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The Tudgay Lineage - Isaac Tudgay, 1816-1889, of Talywain, South Wales

James Tudgay
b ca 1728
d bef 1762
Marston Bigot, Somerset

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James Tudgay
b ca 1752
prob Marston Bigot
d ca Apr 1812, bur 21 Apr 1812

Sarah George
on 17 Aug 1800
Sarah Tudgee
d 4Q 1860 Pontypool

William Tudgee (or Tudgdy)
b Leigh upon Mendip, Somerset
(?) Servant when Isaac married
d at Kilmersdon, Somerset

Thomas Smith 17??-18??
Carpenter when Eliza married

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Isaac Tudgee
20 Aug 1815 - 09 Dec 1889
born at Coleford Green near Kilmersdon
d at 67 Waterloo Road, Talywain
buried at St Thomas's Churchyard, Talywain
Married at St. Peter & St. Paul, Bath
19 Mar 1838
Both were then living at 2, Orange Court, Bath
Isaac was a Pork Butcher
in BMD
Eliza Smith
1820 - 13 Feb 1890
born at Wells, Somerset
Eliza Tudgay
BMD d 1Q 1890, age 66, Pontypool
Charles Smith
Charlotte Rogers

Family of Isaac and Eliza Tudgay - After several local moves, they went to Talywain/Abersychan ca. 1846 (in the ancient parish of Trevethin but not modern Trevethin)
John Frederick Tudgay
Thomas Tudgay Edwin Charles Tudgay James Smith Tudgay Peninah Tudgay Isaac Tudgay Mary Tudgay Charles Edwin Tudgay Elizabeth Tudgay William Tudgay Sarah Tudgay Edith Tudgay Penelope Tudgay
d 3Q 1894, age 57, Bedwellty
no BMD?
no BMD birth
d 2Q 1909, age 66, Pontypool

 d 6 Feb 1890
in Llanerch Colliery explosion
BMD d 2Q 1890, age 46, Pontypool
no BMD birth
d 3Q 1932, age 84, Pontypool
(= b 1848)
13 Jul 1847-23 Nov 1923
no BMD birth
1849-10 Dec 1854
no BMD birth
BMD d 4Q 1854 Pontypool
3 Sep 1851-May 1939
BMD b 4Q 1851 Pontypool
01 Jan 1854-27 Aug 1938
BMD b 4Q 1854 Pontypool
no BMD marriage
in 1881 census as living with his parents
BMD b 3Q 1857 Pontypool
d 2Q 1890, age 32
b 4Q 1859, Pontypool
d ?
BMD b 4Q 1862
servant in 1881 Census for Mon.
living at Railway Inn, Trevethin with Challenger family
no BMD
b Frome b Mells b Mells b Wells
BMD b 1Q 1844 Frome
b Kilminster 1851 Census living at Gylynos Road, Talywain, Abersychan
b Woodlands, Talywain - Note: Charles' birth certificate has Father as Isaac Tudgay, Ostler

(see 1886 map below - Golynos = Gylynos, road name approximate)
m. Maria Morgan
  BMD m 4Q 1858

The Tudgays of Nantyglo
m. Jane Hughes
in 1866
emigrated to USA

The Tudgays of Warrior Run
m. Elizabeth Ann Wasley
04 Dec 1864
BMD m 4Q 1864 Pontypool
Elizabeth Wasley
lived in Abersychan area
d at Commercial Road, Talywain

m. Mariah Jones

m. James Challenger
25 Dec 1866
Parish Church of Trevethin
Died at Llanhilleth, Mon., July 1932, buried St. Thomas's, Talywain
BMD m 4Q 1866 Pontypool
m. Rachel Jones
in 1870
Emigrated to USA in 1881

The Tudgays of Warrior Run
buried at St. Cadoc's, Trevethin m. Gwenillian Jane Tanner

m. David Walker
buried Christchurch, Aberbeeg, Mon.
d 6 Feb 1890
in Llanerch Colliery explosion
buried 13 Feb 1890
at St Thomas, Talywain
buried at St. Cadoc's, Trevethin m. 1Q 1883 Newport M.
 (1) Joseph Thomas
who also died in Llanerch Colliery explosion
Edith sent flowers to Charles' funeral, 1939, with husband (2) Benjamin Wright Saunders
m 05 July 1891
BMD m 3Q 1891 Pontypool

Benjamin W Saunders
d 1Q 1952, age 82, Pontypool
(born 1870)
[Edith Saunders
d 3Q 1952, age 82, Pontypool]

nine children
ten children eight children
ten children
the eldest Joseph
b 1868 died 6  Feb 1890
in Llanerch Colliery explosion
BMD d 2Q 1890, age 23, Pontypool
eleven children - see below eight children died in infancy nine children
fourteen children

(at bottom of this page)
"unmarried" when killed
m 1Q 1887 Pontypool
Georgina Jefferies
b ca 1858, Talywain
d 28 Feb 1893
Talywain *
died in infancy Mary Thomas
Edith L Thomas
(note below)
Edith Saunders
d 2Q 1891, age 0, Pontypool

Georgina Tudgay
b 1Q 1893, Pontypool
Mariah Jefferies
b & d 1Q 1899 Pontypridd

"Georgina Tugday" m 3Q 1914 Pontypridd
Charles H Hitchings
Charles Henry Hitchings
b 1Q 1893 Pontypridd
? d 2Q 1976, dob 26 Aug 1893

mother Tudgay
b Pontypridd
Leslie C Hitchings
b 4Q 1916
d 1Q 1919, age 2 Pontypridd
Muriel G Hitchings
b 3Q 1921

A list of those killed in the Llanerch Colliery explosion on 8 February 1890 can be found at this web link to source.

* Willam Tudgay appears to have at least one daughter. Mary Ann Tudgay b 1881, appears in the 1911 census (as Maria Tudgay, age 23 single, living in the household of Reuben Gould and his wife, Gertrude (Tudgay); marries in 1919; and Mary Ann b 1894 d in 1986. Mary Ann Tudgay m 4Q 1919, Pontypool, William J Young (no children in BMD).

BMD has Benjamin Tudgee d 2Q 1874, age 1, Pontypool

Notes:{Talywain 1886}

The 1881 Census of Talywain (Trevethin, Monmouth, Wales) had -

  • Unnumbered
    Isaac Tudgay, M, age 59, b Coleford Green, Somerset, Head, Coal Miner
    Eliza Tudgay, F, age 59, b Wells, Somerset, Wife
    William Tudgay, U, M, age 23, b Talywain, son, Coal Miner
    Jarrold Ashdown, U, M, age 19, lodger, (B sm) Striker
  • Near Viaduct
    John Tudgay, M, age 42, b Frome, Somerset, Head, coal miner
    Maria Tudgay, M, age 41, b Blaenavon, Wife
    John Tudgay, U, M, age 19, b Trevethin, son
    Sarah J Tudgay, U, F, 16, b Trevethin, dau
    James Tudgay, M, age 14, b Trevethin, son
    Elizabeth Tudgay, F, age 12, b Trevethin, dau
    Albert Tudgay, M, age 10, b Trevethin, son
    Joshua Tudgay, M, age 5, b Trevethin, son
  • Unnumbered
    Edwin Tudgay, M, age 39, b Mells, Somerset, Head, Coal Miner
    Elizabeth Tudgay, F, age 36, b Basseleg, Mon., Wife
    William Tudgay, M, age 15, b Talywain, son, coal miner
    Elizabeth Tudgay, F, age 12, b Talywain, dau, scholar
    George Tudgay, M, age 10, b Talywain, son, scholar
    Dora Tudgay, F, age 8, b Talywain, dau, scholar
    Charles Tudgay, M, age 5, b Talywain, son, scholar
    Lena Tudgay, F, age 1, b Talywain, dau
  • Unnumbered
    James Tudgay, M, age 36, M, b Wells, Somerset, Head, coal miner
    Maria Tudgay, M, age 33, F, b Caerleon, Monmouth, Wife
    Joseph Tudgay, age 13, M, b Talywain, son, coal miner
    Thursda A Tudgay, age 3, F, b Talywain, dau
    Maud Tudgay, age 1, F, b Talywain
  • White Row
    Isaac Tudgay, M, age 34, M, b Talywain, Head, coal miner
    Rachael Tudgay, M, age 33, F, b Garndiffaith, Wife
    Tom Tudgay, age 11, M, B Garndiffaith, son, scholar
    Elizabeth A Tudgay, age 9, F, b Talywain, dau, scholar
    Rachael Tudgay, age 7, F , b Talywain, dau, scholar
    Henry Tudgay, age 6, M, b Talywain, son
    Walter Tudgay, age 2, M, b Talywain
  • Unnumbered
    Charles Tudgay, M, age 29, M, b Talywain, Head, Coal Miner (Charles Edwin Tudgay)
    Gwenny Tudgay, M, age 26, F, b Garndiffaith, Wife
    James Tudgay, age 8, M, b Garndiffaith, son, scholar
    William Tudgay, age 2, M, b Talywain
    Eliza A Tudgay, age 8m, F, b Talywain

Transcribed by Linda

{St Thomas Church Talywain}The map, above right, is of Talywain in 1886 (Golynos Road is my guess) see also {short description of image} Abersychan Maps. The photograph is of St. Thomas' Church, Talywain.

Charles Edwin Tudgay was buried at St John's Cemetery, Garndiffaith, 21 May 1939 .
Of his own children then alive were James of Aberbargoed, Fred, Frank, Tom, Arthur (all of Abersychan), Harry (then of London, Harlesden, later came back to Pontnewynnyd), Eliza Llewellyn (visiting from Akron, Ohio, USA, where she went to live) and Polly (Harrison).
Also Joseph (Blaina); cousins Sid and Isaac (sons of James Tudgay - link).
Flowers were sent from sister Edith and brother Ben. Laura and family. Aunty Polly and children. Bess, Till, May and Cis (granddaughter). Cousin Sid, Lizzie and family (link). Bert, Flossie and David (Bert being the son of brother Herbert 1871-1929, ?living in Golders Green, London - link). Sister Lizzie and family. Thomas and Lewis Hayward and family.
Edith Thomas (née Tudgay) remarried, Ben Saunders, hence flowers from Edith and Ben. The 1891 Census had her as a widow with two children, Mary, age 6, and Edith L, aged 5.
The "sister Lizzie" is a puzzle as, according to information from Lawford Thomas, Elizabeth Walker (née Tudgay) died on 27 Aug 1938 and was buried at Christchurch, Aberbeeg, Mon., aged 84. Her husband, David Walker, died 4 Mar 1921, aged 68. Perhaps it was his daughter Lizzie, then living in Akron, Ohio.

Challenger family
Lawford Thomas also tells me that Peninah, who married James Challenger, in 1866, had eleven children. The eldest, Elizabeth Ann, was Lawford Thomas's grandmother. Sometime in the 1890's, James, Peninah and their younger (unmarried) children moved to Llanhilleth. Elizabeth Ann and her family also moved; the rest stayed in Talywain. The 1881 Census [Mormon Records] has Edith Tudgay (younger sister of Peninah) living at Railway Inn, Trevethin, as a servant. The Head of household was given as James Challenger, born Somerset, 1843, coal miner.

Jmaes Challenger, b ca 1841, Clifton, Somerset, d ca 1909, Llanilleth, Mon

The Walker family
In February 2004 I received the following email -
I was delighted to find your Tudgay website yesterday!
I am Alison Johnston - nee Leech.
Isaac Tudgay and Eliza Smith are my great-great grandparents.
Their daughter Eliza ( birth certificate) otherwise known as Elizabeth Tudgay and David Walker are my grandmother's parents.
Isaac Tudgay and Eliza Smith.
Elizabeth Tudgay and David Walker.
Annie Maud Walker b. 1891 and Arthur Leech. - my grandparents
Norman Leech b. 1918. - my father
Alison - me!
I have a rather fuzzy copy of Isaac and Eliza's marriage certificate, which I got in 1983 - but never got any further back. I never really unravelled the other Tudgay connections in the area. Your research puts me to shame!
Eliza's birth certificate gives her birthday as 1st Jan 1854, place Trevethin Abersychan, and Isaac's occupation is given as Ostler.
I have photocopies of various Tudgay entries from some BMD registers, including those of Isaac Tudgay, buried on 9th Dec 1889, aged 67 years;
Eliza Tudgay, buried 13th Feb 1890, aged 66 years;
and William Tudgay, also buried on 13th Feb 1890, aged 32 years.
All were buried at Abersychan.
I am fascinated by the info on your web site and the message boards - the possible Huguenot connection has had me on the web for hours!
I shall post a message on the message board when I have worked out how to do so - I'd love to be in contact with these new 'cousins' !
I would relish any other info you might have - anecdotal or whatever
Best Wishes

Elizabeth Tudgay
b 4Q 1854 Newport M
no BMD marriage
David Walker

Annie Maud Walker
BMD b 2Q 1891 Bedwellty
m 3Q 1915 Bedwellty
Arthur Leech

mother Walker
born Bedwellty

Norman W Leech
b 3Q 1918
m 4Q 1944 Birmingham
Barbara E Meredith
d 3Q 1975, dob 9 Mar 1918, Newport M.

Colin W Leech
b 1Q 1921
m 3Q 1945 Wainford
or (2)
m 3Q 1958 Lothingland
Sylvia R J Spalding

mother Meredith
born Birmingham

mother Spalding
Valerie A Leech
b 4Q 1945
m Johnston

Colin W Leech
b 2Q 1947
Marilyn T Leech
b 4Q 1950
Teresa A Leech
b 1Q 1960 Blyth
Damion P Leech
b 4Q 1961 Lothingland
Jason Carl Leech
b 3Q 1970 Blyth

Jan Proberts emailed me in April 2007
James Tudgay (Isaacs son), his wife Maria her maiden name was Wasley not Jones - they were married at Llanluleth church (Llanhilleth Church) on 5 Dec 1867 and both marked their signatures with X.
James and his son Joseph are buried together at Noddfa Welsh Baptist Chapel, Alersychan.  The headstone reads -
In loving memory of James Tudgay died February 6th 1890 aged 46 years. 
Also of Joseph William Tudgay son of the above who lost their lives in the Llanerch Colliery Explosion Feb 6th 1890.  Aged 22 years.
We shall not sleep but not forever
In the lone and silent grave
Blessed be the lord that taketh
Blessed be the lord that gave.
The headstone on the grave immediately adjacent reads -
Georgina - the beloved wife of William Tudgay of Talywain died Feb 28th 1893 aged 24 years
Also of Bertie Tudgay
Son of the above died Oct 9th 1892 aged 5 months
I'm not sure where these fit in or who they are. [Edwin Charles Tudgay first wife]

I thought this might interest you from press cuttings at the time of the Llanerch Explosion.

Pontypool Free Press - Feb 7th 1890 - 4th Edition
Llanerch Pit Disaster Feb 6th 1890
The first to be brought to the top were 7 men from the engine house at the bottom of the shaft amongst whom were William Tudgay (Talywain) (Alive)
54 bodies were recovered by Feb 7th.
Many bodies were badly crushed and buried and hard to identify. One man was identified by his tobacco pouch. By 8.0 clock in the morning 124 bodies were brought up and by 10.00 clock 144 bodies.
249 men and boys were in the pit. 77 were brought out alive, 168 bodies have been found to date and 4 are still missing. (176 was final death toll)

Pontpool Free Press - Feb 14th 1890
Llanerch Pit Disaster - A Terrible Visitation at Talywain
The Tudgay family of Talywain has sustained one of the heaviets bereavments of the whole series.
James Tudgay and son (Joseph) were buried on Monday.
Joseph Thomas, brother-in-law of the elder man, was taken home dead the same afternoon. William Tudgay, a brother of James who received a fracture of his skull was reported sinking rapidly and actually died on Tuesday morning, and Mrs. Tudgay senior who had been ill and suffering from the terrible shock to her system had sustained died on Monday night.

Description of the Funeral (from Free Press)
Noddfa Baptist Chapel, Abersychan
At this place also were several of the poor fellows buried, the following being the list for Monday:-
James Tudgay - 46 - near Chemical Works, Talywain (leaves a widow and 4 children)
Joseph Tudgay - 23 - son of the above
While the ceremony over these two was proceeding a report gained currency at the graveyard that the senior Tudgay's mother had died. This proved untrue but the poor old woman died the same night.

The Llanerch Colliery Explosion Fund - South Wales Miners Provident Society 25 June 1892
Deed of Trust - Part 2 - No 85 James Tudgay, Talywain - widow Maria
Names of their children and dates of attaining 13 years
Thirza, 8th December 1890
Gertrude, 12th June 1895
Sydney, 2nd June 1898
Isaac, 28th April 1901
Joseph James, 9th July 1903
Born 9th July 1890*
* This latter comment was incorporated in the deed to establish the father of the child no doubt. Maria was four months pregnant at the time of the disaster.  This child is obviously named after the two killed (husband and son).

We visited Blaenavon and Talywain recently and went down the 'Big Pit', first time I had been down a coal mine. We took our 5 year old grandaughter with us. Below ground the guide got us all to turn out the light on our hats so we could see how black it was and then told us about the 5 year olds left to open the ventilation doors for 12 hours alone in the dark every day, lots of these little ones were crushed and died in the first few days. It really brings it home to you.
We also visited St Peters Church Blaenavon where my grandmothers family were buried. The churchyard was in a terrible state with most of the stones flattened or covered in undergrowth. Whilst looking we found headstones for John Tudgay b. 9 Jun 1837 d. 24 Aug 1894 and Maria Tudgay b. 18 Nov 1839 d. 24 Jul 1882 
Again not sure where these fit in but they are the right age to be the John and Maria living near the Viaduct Talywain on your print out from the 1881 census. [JFT - the Nantyglo Tudgays]

Now some more recent dates - [JasT9 family]
Sidney Tudgay my Grandfather was born 26 Apr 1885 and died at Wells Hospital 24 Oct 1971 - I remember him well and absolutely adored him.
Elizabeth Ann Tudgay my Grandmother was born 21 Jan 1887 and died at Henbury House, Slade Road, Portishead, Nr Bristol on the 28 Mar 1952 (the same house that I was born in).  Their marriage certificate says they married at Abersychan Parish Church but we think that is St Thomas's in Talywain, what do you reckon? [Yes]  My grandparents moved to Portishead to live with my mother in August 1945.
Violet Tudgay (my mother) d. 16 Oct 2000 at Southmead Hospital, Bristol.
James Tudgay (my uncle) was born 12 Nov 1911 and died ca 1995 in Mold, North Wales. Did not realise until now I do not have the exact date will get that.
Arthur Tudgay (my uncle) b. 22 Apr 1916
Violet Tudgay married Alfred Henry Gazzard 9 Sep 1931 in Bristol Reg Off, they had 5 children.
David b.19 Nov 1931 (he has 3 children, Penelope, Paula and Nicholas and 7 Grandchildren).
Margaret Elizabeth b. 5 Feb 1933 (she has 4 children, Laurie, Alan, Martin and Mandy, 8 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grand son)
Ian Sidney George b. 22 Jul 1941 (he has 2 children Stephen and Susan and 4 Grandchildren)
Me, Janet Mary b.17 Dec 1946 (I have 2 Children Tania and James plus 2 Step children and 6 Grandchildren)
Roger b. 18 Jun 1948 (he has 2 children Emily and Mark and 2 Grandchildren).

James Tudgay (my uncle) married Mair Edwards 8 Aug 1938 at Pontypool - Mair was b. 7 May 1911 d. 28 Mar 1986 in Mold in Wales they had 1 son John Tudgay b. 3 Mar 1940 Pontpool.
John has 2 children Lyn married twice and divorced twice and Paul who is single.

Arthur Tudgay (my uncle) married Margaret Goodwin on 30 May 1938 in Pontypool. Margaret was b. 7 Mar 1916. Margaret and Arthur are buried together with their daughter Sheila at St Peters Church, Portishead. Sheila their only child was b. 6 Jun 1938 and d. ca 2002. Sheila was married to David Corner (they have 2 children Kay and Steven and 4 Grandchildren).

I don't know how much information you want but if there is anything you want clarified I'll do my best, I have bookloads of stuff here. I see you have children and grandchildren - so on we all go.
Hope to hear from you again
Cousin Jan

Note added September 2014.

Baptism records for Abersychan (Talywain) at have:
25 May 1878, William, son of Charles & Gwenillian Tudgay, Talywain, Collier
31 Mar 1880, Maud Elizabeth, dau. of James & Mariah Tudgay, Taylwain, Collier

Baptism records for Abersychan (Talywain) at have:
14 May 1902, Wilfred Frankham, son of William & Mary Ann Tudgay, Woodland Cottages, Talywain, Collier
29 July 1903, Muriel, dau. of William & Mary Ann Tudgay, Woodland Cottages, Talywain, Collier
13 April 1910, Violet, dau. of Sidney & Elizabeth Ann Tudgay, Lasgarn View, Talywain, Collier
6 December 1911, James George, son of Sydney & Elizabeth Ann Tudgay, Stony Road, Talywain, Collier
11 Nov. 1915, Mary, dau. of Charles Edwin & Gwenillian Tudgay, 30 Commercial Road, Talywain, Road man
23 Nov. 1916. Arthur, son of Sydney & Elizabeth Ann Tudgay, Waterloo Cottage, Talywain, Collier

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