wife, age 25, married 3 years
Ethel Harrison, daughter, age 3
Thomas Harrison, son, age 1

South Wales Argus, 6th January 2016, funeral announcement:
HARRISON Suddenly on December 26th 2015 in the comfort of his home, Clifford of Elled Road, Wainfelin, Pontypool. Dearly devoted Partner of Kerry and adored loved friend of Clac, Dean and Kaine and beloved brother of John and brother in law of Marjorie and uncle of Mark and Nichola and Great uncle of Lloyd, Rhys, Ievan and Megan. Funeral will take place on Monday January 11th for a service at Nodfa Chapel, Abersychan where friends are asked to meet at 12.30pm prior to cremation at the Gwent Crematorium at 1.30pm.

CET6. Family of Frank Tudgay 1888-1979

{Frank Tudgay in 1969}
April 1969

Frank Tudgay
09 Feb 1888-07 May 1979
30 Commercial Road, Talywain

Ann Evans
11 May 1891-13 Jul 1968
Railway Cottages, 36 Pisgah Road, Talywain

link to Evans family

Washery Manager Blaenserchan Colliery until he retired
 see link

Moved to Merthyr Tydfil soon after marriage
Married at Penygarn Baptist Tabernacle
Crane Street, Pontypool, 06 Sep 1913
ca 1920 returned to Abersychan and lived at Hillside, Manor Road
(dwelling of Fred & family in 1911)

first child was Harry Tudgay b ca 29 May 1914 died just after, at Merthyr Tydfil
BMD b 2Q 1914 Merthyr T
d 2Q 1914, age 0

Taylor-Dredge family John H. S. Taylor
b 20 Dec 1916
d 09 Feb 2008
m 20 Jul 1940 moved to London
after retiring returned to Cwmbran
Aileen Tudgay
b 25 Apr 1918
d 05 Apr 1997
b Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil

Gordon Tudgay
b 14 Apr 1924
d 22 Nov 2005
b Hillside, Abersychan
lived in Cwmbran

m 2 April 1955
Iris Brain
b 19 Mar 1928
d 04 August 1976
grandchildren Brian Taylor
b 4Q 1941
Kingsbury, Middlesex
Peter Taylor and Gary Taylor
b 23 May 1945
d soon after
Kingsbury Middlesex
Glenys Taylor
b 2Q 1948
Martin Taylor
b 3Q 1953
- Claire Tudgay
b 2Q 1956 Pontypool
Paul Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1959
(b 15 March 1959)
d 27 Sep 2017
Lisa Tudgay
b 22 October 1967
Newport, Gwent
spouse Lynnette Blake
b 1941
Karachi, British India

Keith Tyler
b 1946
Rachel Joy Stannard
b 1956
Needham Market, Suffolk

Lawson J Penny
mother Weeks
b 3Q 1954 Bedwellty
Andrea Jenkins Stuart MacKenzie
Adrian Taylor Julian Taylor Louise Ruth Tyler
Lee Jeffries
Michelle Jane Tyler
Duncan Price
Sarah Jane Taylor
Holly Ruth Taylor

Melissa Penny
Lauren Penny
Craig Tudgay
Lacey Tudgay
Robbie Eithne  Mackenzie
Ceit Alexandra Mackenzie
Daniel Taylor
Josh Taylor
Bethany Taylor
Charlotte Taylor
Alexander Taylor
Zara Jeffries
Jack Price
Austin Price

partner? Hizzett
Ava Hizzett
children of Craig Tudgay
Rhys Paul Gordon Tudgay

Logan David Tudgay
Leon Philip Tudgay

Lacey Tudgay
m Pearce June 2017
children Isabel and Aston

{Manor Road, Abersychan}
Frank Tudgay ca 1910
Ann Evans ca 1912
Frank Tudgay family ca 1936
Frank Tudgay family ca 1936
Frank 90th Birthday
Frank Tudgay 90th Birthday 1978
l to r Ethel, Frank, Gordon & Aileen

CET7. Family of Thomas Tudgay 1889-1965

Thomas Tudgay, b. 21 May 1889, d. 23 Feb 1965; m Gladys Ann Lewis,  (b 17 Jan 1889 d 1974 at Hereford) on 05 Nov 1913, at Pisgah Chapel.

One daughter - Gwenillian Jane (Jenny) Tudgay, b 15 Nov 1915 (BMD b 4Q 1915), at Pontypool, d 1991, at Worcester, married Frederick C Hughes-Cound* (b 2Q 1913 Pontypool, mother Branch (also entered as Cound); d 1996), BMD m 4Q 1938. The family lived at Pisgah Road, Talywain.

Jenny had one son, Robert K Hughes-Cound, BMD b 1Q 1947 Pontypool (mother "Pudgay"); m 1Q 1967, Hereford, Sylvia L Adcock.

Christopher Hughes-Cound, b 1Q 1967, mother Adcock, Hereford (Evesham).

Gillian Hughes-Cound, b 4Q 1968, mother Adcock, Hereford

Cound family BMD, Pontypool
Origins Bridgend (many records, e.g. William E, d 4Q 1920, age 70; William, d 1Q 1936, age 71)

Sarah A Cound, d 1Q 1921, age 64; Sarah Ann Hughes, m 1Q 1891, Newport, M., William Cound (William James Cound, b 3Q 1859, Neath; d 1Q 1905, age 47, Swansea); William James F Cound, b 3Q 1893, Neath, d 1Q 1975, dob 5 July 1893, Swansea
Alfred Henry Cound, d 3Q 1965, age 84 (b 1881); m 4Q 1909, Monmouth, Elizabeth Davies (Elizabeth Cound, d 4Q 1930, age 67 (b 1863), Monmouth; m (2) 2Q 1931, Monmouth, Kate Griffiths
Kate Cound, d 2Q 1975, dob 18 July 1899 (age 76) - no obvious BMD children
Louisa May Cound, b 3Q 1894, d 1Q 1895

*Frederick H Cound, m 3Q 1912, Lily Branch; Marjorie Cound, b 2Q 1920, mother Branch

William Henry Cound, b 4Q 1896, d 2Q 1975, dob 7 Oct 1896, S Glamorgan.
William H Cound, m 3Q 1933, Edna Irene Tudgay (b 1Q 1908, Pontypool - see CET4); Robert M H Cound, b 1Q 1947, mother Tudgay

Grandpa Tom Tudgay
Grand Pa Tom Tudgay
Tom Tudgay Golden Wedding
Grandpa Tom and brothers at Tom's Golden Wedding party, 1963

CET8. Family of Arthur Tudgay 1892-1976

Arthur Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1892 Pontypool
d 3Q 1976, dob 26 Feb 1892, Pontypool
m 2Q 1919 Pontypool
Amy Wood
BMD b 4Q 1893 Pontypool
d 4Q 1967, age 74, Pontypool

mother Wood
b Pontypool

Audrey P Tudgay
b 1Q 1920
d 2Q 1921, age 0, Pontypridd
Nora Edwina Tudgay
b 1Q 1923
m 4Q 1946 Pontypool
d ca 1985
Chippenham, Wilts
Jack F Cook
Alan Tudgay
b 2Q 1930
m 1Q 1953 Bedwellty
Jean H White
d 4Q 1976, dob 10 Apr 1930, Pontypool

mother Tudgay
Philip R Cook
b 2Q 1947 Chippenham
Richard N Cook
b 1Q 1949 Chippenham
Alan M Cook
b 2Q 1952 Bath
Jeremy Cook
b 4Q 1955 Bath
mother White
b Pontypool
Lydia Jane Tudgay
b 2Q 1954
m 3Q 1977 Pontypool
Abul Khair
Christopher John Tudgay
b 2Q 1956
Nicholas Tudgay
b 4Q 1960

Arthur Tudgay, b. 26 Feb 1892, d. Jul 1976 (at Picton St., Abersychan, Mon.); m Gladys Amy Wood, on 05 Jun 1919. Amy died 1967, at Picton St.
Three children
1. Nora Edwina Tudgay, b pre Apr 1923, d ca 1985 at Chippenham, Wilts. Married Jack F Cook; sons Philip and Richard
2. Alan Tudgay, b 10 April 1930 at Pontypool; m. Jean Hilary White ??; 3 children see below. Died 4th quarter 1976, in Pontypool.
3. Daughter ??

Alan Tudgay, m 1953, to Jean Hilary White, in Bedwellty.
a. Christopher John Tudgay, b ca Jun 1956; 2 daughters.
b. Nicholas James Tudgay - 2 daughters.
c. Lydia Jane Tudgay, b ca 1954.

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