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TUDGEYs of The Deverill Valley, Wiltshire

As the genealogical records of an ordinary family are patchy at best, some of what follows is my best guess based on recurrence of names and closely matching dates. I have tried to ensure my speculations are indicated, such as by ? preceding a name (information mostly gathered by Zillah Williams and Jeff Tudge).

{short description of image} Map of the Tudgey/Tudgay homeland area of Somerset/Wiltshire | {short description of image} Map of the Deverill Villages in 1889

{Longbridge Deverill Church, from Deverill website - see link}The first major family group - the Deverill Valley

Link to The Wylve Valley and Deverill Churches website | GENUKI link |

The principal landowner throughout, at least until the 1900's, was the Longleat Estate of the Marquess of Bath see the gomezsmart website (link above) webpage "Transfer of Land Tenure, Wilts and Other Counties". For instance, there is a 1601 transfer - "Conveyance by Robert LONG, gent., of Whaddon, Edward SCUTT, yeoman, of the lands called 'KINGSTONs' in Warminster and other tenements in the tenure of Edward SLADE, William WAYMAN, Christopher WARREN, Marie SINGER and Edmond NEVILLE, with a close of pasture at Portway and other lands in Warminster, and a messuage in Elm (Som.)". Our families do not feature in any of the transactions - presumably never being other than agriculatural and general labourers.

{Kingston Deverill church}There are several marriages between members of the Tudgay and Marshall families. See below for the records but on a website of the Marshall family, is the following -
The Marshall family came from the poor chalkland village of Kingston Deverill. It is now a desirable village but the living was very poor in the 17th and 18th century as the land was of poor agricultural quality. There was also a ‘squatters’ camp’ between Kingston Deverill and Warminster which may have been home to some of our ancestors!

"A good example of such a squatters community grew up on wasteland at the edge of Warminster Common, in an area of heath and woodland well away from the town. During the seventeenth century a few small cottages were built there, and in spite of half hearted attempts by the Longleat estate to prevent the growth of the settlement, other squatters hovels were erected during the 18th century. By 1781 there were more than 1000 people living in some 200 cottages, most of them consisting of no more than one room up and one room down, with earth floors, no ceilings and lacking the barest facilities. The water supply came from the stream which was polluted with filth and rubbish, disease was rampant there, and the place was notorious for crime, violence and drunkenness" (J.Bettey, Rural Life in Wessex 1500-1900 pp 58-59) [ web link to source]

After a search of the Somerset County Archives in Taunton, etc., my brother Martin, assembled the linked Table of Deverill Baptisms from 1678 to 1837.

From 1837 the Free Births Marriages and Death index (BMD) can be searched. The villages fall into two Registration Districts.

Mere Registration District, created 1 July 1837 ran to 1 January 1978, when it became part of the Salisbury Registration District.  It included East Knoyle, Fonthill Gifford, Kingston Deverill, Maiden Bradley, Mere, Monkton Deverill and West Knole. There is some difficulty in separating people of the same name, e.g. James, although some correlation wth, say, wives, is possible.

Warminster, created 1 July 1837 ran to 1 April 2008. It included Brixton Deverill, Corsley, Kingston Deverill and Longbridge Deverill

We are fairly confident now that the main origins of most, if not all extant Tudgay/Tudgey/Tudgee family members stems from -
Joseph Tudgy/Tudgey
m ca 1677
of Longbridge Deverill
James Tudgey
m ca 1677
of Longbridge Deverill
John Tudgy
eldest child born 1683
of Mere
Mary Tudgay
m. Joseph Payne or Pain
1704, Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire

The Transfer of Lands referred to above has - "Wiltshire, Corsley, 16 August 1791. Lease. Tenement with dyehouse, stables, outbuildings and land on Corsley Heath known as 'Biggs'. 1st Marquess to Sampson PAYNE of Frome, hardwareman, and Lebbeus TRIMBY, yeoman, of Bruton, executors and trustees of the will of the late Thomas SINGER of Corsley, shopkeeper".

A John Tudgay m Ann Pane, at Frome Selwood, Somerset, on 13 May 1706 (see link and below)

Records of the Longbridge Deverill almshouse, have Joseph Payne, who entered the almshouse aged 85, on 14 Aug 1764 Link. The same records have a good number of later Payne family members.

Children of Joseph Tudgy/Tudgey christened at Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire,

Joseph Tudgy/Tudgey m ca 1677, Longbridge Deverill
Elizabeth Tudgy
chr 31 Jul 1678
Joseph Tudgey
chr 17 Jun 1683
John Tudgey
chr 06 Aug 1686
Thomas Tudgey
chr 21 Mar 1688
Benjamin Tudgey
chr ? Mar 1690
Sarah Tudgey
chr 20 Sep 1699
? m Christopher Richardson
12 Oct 1702
at Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire
? m Elizabeth Butcher
30 Dec 1713
at Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire
? m 13 May 1706
at Frome Selwood, Somerset
onward link
? m 10 Dec 1719
at Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire
(see below)

Family of Thomas Tudgey, married Rebecca ?, Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire, 10/12/1719

Thomas Tudgey d ca 1715
of Wotton under Edge
see below

Thomas Tudgey
married 10/12/1719
Rebecca Goodson

Sarah Tudgey
chr 14 Jan 1720
John Tudgey
chr 04 Apr 1721
Mary Tudgey
chr 14 Dec 1723
James Tudgey
chr 1725
Sarah Tudgey
chr 13 Mar 1726
Samuel Tudgey
chr 1729
? died in infancy John TUDGEY
Christening: 04 Mar 1721
Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester, England
Parents: Father: Thos TUDGEY Mother: Rebecca
Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester, England
Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester, England
Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester, England
Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester, England

There is a will of Thomas Tudgey of Wotton under Edge, for the year 1715, proven in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Gloucester - see

A record concerning Giles Grendey, Cabinet Maker, of London but born in Wotton under Edge, records how after a disastrous fire on 4 August 1731, the resumed business had apprentices that included "Oct 3 1737, John Tudgey £20" and "Tudgey came, like, Grendey, from Wotton under Edge". See

Children of James Tudgy/Tudgey christened at Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire

James Tudgy/Tudgey m ca 1677 at Longbridge Deverill
d ca 1722, Carpenter of Longbridge Deverill
Alice Tudgy
chr 02 Mar 1678
James Tudgey
chr 01 Jan 1682
Anne Tudgey
chr 14 Apr 1684
Anne Tudgey
chr 16 Apr 1686
James Tudgey
chr 06 Aug 1688
William Tudgey
chr 06 May 1690
William Tudgey
chr 11 Jan 1692
John Tudgey
chr 19 Feb 1694
Richard Tudgey
chr 15 Jul 1699

? died in infancy ? died in infancy ? m Edward HAYNES or HAINS
27 May 1723
Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire
m (2?)Ann Crouch (Crough) on
24 Jun 1727
at Motcombe in Dorest
? died in infancy ? ancestor of the Broad Chalke, Wiltshire family
(see below)
? m Jane ?

Mary Tudgey
chr Aug 1719
James Tudgey
chr 18 Jan 1722
Joan Tudgey
buried 21 Apr 1729
? John Tudgey
son of John Tudgey & Jane
chr 04 Apr 1718 at Kingston Deverill

Zillah (July 2003) has examined several wills and so, I have been able to add to the information on this family.

The will of James Tudgey of Longbridge Deverill, made in 1722, mentions his son John, his daughter Anne and his (unnamed) wife. He was a carpenter and appears to have died not long after.

The transcription of marriages for Motcombe in Dorset has James Tudgey of Longbridge Deverill marrying Ann Crough (?Crouch) on 24 Jun 1727 [I guess this was a second marriage] (link).

Burials for Motcombe have Joan Tudgey, daughter of James, buried 21 Apr 1729

Family of John Tudgey/Tudgay of Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire - ? chr 1718, son of John and Jane (see above)

John Tudgey/Tudgay m Priscilla

John Tudgey
chr 27 Aug 1742
Jane Tudgay
chr 11 Mar 1743
Priscilla Tudgay
chr 29 Oct 1746
James Tudgay
chr 19 Mar 1748
William Tudgay
chr 13 Aug 1751
at Kingston Deverill
Thomas Tudgey
chr 07Mar 1754
Joseph Tudgey
chr 21 Feb 1757
Moses Tudgey
chr 05 Feb 1758
Moses Tudgey
chr 26 Dec 1761

Elizabeth Coombes
31 Jan 1762, Kingston Deverill, England
relative? Arva J. Embling
? m 06 Oct 1777
at Kingston Deverill
Prescilla Tudgey
m 22 May 1764
? m Elizabeth
14 Aug 1768
at Kingston Deverill
Mary Miflen
forward link

? died in infancy

It seems possible also that one of the two cousins, both named John, could have moved to London and become a sail maker forward link.

Thomas Brimble (1766-1837), also spelt as Bramble, of Kingston Deverill, m (2nd) Elizabeth Tudgay, b 1773, also of Kingston Deverill. The wedding was at St. Mary's, Kingston Deverill, 22/09/1799. By 1850, the family had moved to Whitepits, Kingston Deverill, where Elizabeth died on 03 Apr 1850, being buried at St. Mary's on 06 Apr 1850.

In her thesis on the Brimble family, Vicki Hails describes how Thomas married again at St. Mary's on 22 Sep 1799 to Elizabeth Tudgay, also of Kingston Deverill, following the publication of banns on three consecutive Sundays, as required (11 Aug, 18 Aug, and 25 Aug, 1799). The marriage was in the name of Bramble. The Tudgay family features quite prominently in Kingston Deverill's history and the 1855 Post Office Directory lists a Mr. George Tudgay as Postmaster and his wife, Elizabeth, as a shopkeeper. Thomas and Elizabeth had a family of seven children, all boys, namely, Jesse (1800-1866); Thomas (1802-1868); William (1804-1887), who was transported to Australia after conviction for theft in 1818; John (1807-1879), who emigrated to Australia; Henry (1810); Benjamin (1813) and George (1820). - web link to source. Email Also see Forward Family of Mere, Wiltshire, England about the migrations to Australia.

Note (see below) James Tudgay, married Elizabeth Brimble, 02 Jun 1857, Kingston Deverill, Wilts

Information on William Tudgay, chr 13 Aug 1751, from a descendant, Helen Jones, of Weymouth, who has seen the parish registers.

Family of John Tudgay & Elizabeth of Kingston Deverill

John Tudgey
chr 27 Aug 1742
m 31 Jan 1762
Kingston Deverill, England

Elizabeth Coombes
relative? Arva J. Embling

Priscilla Tudgey
chr 08 Jan 1764
John Tudgey
chr 19 May 1765
Elizabeth Tudgey
chr 11 Jan 1767
Anne Tudgey
chr 29 Apr 1768
Jane Tudgey
chr 11 Feb 1770
Sarah Tudgy
chr 24 May 1772
Priscilla Tudgay
chr 06 Aug 1775

m Thomas Brimble
22 September 1799
St Mary's, Kingston Deverill
an interesting history of the Brimble family can be read at link
Thomas Brimble 1766-1837
Elizabeth Brimble buried St Mary's, 6 April 1850, in her 77th year
seven sons
One son, John Brimble, emigrated to Australia with his wife Elizabeth and young son, Samuel, on the Emigrant
An outbreak of typhus killed both Elizabeth and Samuel, in August 1850.

Family of James Tudgay & Elizabeth of Kingston Deverill

James Tudgey
chr 19 Mar 1748/9
14 Aug 1768
at Kingston Deverill
Elizabeth ??

John Tudgey
chr 17 Nov 1768
William Tudgey
chr 15 Oct 1769
Joseph Tudgey
chr 03 Mar 1771
Sarah Tudgay
chr 29 Jan 1775
Mary Tudgay
chr 11 Feb 1776
Sarah Tudgy
chr 20 Jan 1778

Family of John Tudgy of Mere, Wiltshire

John Tudgy

Sarah Tudgy
chr 26 Apr 1683
John Tudgy
chr 26 Oct 1685
Grace Tudgy
chr 23 Nov 1688
Mary Tudgy
chr 19 Sep 1690

John Tudgy
chr 11 Nov 1712
d in infancy
Grace Tudgy
chr 23 Jun 1714
John Tudgy
chr 20 Apr 1716
Abraham Tudgy
chr 4 Oct 1722
James Tudgy
chr 7 May 1724
(Marston Bigot)
possible link to
Leigh on Mendip family
Sarah Tudgy
chr 5 Oct 1727
d in infancy
Sarah Tudgy
chr 7 Oct

Baptism record of James Tudgy, son of John Tudgy; Marston Bigot

.James Tudgy baptism

Family of Joseph Tudgay of Mere, Wiltshire

Joseph Tudgay
b 1719

Joseph Tudgay
b 1745
baptised 24 Oct 1745, St Michael's Mere
James Frith Tudgay
b 1746
baptised 23 Oct 1746, St Michael's Mere

Elizabeth Tudgay
b 1749, Mere
baptised 11 March 1749, St Michael's, Mere
married George Mills
four children

Family of Broad Chalk, Wiltshire - web link to Broad Chalk site

Labourer at Marriage, residing at Broad Chalke
Broad Chalke in Salisbury Reg. District 1936 10 2008
in Wilton 1837-1936
William Tudgey
age 25 at marriage
bur 10 Apr 1762
05 Jul 1752
Mary Follett/Fawlett
age 25
residing Broad Chalke
John Tudgey
chr 01 Sep 1752
d 17 Sep 1752
at Broad Chalk
James Tudgey
chr 20 Apr 1754
d 22 Apr 1754
Broad Chalk
William Tudgey
chr 26 Dec 1755
Broad Chalk
Richard Tudgey
chr 16 Oct 1757
Broad Chalk
John Tudgey
chr 25 May 1760
James Tudgay
chr 17 Jan 1762
possibly moved to Hampshire forward link

Purely speculatively, the father of this William Tudgey, could have been William Tudgey, chr 1692, at Longbridge Deverill, son of James Tudgy/Tudgey (see above).

From Zillah Williams, 28 Jun 2003 - "I've just noticed on the IGI the following: William TUGG marrying Mary FOWLETT on 05 Jul 1752, Fovant, Wiltshire, England. Batch No. M154731. The information I'd been given by a family member is that William TUDGY m. Mary FAWLETT (or FOLLETT) 5 Jul 1752 at Fovant Wilts. So these are one and the same. And back in 2000 someone told me that the BIVR (British ? Vital Records?) give the TUGG/FOWLETT version. And it comes from the "BTranscripts for Fovant"."

Zillah (19 July 2003) sent -
MARRIAGE LICENCE BONDS, administration WIL, source DLB, date JULY 5 1752, groom WILIAM TUGKEY, age 25, occupation LAB, residing at BROAD CHALK, WIL, status BAC; notes - bride MARY FAWLET, age 25, residing at BROAD CHALK, WIL, status SPINSTER; notes - BONDSMAN FOLLIAT RICHARD, FARMER, BROAD CHALK, TO BE MARRIED AT SWALLOWCLIFFE.
Children -
JOHN TUDGEY, christened 1 Sept 1752, at BROAD CHALK, death 16 Sept 1752, at BROAD CHALK, father WILLIAM, mother MARY
JAMES TUDGEY, christened 20 Apr 1754, at BROAD CHALK, death 22 Apr 1754, at BROAD CHALK, father WILLIAM, mother MARY
WILLIAM TUDGEY, christened 26 Dec 1755, at BROAD CHALK, WILSHIRE, father WILLIAM, mother MARY
RICHARD TUDGEY, christened 16 Oct 1757, at BROAD CHALK, father WILLIAM, mother MARY
JAMES TUDGEY, christened 17 Jan 1762, at BROAD CHALK, WIL, father WILLIAM, mother MARY.
Now, can anyone help with working out when and where this William TUGKEY/TUDGY was born?

* At one point, it seemed this John Tudgey was a candidate for being the unknown father of William Tudgdy, b Leigh on Mendip, in 1777, see above and . We did not have a record of William's father but a John Tudgay, aged 20, was reported in 1778 as a fathering a bastard, born at Frampton outside Dorchester.

The widow, Mary Tudgy m William Langtry on 26 Nov 1776 at Broad Chalk, Wiltshire

Odd records
Betty Tudgey, m 11 Aug 1772, George Mills at Mere, Wiltshire
Catharine Tudgee, m 10 Jan 1774, James Pavy, at Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire (north of Salisbury)
Mary Tudgay m William Coward, 21 Sep 1778, Gillingham, Dorset - Zillah has noted that Gillingham and Motcombe, where James Tudgey married Ann Crouch in 1727 (see above) are only 4 miles apart, and the Motcombe lists have several members of the Coward family.

Family of William Tudgey/Tudgay of Kingston Deverill

William Tudgey/Tudgay
m Mary Miflen
lived Kingston Deverill
Rachel Tudgey
chr 12 Jul 1771
Mary Tudgey
chr 30 Mar 1777
BMD ? Mary Marshall
d 1Q 1858 Mere
Elijah Tudgay
chr 10 Mar 1782
no BMD death
Catherine Tudgay
chr 13 Mar 1785
Moses Tudgay
chr 11 Mar 1787
no BMD death
Jane Tudgay
chr 03 Oct 1790
(b 19 Nov 1789)
John Tudgay
chr 22 Jul 1792
forward link
? m 02 Jan 1790
at Kingston Deverill
to Edward Miller
1790, Wilts
? m 17 Apr 1797
to William Marshall
at Kingston Deverill
? William Marshall
d 2Q 1864 Mere

m 17 Oct 1809
to Samuel Maishel
Kingston Deverill, Wilts
(no Maishel in BMD)

Jane Tudgay
m 06 Jun 1809
to ??
at Kingston Deverill, Wilts
? m 26 Dec 1821
or 1827
to Anne White
at Kingston Deverill

Charles Tudgay,
son of John Tudgay
m 26 Nov 1844
(see below)

Mary Tudgey, baptised on 30 Mar 1777, m. William Marshall, at Kingston Deverill, on 17 Apr 1797.
web link to source.

In the papers of Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath, there is a bound volume of accounts (21 Apr 1806 - 31 Dec 1818) for the building work at Longleat House carried out by Sir Jeffry Wyatville. Among those paid for goods and services was William Tudgay, for carriage of fire bricks

Similarly, the Longleat accounts have -
Wiltshire; Deverill, Kingston; 1794 Accounts. Draft account of rents collected by Henry STURGIS (bailiff) [?in the manor of Kingston Deverill] from William ABRAHAM, Stephen COLLONCE, Joseph COOMBS (from Lady day 1794 sold to William TUDGAY), William LUCKESS, Paul MATHEWS (from Lady day 1794 sold to William TUDGAY), Edward PARSONS, John RUDDICK, Robert VALLICE and Samuel VALLICE.
The same papers have the 1795 Inclosure for Longbridge Deverill, which included William MARSHALL of Crockerton, yeoman, for BAKER's tenement.

Later Wiltshire Tudgay/Tudgey family members prior to the 1881 Census
Note - the names are clustered mostly by logical guesswork

Sarah Tudgay, b 1771, Kingston Deverill, ? m 04 Nov 1792 (1794) at Kingston Deverill
Mary Tudgay, m William Yates, 28 Jul 1799, Kingston Deverill; ? m 29 Jul 1796, at Kingston Deverill to William Yates?
The Longleat accounts have the 1795 Inclosure for Longbridge Deverill - Edmund ADLAM of Crockerton, yeoman, for KINGs tenement, YATES's tenement and Rainbow Close Link
In the Will of Sarah Tucker of Frome, Somerset, probate date 14 Mar 1805, Mary Tudgay is named as one of the beneficiaries [Estate Duty Records of Wells Cons. Arch. Wills, 1805-11]; Sarah owned houses in Corsley in Wiltshire; most of the beneficiaries were members of the Dunning family.
The Longleat accounts have a Mary Tucker (senior) paid for glazing Corsley farmhouse in 1735
In 1745 the Corsley rents included James Tucker for a cottage and garden (4 luggs) 1s Link

Jemina Tudgay, b 1791, m George Cuff, d 30 Nov 1865, brd Corsley, Wilts (web source no longer available). Bmd has a Jemima Cuff, d 4Q 1865; and, George Cuff, d 1Q 1882, age 84, Warminster (Reg. District includes Corsley).

A transfer of lands of the Longleat Estate has - Wiltshire Corsley 15 November 1817. Lease and counterpart. Cottage in Whitbourne Moor formerly in the tenure of William Hopkins and since of John Hopkins with the garden ground, orchard and meadow adjoining (1a. 3r. 20p.). 2nd Marquess to Kitty Cuff late of Corsley and now of Frome Selwood (Soms.), widow of the late Caleb Cuff. Rent 5s. For the lives of Kitty Cuff (aged 61), James Dodsley Cuff (aged 36) and John Hagley (aged 18) son of John Hagley of Frome Selwood, gent. Written on the cover: ‘Old survey page 5, Rough Survey page 24’ ‘Expired by the death of John Hagley 6 June 1881’ (web source no longer available).

Jane Tudgay m 06/06/1808, Corsley, Wilts [IGI record].

Sent to me via the Rootsweb link - 31 Aug 2007 - "Message Board Post: Hello,
I have no direct information on Jemima but was wondering if she was in fact the sister to my Tudgay, Priscilla.
My Priscilla married and raised children in Corsley and would have been born around 1780. When I looked for Jemima on I only found one born in 1813 in Corsley (obviously not yours) but perhaps her father Thomas Tudgay was Jemima's brother.
The same Thomas Tudgay (who married a Mary Morgan) also had a child called Priscilla Morgan Tudgay so maybe he named his daughters after his sisters. He also names one of his daughters Jane Watts Paynton Tudgay and there is a Jane Watts nee Tudgay who could easily also be his sister.
There only seems to be one group of Tudgays in Corsley so it is certainly likely they were related.
Sorry it is so tenuous but I thought it might be a bit of a lead. I will message you again if I find anything else on Jemima."

By email 7 March 2012, Patricia Oatley told me: "I am a descendant of George Cuff and Jemina Tudgay of Corsley, Wiltshire, England.

My great grandfather, Richard Haines, born 14 May 1864 in Corsley, was the son of Richard Haines, born 1829 in Woodlands, Frome, Somerset, and Harriet Cuff, born 1829 in Corsley, married 17 May 1853, Corsley. Harriet Cuff was the daughter of George Cuff and Jemina Tudgay.

Richard Haines married Mary Ann Baker and moved to Penarth Wales. My grandfather John Ernest Haines, married to Emma Hare was born there. He and his parents moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada, where my mother was born as was I and two of my children. My grandfather was superintendent of the Water Works there and on the living room was a large picture of ships. It was painted by a Tudgay, a relative. Everyone remembers the picture but no-one knows what happened to it. I am looking forward to your site and hope that I can find out more about Jemina Tudgay family".

George Tudgay, chr 04 Apr 1794, at Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wilts
Rosanna Tudgey, chr 28 Jul 1833, at Bishopstone b Salisbury, Wilts (no BMD)
Mary (Mary Ann) Tudgay, m Henry Baker, 27 Feb 1816, Saint Denys, Warminster, Wilts - A Mary TUDGAY md a Thomas GREY at Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wilts. Another promising marriage is Mary BAKER to Thomas GRAY in Saint Denys, Warminster, Wilts, England. Mary BAKER was born 27 Jul 1785 in St. Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire, England; died in 1851, in Pertwood. [web link to source]

Elizabeth Tudgay m Stephen Garrett (Garratt), 05 Feb 1809, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
James Tudgay, b 24 Oct 1812, at Salisbury BUT other records of James Tudgay, marriage on 24 Oct 1812, at Salisbury???
James Tudgay (Tudgee) m Mary Mills, 17 Oct 1817, at Monkton Deverill, or West Knoyle, Wilts
Stephen Tudgay m Rachel Turner, 27 Feb 1817, Wilts; ?Stephen Tudgey, m 10/06/1817, Monckton Deverill, Wilts? Stephen Tudgay BMD d 4Q 1876, Mere; no further BMD for Rachel
?? Tudgey was married in 1819 at All Saints Church, Nunney - Link
Ann Tudgay (Tudgey) m Thomas Stone, 18 Oct 1824, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
Sarah Tudgay, m John Long, 05 Jul 1830, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; BMD has a Sarah Long, d 1Q 1847, Mere
William Tudgay, m Ann Whitmarsh, 23 Apr 1832, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
Ann Tudgay m Samuel Marshall, 1842, Wilts; BMD m 4Q 1842, Mere,
Henrietta Tudgay, m John Tight (Tite) 31 Dec 1846, Kingston Deverill, Wilts. She witnessed the marriage of Henry MILLARD and Sarah BRIMBLE at St Mary's Church, Kingston Deverill, on 26 Feb 1845. Her father was Joseph Tudgay (?? not above). BMD Henrietta Tudgay, m 4Q 1846, John Tite. Henrietta Tite, d 4Q 1847, Yeovil.
Elizabeth Tudgay, (Tudgey) m James Long, 24 Dec 1850, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; her father was James Tudgey; BMD has an Elizabeth Long, d 4Q 1897, age 74, Mere

Joshua Tudgey, is recorded as a member of the Wiltshire Friendly Society, living at Longbridge Deverell, registered in 1846, ref no 3778 source. BMD has a single Joshua Tudgey, m 4Q 1853, St Geo Hanover Square, London, Emily Smith; d 4Q 1857, Clerkenwell. Emily Tudgey, d 2Q 1885, age 61, Holborn. See also, died in 1857 and was buried in the Abney Park Cemetery, East London {short description of image}

The 1851 Census for Wiltshire had - Tudgay born CON, 5 members; Tudgay born Wiltshire - 5 members; Tudgey born Dorset - 5 members; Tudgey born Somerset - 5 members; Tudgey born Wiltshire - 5 members; Tudgey born Wiltshire - 12 members; Tugdy, born Wiltshire - 9 members

The 1851 Census record for Belchalwell, Dorset, had Ann Tudgay, unmarried servant, age 35, born in Kingston Deverill; servant to the family of farmer Elizabeth Monk, widow aged 44. The Marriage Register for St Aldhelms Church, Belchalwell, had married on Sunday, 8th May, 1853, Ann Tudgay, full age, spinster, daughter of John Tudgay, labourer; married to Stephen Morphus, bachelor, full age, living in Belchalwell; one of the witnesses was Mary (?Pittman) Monk. BMD has Ann Tudgay, m 2Q 1853, Sturminster, Stephen Marpas.

James Tudgay b ca 1826, buried at Brixton Deverill, 18 Apr 1901 web link to source; the 1901 Census has a James Fudgay, age 74, b Kingstone Deverill, living in Warminster Parish, carter on a farm; probably the James Tudgay, m Elizabeth Brimble, 02 Jun 1857, Kingston Deverill, Wilts

Elizabeth Tudgay, m William Marshall, 24 Aug 1861, Kingston Deverill, Wilts (also ex H Jones) - see below - in 1881, William Marshall, b 1838, was an inmate in the Mere Workhouse, responsible for Albert, Rosa and William Tudgay, aged 5, 4 and 2 respectively
Elizabeth Tudgay, m William Draper, 1861, Wilts - ?? Elizabeth Tudgay, m William Draper, 02 Jul 1868, at Kingston Deverill, Wilts (second marriage for both; her father not given); BMD m 3Q 1868, Mere, William Draper; BMD has an Elizabeth Draper, d 1Q 1905, age 92, Mere.
Keziah Tudgay, m Alfred Carpenter, 14 Nov 1865, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; BMD has Kezia Tudgay, m 4Q 1865, Mere, Alfred Carpenter; BMD has Kezia Carpenter, d 2Q 1903, age 77, Warminster
Elizabeth Tudgay m Edmund Portingale, 24 Feb 1872, Monckton Deverill, Wilts; her father was William Tudgay
Louisa Ann Tudgy (Tudgay) m Thomas Ruddock (Riddick, previously married) 01 Nov 1875 (1876), West Knoyle, Wilts, her father was Charles Tudgay; BMD has Louisa Tudgay, b 4Q 1858, Mere; m 4Q 1874, Mere, Thomas Riddick;
Sarah Jane Tudgay m George Holton, 14 Feb 1878, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; BMD possible, Sarah Jane Holton, d 2Q 1878, Warminster; George Holton, d 4Q 1837, age 81, Warminster (born 1856).
Henry Tudgay, b 1855, Monkton Deverill; m Henrietta Feltham, 1875, Wilts; BMD m 4Q 1875, Warminster; Henry Tudgay, d 3Q 1944, age 90, Wincanton (born 1854, but no BMD birth for a Henry Tudgay that year); Henrietta Tudgay, d 2Q 1917, age 61, Shepton Mallett; moved to West Lydford, Somerset

John C. Tudgay, b 1855 (BMD John Charles Tudgay, b 1Q 1856, Mere), d 1935, emigrated to Osage County, Kansas, USA, before 1882 Osage County Tudgays

Speculative family trees (derived from Marriage records)

3rd son of William Tudgay and Mary Miflen (see above) John Tudgay
? d 4Q 1872, age 87, Mere (b 1785)
m 26 Dec 1821
Kingston Deverill
Ann White

Charles Tudgay
James Tudgay
not in 1881 Census m 26 Nov 1844
(BMD m 4Q 1844 Mere)
Elizabeth White (prev. married)
Kingston Deverill
her father was ??

m 02 Jun 1857
(BMD m 2Q 1857 Mere)
Eliza Brimble (prev. married)
Kingston Deverill
her father was William Sandill
BMD has d 4Q 1857
James Tudgay and Eliza Tudgay
not in 1881 Census
John Tudgey
m 03 Oct 1868
(BMD m 4Q 1868 Mere)
Caroline Gray
West Knoyle, Wilts
her father was Thomas Gray
? John Tudgay
d 3Q 1884, age 67, Mere
Caroline Tudgay
d 1Q 1906, age 65, Warminster
Louisa Ann Tudgy
? b 4Q 1857 Mere
m 01 Nov 1875
(BMD m 4Q 1875 Mere)
Thomas Riddick
(previously married)
West Knoyle, Wilts
his father was John Riddick
Emma Tudgay
b 1854
(BMD b 2Q 1857 Mere)
m 20 Apr 1876
(BMD m 2Q 1876 Mere)
Henry Tudgay
Kingston Deverill
his father was William Tudgay

Living in Brixton Deverill
in 1881 Census
? Nora Louisa S Riddick
b 4Q 1876 Mere
living at 16 Whitepits
Kingston Deverill
in 1881 Census
? BMD Emma Tudgay, d 3Q 1933, age 83, Mere
  (b 1850)

1841 Census of Kingston Deverill
John Tudgay, age 50, Agricultural Labourer
Ann Tudgay, age 50
John Tudgay, age 30, Agricultural Labourer
Charles Tudgay, age 25, Agricultural Labourer
James Tudgay, age 12
Emma Tudgay, age 2

1Q 1915 Mere
Emma Tudgay m Charles Tudgay

James Tudgey (Tudgee)
possible BMD "James Tugday"
d 2Q 1838 Mere
m 17 Feb 1817
West Knoyle, Wilts
Mary Mills

Ann Tudgay Elizabeth Tudgey William Tudgay
BMD d 2Q 1900, age 73, Mere (b 1827)
George Tudgey
BMD d 2Q 1882, age 69, Mere
(b 1813)
James Tudgay
BMD d 3Q 1878, age, 53, Mere
Thomas Tudgay
m 27 Oct 1842
Monckton Deverill
BMD m 4Q 1842 Mere
m Samuel Marshall
his father John Marshall
Samuel Marshall
d 1Q 1880, age 64, Mere (b 1816)
Ann Marshall
d 2Q 1874, age 65, Mere (b 1809)
m 24 Dec 1850
(BMD Elizabeth Tudgey
m 4Q 1850)
Kingston Deverill
James Long
m Susannah Marshall
23 Sep 1850
Kingston Deverill
her father John Marshall
Susannah Tudgay
d 1Q 1915, age 93, Mere
m 06 Aug 1851
(BMD George Tudgey, m 3Q 1851, Mere)
Kingston Deverill
Sarah Ann Trimby

her father Joseph Trimby
Separately in KD, 1841 census
George Tudgay, age 28, agricultural labourer
m Ellen Snook
28 Oct 1856
(BMD 4Q 1856, Mere)
Kingston Deverill
her father John Snook
m Eliza Ruddick
03 Jan 1861
Kingston Deverill
she was age 19
her father John Ruddick

living in Monckton Deverill in 1881
living at East Knoyle in 1881
Ellen was widowed in the 1881 Census and living at No 83 Monkton Deverill
BMD Ellen Tudgay, d 1Q 1894, Mere
living at 69 Lower End, Kingston Deverill in 1881

Elizabeth Tudgay
age 20
Edmund Portingale
24 Feb 1872
(BMD m 1Q 1872, Mere
Edmund Portingall)
Monckton Deverill
his father Henry Portingale
[Henry Portingale
m 1Q 1838, Mere]
Edmund P. no BMD
? Elizabeth Portingale
d 3Q 1939, age 87, Warminster (b 1852)
Edward Portingale, d 3Q 1929, age 81, Warminster (b 1848)
Henry Tudgay
age 22
BMD 4Q 1875, Warminster
Henrietta Feltham
20 Nov 1875
Brixton Deverill
her father Daniel Feltham
Arthur Tudgay
age 25
BMD b 2Q 1865 Mere
Emma Jane Trimby
11 Jun 1890
(BMD m 2Q 1890, Mere,
Kingston Deverill
her father Josiah Trimby

Arthur Tudgay
d 2Q 1908, age 42, Warminster (b 1866)
Emma Jane Tudgay
d 2Q 1938, age 74, Warminster (b 1864)

son Henry Charles Tudgay
b 2Q 1861 Mere
(was in 1881 Census)

Louisa Tudgay
b 4Q 1857, d 4Q 1857, Mere
daughter Louisa Tudgay
b 4Q 1858 Mere
aged 34
Charles Seath (or Leath)
22 Nov 1893
(BMD m 4Q 1893 Mere
Monckton Deverill
No further BMD ??

had five daughters and one son
see below

in 1881 Census in Lydford Dorset
in 1901 Census in Steeple Langford, Salisbury

William Tudgay
b 1811
BMD d 2Q 1854, Sturminster
m 23 Apr 1832
Kingston Deverill
Ann Whitmarsh
b 1811
Moses Tudgay
b 1833
BMD d 2Q 1921, age 87, Mere
Elizabeth Tudgay
b 1837
(BMD death too many)
Keziah Tudgay
BMD b 3Q 1842 Mere
Henry Tudgay
b 1837
m (1) Elizabeth Draper
(BMD m 4Q 1856 Mere)
18 Nov 1856
Kingston Deverill
her father was William Draper
Elizabeth Tudgay d 3Q 1860 Mere
Emma Tudgay
b 1857
baptised 13 Sep 1857, St Mary's, Kingston Deverill
m (1) Thomas Norris, Dec. 1879 (2) Frank James Marshall, Sep. 1907
m William Marshall
(BMD m 4Q 1861)
26 Dec 1861
Kingston Deverill
his father was James Marshall
m John Carpenter
(BMD m 4Q 1865 Mere
James or Alfred Carpenter)
14 Nov 1865
Kingston Deverill
his father was John Carpenter
Keziah Carpenter
d 4Q 1870, age 39, Hackney
dau. Keziah Carpenter
d 4Q 1868, age 0, Hackney
three possible Alfred Carpenter
d in 1885/6 Hackney but also James
m Emma Tudgay
b 1854
20 Apr 1876
Kingston Deverill
her father was Charles Tudgay
see above
BMD Emma Tudgay, d 3Q 1933, age 83, Mere
  (b 1850)
m (2) Sarah Marshall
(BMD m 1Q 1863 Mere)
24 Jan 1863
Kingston Deverill
her father was James Marshall
Sarah Tudgay d 2Q 1873, age 63, Mere

living at 16 Whitepits, Kingston Deverill
 in 1881 Census

no offspring

Moses and Sarah were living at No 64 Lower End
Kingston Deverill
in the 1881 Census

5 sons and 2 daughters

1841 Census: Kingston Deverill
William Tudgay, age 30, Agricultural Labourer
Ann Tudgay, age 30
Moses Tudgay, age 8
Henry Tudgay, age 6
Elizabeth Tudgay, age 4
Albert Tudgay born March 1861, baptised 10 March 1861
father Moses Tudgay, mother Sarah Marshall
born as Albert Marshall

Baptism Record

The family and ancestors of Isaac John Tudgay, 1851-1934, of Somerset and Wiltshire

This family has as its patriarch John Tudgay, b Warminster, Wilts, ca 1785/6, and moved via Midford, Somerset, to Kingston Deverill, before 1871, and there in 1881, splitting up by 1901. I feel a separate page is essential to show this branch but the descendants shown below are marked @ .

Information from Rod Clarke and his wife, a great granddaughter of Isaac John Tudgay, of Whitby, Ontario, Canada (sent to me in July 2003).


Monkton Deverill, 1881

Dwelling No 82
William Tudgay
, b 1826, Monkton Deverill, Wilts, Head, shepherd (william1826md)
William Tudgay, m Susannah (Susan) Marshall, 23 Sep 1850, Kingston Deverill Wilts (also ex H Jones)
Susan Tudgay, b 1822, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, wife, agricultural labourer; in 1901 Census for Kingston Deverill, aged 80, born in Kingston Deverill (Susannah above)
Arthur Tudgay, b 1866, Monkton Deverill, son, shepherd; in 1901 married and living in Steeple Langford see below
William Tudgay, had married Susannah Marshall, on 23 Sep 1850, at Kingston Deverill. His father was James Tudgay and her father was John Marshall.

Dwelling No 83
Ellen Tudgay, b 1822, Hindon, Wilts, Head (widowed), in 1881 Census for Wilts
Henry Tudgay, b 1861, Monkton Deverill, son
James Tudgay, m Eleanor (Ellen) Snook, 28 Oct 1856, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; BMD m 4Q 1856, Mere; Ellen Tudgay, d 2Q 1911, age 76, Tisbury - link
Louisa Tudgay, age 34, m Charles Leath (Lyth), aged 30, on 22 Nov 1893, at Monkton Deverill, Wilts; her father was James Tudgay, and his William Leath. Louisa (then aged 12) appears not to have been recorded in the 1881 Census

Family of Henry Tudgey in 1901 Census for Kingston Deverill but ex Monkton Deverill - also above (Henry Tudgay, m 2Q 1892, Mere, Matilda Ruddick)
Henry Tudgey, aged 39, born Monkton Deverill, occupation Carter on farm (b 1862 = Henry Charles Tudgay, b 2Q 1861, Mere)
Matilda Tudgey, aged 35, born in Kingston Deverill
Henry Tudgay, age 30, m Matilda Ruddick, age 28, on 30 Apr 1892, at Monkton Deverill; his father was James Tudgay and her's Henry Ruddick
Gertie Tudgey, aged 8, born in Monkton Deverill
Nellie Tudgey, aged 8, born in Monkton Deverill (BMD Ellen Tudgay, b 1Q 1894, Mere?; Ellen D Tudgay, m 2Q 1921, Christchurch, to Walter Jenkinson)
Infant Tudgey, aged 1 month, born in Monkton Deverill (no BMD birth in 1901 in Mere or Warminster?)
Henry James Tudgay, baptised 28 Apr 1901, at Monkton Deverill
His baptism at Monkton Deverill and Kingston Deverill, Sunday School records inc. Gertrude and Nellie Tudgay are in Warminster Parish Magazine for 1901 at web link to source.

Matilda Caroline Tudgay, Choir member, plaque in Marston Bigot Church (no dates listed) source. Matilda C Tudgay, d 2Q 1947, age 81, Bournemouth (b 1866)

[Kezia Tudgay ?, m 4Q 1914, Christchurch, Robert H Davis; Kezia Davis, d 1Q 1921, age 68, Christchurch (b 1853)]
Gertrude L M Tudgay, m 4Q 1934, Bournemouth, James E Nokes; Gertrude L M Nokes, d 2Q 1940, age 47, Salisbury (b 1893), no children. No BMD birth record.

Chikdren of Ellen "Nellie" Tudgay. Births: mother Tudgay, Bournemouth; Margaret H M Jenkinson, b 2Q 1976; Muriel GM Jenkinson, b 1Q 1930; Barbara M Jenkinson, b 4Q1933. Ellen D Jenkinson, d 1Q 1945, age 51, Christchurch.

Kingston Deverill, 1881

No 34 Village
George Tudgay, b 1813, Kingston Deverill, Head, Baker & Grocer
Elizabeth Tudgay, b 1806, Hawkchurch, Dorset, wife of George
Also at No 34, were Jane Tudgey, granddaughter, b 1871, Kilmington, Somerset; and Albert E Tudgey, grandson, b 1873, Buckhorn Weston, Dorest
George Tudgay, m Elizabeth Seward (Seaward), 28 Jan 1845, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; George Tudgay, was listed in 1855 Post Office Directory for Kingston Deverill as Postmaster and his wife, Elizabeth, as a shopkeeper web link to source.
?A. Tudgay, 4564, Private, 1st Battalion, Gloucester Regiment, was killed at Farquhar's Farm, South Africa in the Boer War, 30 Oct 1899 web link to source
In 1901, "E Tudgay" age 29, born Kilmington, Somerset, was a domestic housemaid at Farnham, in Surrey.

No 32 Village
@ Sarah Tudgey, b 1816, Marston, Somerset, widowed, Head
@ George Tudgey, b 1858, Wilts, son - moved to Bristol forward link.
Sarah was the Sarah Lidbury who married Stephen Tudgay @, m 11 Aug 1836, at Kingston Deverill, Wilts

No 16 Whitepits
Henry Tudgay (henry1837kd), b 1837, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, Head; in 1901 aged 60 born Kingston Deverill, occupation Ordinary farm labourer
Emma Tudgey, b 1851, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, wife; in 1901 aged 47, born Kingston Deverill
Apparently cousins as Emma Tudgay m Henry Tudgay 20 Apr 1876, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
Henry Tudgay m Emma Tudgay 20 Apr 1876, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
His father was given as William Tudgay and her's as Charles Tudgay
No offspring in 1881

No 61 Lower End
@ John Tudgey, b 1811, Midford, Somerset, Unmarried Head, Independent
@ James Tudgey, b 1815, Kingston Deverill, unmarried, brother, Agricultural Labourer. The burial of James Tudgay, aged 75, at Brixton Deverill, on 18 Apr 1901 is recorded in Warminster Parish Magazine for 1901 at web link to source (Rod Clark has noted how these folk seem to have been unsure of their ages in the different censuses).

No 64 Lower End
Moses Tudgey, b 1841, Kingston Deverill, Head, Agricultural Labourer
Moses Tudgay, m (2) Sarah Marshall, 24 Jan 1863, Kingston Deverill, Wilts (also ex H Jones).
Sarah Tudgey, b 1845, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, wife
Both in 1901 Census for Kingston Deverill.
Arthur Tudgey, b 1864, Kingston Deverill, son
Anna Tudgey, b 1865, Kingston Deverill, daughter
John Tudgey, b 1867, Kingston Deverill, son
William Tudgey, b 1869, Kingston Deverill, son - link
Henry Tudgey, b 1873, Kingston Deverill, son
Alice Tudgey, b 1875, Kingston Deverill, daughter; Alice Tudgay m Thomas Henry Pearce, 19 Dec 1898, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; her father was Moses Tudgay and his John Pearce.
Frank Tudgay, b 1876, Wilts, son, 1881 Census for Wilts.

St Cuthbert Out, Wells, Somerset, 1901 Census: Frank Tudgay, aged 27 (b 1874), born in Kenniston, Wilts, was living in occupation carter on farm; his wife was Mary Tudgay, aged 37, born Northleigh, Devon; and there was one child, Daisy Tudgay, aged 3 months, born Out St Cuthbert (BMD Daisy Annie S Tudgay, b 1Q 1901, Wells; Daisy S A Tudgay, m 1Q 1952, Bath, Lawrence O Barker. Frank Tudgay m 1Q 1900, Wells, Mary Berry.

Radstock brothers in 1901 Census
William Tudgay, aged 32, born in Kingston Deverill, living in Radstock, Wilts, occupation Coal Miner Hewer [see below]
Henry Tudgay, aged 27, born in Kingston Deverill, occupation Agricultural labourer

No 69 Lower End
Thomas Tudgey, b 1839, Monkton Deverill, Wilts, Head, Agricultural Labourer
Thomas Tudgay, m Elizabeth Ruddick (Ruddock), 03 Jan 1861, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
Eliza Tudgey, b 1841, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, wife; ? in 1901 Census as Elsie Tudgay, aged 59, born and living in Kingston Deverill
Clara Tudgey, b 1864, Kingston Deverill, daughter; Clara Tudgay, in 1901 Census, aged 30, born Kingston Deverill, living in Wylye, Wilts, occupation General Servant Domestic
Lucy Tudgey, b 1869, Kingston Deverill, daughter; Lucy Tudgay in 1901 Census, aged 28, born Kingston Deverill, living in Twickenham, Middlesex, occupation, Cook Domestic
Adeline Tudgey, b 1871, Kingston Deverill, daughter; probably the "Lillie Tudgay", age 29, domestic help, residing in Bournemouth, b Deverill, of the 1901 Census
Georgiana Tudgey, b 1873, Kingston Deverill, daughter
Albert Tudgey, b 1877, Kingston Deverill, son; in 1901 Census, aged 24, born Kingston Deverill, occupation Cowman on farm, in Frome Selwood; he was the Albert Tudgay from Frome who died in World War I {short description of image} leaving a wife, Sarah Ann Tudgay, four sons and a daughter, born between 1901 and 1912 (info from Dale Lidbury via Val).

In 1901 Census - Moses Tudgay, m Elizabeth Draper, 18 Nov 1856, Kingston Deverill, Wilts; aged 68, born Kingston Deverill, living in KD, occupation Ordinary Agricultural Labourer. Not in 1881 Census?

Andrew Tudgay enquired via the facility in Dec 2008 - "I'm trying to do my tree but with no joy. My father is Raymond Albert Tudgay b. 1950 in Wells Somerset. He has two brothers David & Michael. Their father is Ernest Arthur Tudgay b.1909 d.1957 and he was married to May Kathie Small b.1921 d.2006.  I know that they came from the Frome area before May moved to South Brewham, Somerset in the mid 1970's. I believe Ernest's father was Albert Tudgay born around 1877, and that's all I know so any help would be very greatfully received". The assumption has to be that these are descendants of the above Albert, who died in WWI.  He was aged 40 and died on 2 Jun 1917, leaving a widow Sarah Ann, four sone and a daughter.  A search of the 1911 Census shows "Earnest Arthur Tudgay" age 2 of Frome, confirming the lineage.

James Tudgay -  BMD m 4Q 1856, Mere, Ellen Snook; BMD d 3Q 1878, age, 53, Mere (b 1825); Ellen Tudgay, d 2Q 1911, age 76, Tisbury (b 1835).

William Enoch Tudgay, 1869-1935, d Radstock, Somerset; b in Midsomer Norton. Married Rosa Agnes Butler, b 1904, in Radstock. Daughter Gladys Hilda Tudgay, b 1904, Radstock. Not listed in the 1911 Census!

Tudgay family in Clutton, Somerset from sons of Moses Tudgay of Kingston Deverill - see also Frank Tudgay below (at one point in Clutton)

William Enoch Tudgay
b 4Q 1868 Mere
d 3Q 1935, age 66, Clutton (b 1869)

Arthur Tudgay
b 4Q 1863 Mere

Arthur d 4Q 1950, age 87, Norton (Radstock)

Vashtine James
b 3Q 1869 Clutton

Rosa Agnes Tudgay
d 2Q 1972, b 17 Feb 1873, Wells
William Enock Tudgay
m 4Q 1901 Clutton
Rosa Agnes Butler (Butter)

m 4Q 1890 Clutton
Vashtie James
Vashtine Tudgay
d 2Q 1956, age 86, Norton

Violet Maud A Tudgay
b 4Q 1903 Clutton
? Violet Tudgay
d 2Q 1917, age 13, Wells
Oswald Henry J Tudgay
b 1Q 1904 Clutton
Gladys Hilda Tudgay
b 1Q 1905 Clutton
Thomas Frank M Tudgay
b 4Q 1905 Clutton
d 4Q 1905, age 0, Clutton

Hilda Nellie Tudgay
b 2Q 1891 Clutton
Annie Rose Tudgay
b 1Q 1895 Clutton
Stanley John Tudgay
b 2Q 1897 Clutton
Sarah Beatrice Tudgay
b 4Q 1899 Clutton
Aidan G "Tugday"
b 2Q 1912, mother James, Clutton
(no further BMD as Tugday or Tudgay)

where born
Violet G M Tudgay
m 2Q 1917 Clutton
William C Stevens
mother Tudgay
b Clutton
William C Stevens
b 3Q 1918
Dorothy A Stevens
b 4Q 1919
Walter H Stevens
b 2Q 1923
Enid M Stevens
b 1Q 1928

Violet W D Tudgay
b 2Q 1917 Clutton
m 1Q 1940, Norton
Ernest W Gumbleton
mother Tudgay
born Norton Radstock, Somerset
John E W Gumbleton
b 3Q 1942
David G Gumbleton
b 3Q 1948
Colin R Gumbleton
b 3Q 1951
Ruth W V Gumbleton
b 4Q 1953
Oswald Henry J Tudgay
m 3Q 1929 Clutton
Amy R Duery
mother Duery
Rita F Tudgay
b 3Q 1930 Clutton
Hilda Nellie Tudgay
m 3Q 1909 Clutton
Frederick Thomas Hann
or Edward Ashman
no children linked to either or deaths
Sarah B Tudgay
m 2Q 1921
Sidney G Baber
mother Tudgay
b Clutton
Leonard J Baber
b 3Q 1922
Royston A Baber
b 2Q 1930
Henry Tudgay
m 1Q 1922 Bath
Gertrude V Peasegood
mother Peasegood
b Clutton
Vera F Tudgay
b 3Q 1923
(no further BMD)

Phillip H Tudgay
b 2Q 1927
Philip H Tudgay
m 1Q 1958 Bromsgove
Margart M Dixon
(no further BMD)

Rita F A Tudgay
m 3Q 1949 Norton
Norma F Edgell
mother Tudgay
Marilyn Edgell
b 3Q 1950 Bath
Susan J Edgell
b 3Q 1954 Norton
Sarah L R Edgell
b 3Q 1962 Norton
June Alison Edgell
b 3Q 1966 Norton

The 1891 Census for 1 Top Row, Tyning, Radstock, has William James, age 63, coal miner, b Kilmersdon; Martha James, wife, age 56, b Kilmersdon; Vasti Tugday, age 21, married, dau. b Radstock; Arthur Tugday, age 27, son-in-law, coal miner, b Kingston, Wilts.

The records of Perrymead Cemetery (link) has a "Clara Tugday", 1868-1941. The Notes on the link have: Arthur T Tugday, d 1Q 1922, age, 61, Bath; Mary Tugday, d 2Q 1941, age 72, Bath; and, Clara Tudgay, d 17 May 1941, age 72, buried 22 May 1941. There is no "Clara Tudgay" or "Tugday" in BMD. The BMD records have an Arthur Tom Tudgay, b 3Q 1860 Mere, with no corresponding death.

Frank Tudgay
b 2Q 1876 Frome
d 1Q 1946, age 69, Weston
m 2Q 1896 Bath
Ellen Elizabeth Bayliss
Elizabeth A Tudgay
d 1Q 1952, age 65, Weston
Ellen Eliza Bayliss
b 2Q 1886 St Saviour, Southwark
Jessie Elizabeth Irene Tudgay
b 23 Dec 1906
(baptised 16 Jul 1914)
BMD b 1Q 1907 Clutton

Emily Winifred Florence Tudgay
b 24 Apr 1912
(baptised 16 Jul 1914)
BMD birth?
m 3Q 1927 Axbridge
Algernon W Ham
Jessie Elizabeth I Tudgay
m 3Q 1927, Axbridge
Algernon W Ham
Jessie Elizabeth I Ham
d 2Q1973, b 21 Dec 1906, Wells

Baptisms at High Littleton (link). Father a miner, abode Mearns.
mother Tudgay
born Axbridge
Rita M Ham
b 4Q 1927
Kathlee W M Ham
b 4Q 1929
Leonard W A Ham
b 1Q 1931
Dennis Ham
b 1Q 1932

Brixton Deverill in 1881 and 1901

1881 Census
John Tudgey (john1845bd), b 1845, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, Head, Shepherd, living at Brixton Deverill back to John 1845
Caroline Tudgey, b 1840, West Knoyle, Wilts, wife
Elizth A Tudgey, b 1870, West Knoyle, Wilts, daughter; Elizabeth Anna Tudgay m James Gaysford (Gaisford), 1890, Wilts
Charles E Tudgey, b 1880, Upper Pertwood, Wilts, son; Charles Edwin Tudgay (Tudgey), chr 06 Jul 1879, Pertwood, Wiltshire (not in 1901 Census)

John Tudgay (Tudgey) m Caroline Gray, 03 Oct 1868, at West Knoyle, Wilts; his father was Charles Tudgey and her's Thomas Gray. (BMD 4Q 1868 John Tudgey, m Caroline Gray, Mere).

Caroline Tudgay, d 1Q 1906, age 65, Warminster.

Elizabeth Anna Tudgay
b 2Q 1869, Mere
d 2Q 1955, age 85, Trowbridge
buried Semington, St George

m 1Q 1890, Warminster
William James Gaisford
b 1863 d 1911
buried Semington, St George
(headstone record)

mother Tudgay
Alfred G Gaisford
b 3Q 1911, Melksham
m 4Q 1944, Trowbridge
Nellie May Missen
(b 2Q 1913, mother Dodson, Swindon)
other children may be among a number named Gaisford
b Melksham 1890-1910
* His sister Elizabeth, when married lived in Semington (next to the canal)
Her husband was returning from work one Christmas eve walking along the railway line & was killed by a train.
She had a son (John) & daughter (Elsie) who lived in Semington & ran the post office.
Elsie Caroline Gaisford
b 1Q 1908, Melksham
Henry John Gaisford
b 3Q 1902. Melksham

Charles Edwin Tudgay
b 1Q 1879, Mere
d 1Q 1966, age 86, Devizes
* 16 March 1966
m 4Q 1905, Bath
Elizabeth Louisa Burford
b 4Q 1878, Bath
d 2Q 1962, age 83, Devises

Reginald Alfred J Tudgay
b 3Q 1906, Melksham
m 3Q 1938, Hertford
Kathleen Ethel Deacon
d 4Q 1978, b 29 July 1906, Trowbridge
* Kathleen d Jan 2000, Braintree
Kathleen F L Tudgay
b 1Q 1909, Bradford-on-Avon
m 4Q 1940, Trowbridge, Walter H Collett

Frank Edwin Tudgay
b 1Q 1911, Melksham
d 1Q 1941, age 31, Swindon
m 1Q 1938, Chippenham, Joan Hillier
(* Joan d 10 Dec 2009)

* Frank Tudgay was killed during the war in a traffic accident.
He worked for an Aircraft Factory in Swindon (Philips & Powis) & was knocked off his motorcycle in Wooten Basset on the way to work, by a doctor driving a car.
Frederick Charles Tudgay
b 2Q 1914, mother Burford, Melksham
m 3Q 1939, Bristol
* 29 July 1939
Ella Eileen Hartgill
* divorced 12 April 1951

* Frederick
b 19 April 1914
d 8 Jan 1967, Marshfield
BMD d 1Q 1967, age 52, Sodbury
Ella E Hartgill
b 4Q 1918, Bristol, mother Dickinson
[Ella E Tudgay (Hartgill)
m 2Q 1951, Chippenham
Desmond J Clifford
mother Hartgill
John M Clifford
b 3Q 1951, Chippenham]
no children
* Reginald was a police constable
mother Tudgay
Geoffrey F Collett
b 1Q 1944, Devizes
Veronica M Collett
b 4Q 1945, Devizes
m 3Q 1968, Devizes, Neil D Hargett
mother Hillier
Richard C Tudgay
b 4Q 1941, Chippenham
no BMD marriage
died May 2007*
mother remarried to Christopher J Poulson
1Q 1945, Chippenham
* m 27 Dec 1952
Joan Billett (Swift)
b 12 Feb 1922, Bath
d 7 Sep 2004, Warwick

mother Hartgill
Elizabeth A Tudgay
b 4Q 1943, Chippenham
m 3Q 1963, Chippenham
Alvin J Davis
mother Swift
Martin C Tudgay
b 3Q 1955, Bath
m 2Q 1981, Chippenham
Janet E Gaisford
mother Swift
Marion C Tudgay

b 5Q 1956, Bath
m 3Q 1978, Bath
Richard G Hussey

mother Tudgay
Vanessa Jane Davis
b 4Q 1966, Chippenham
Vernon John Davis
b 1Q 1970, Chippenham
Emma Jane Davis
b 2Q 1969

* information from Martin C Tudgay

In the 1901 Census, John, age 56, born in Kingston Deverill, and Caroline, age 61, born in West Knoyle, Wilts, were living in Brixton Deverill; John was an Ordinary Agricultural Labourer. They were the only Tudgays in Brixton Deverill.

John Tudgay, d 4Q 1903, age 62, Bridgwater (b 1841). Caroline Tudgay, d 1Q 1906, age 65, Warminster.

* 1939 Register: 13 Leaze Road, Melksham. Charles E Tudgay, male, b 4 June 1879, engineer fitter, maintenance staff, Sawtells Feather factory; Elizabeth L Tudgay, female, b 5 October 1879, unpaid domestic duties; Kathleen F Tudgay, female, b 19 February 1909, hardware shop assistant

Who is ?? Charles E Tudgay, m 4Q 1905, Bath, Emma Lewis; d 1Q 1966, age 86, Devises; no children

Longbridge Deverill in 1881 & 1901

Crockerton Street
@ C(h)arles Tudgay (charles1842kd), b 1842, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, head, General Labourer; in 1901 living in Longbridge Deverill, aged 59, born Kingston Deverill, occupation General Agricultural Labourer
Jane Tudgay, b 1843, Crockerton, Wilts, wife; in 1901 Census, aged 58, born Crockerton, Wilts
No offspring recorded in 1881

Records of the Longbridge Deverill almshouse, have one Tudgay. This was Charles Tudgay, who entered the almshouse aged 68, on 21 Jan 1910, and left when he married (!) in February 1915 Link. In 1911 Census as in Warminster!

Charles Tudgay, m 1Q 1915 Mere, Emma Tudgay. Charles Tudgay, d 1Q 1922, age 80, Mere. Emma Tudgay, d 3Q 1933, age 83, Mere.

East Knoyle, Wilts, 1881

4 Knoyle Down, East Knoyle, Wilts
George Tudgay, b 1833, Monckton Deverill, Wilts, shepherd
Sarah Tudgay, b 1831, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, wife
George Tudgay (Tudgey), age 20, m Sarah Ann Trimby, age 21, on 06 Aug 1851, at Kingston Deverill, Wilts; his father was James Tudgey and hers Joseph Trimby
There do not appear to be any children.

George Tudgay, d 2Q 1882, age 69, Mere. Sarah Tudgay, d 4Q 1882, age 73, Mere.

In the 1901 Census, a George Tudgay, aged 65, born in Monk(le) ton Deverill, was living in Dalwood, Devon, "Living on own means" (b 1836) ??.

In the Workhouse at Castle Street, Mere, Wiltshire in 1881

Albert Tudgay, b 1876, Monkton Deverill, Wilts; scholar pauper
Rosa Tudgay, b 1877, Monkton Deverill, Wilts; paupers scholar (BMD Rose Ellen Tudgay, b 1Q 1877, Mere; no further BMD)
William Tudgay, b 1879, Monkton Deverill, Wilts; pauper; William Tudgay, b 1879, Wilts, inmate, 1881 Census for Wiltshire; in 1901 Census, aged 22, born Noughton Deverill, Wilts, living in Clitheroe, Lancs, occupation Cement Maker; William Henry Tudgay BMD b 1Q 1879, Mere; d 1Q 1962, age 82, Clitheroe. This is his only Clitheroe record but a whole family is in BMD as in Clitheroe.
All in the care of William Marshall, b 1838, Kingston Deverill, Agricultural Labourer Pauper
Ann Tudgay, b 1822, Warminster Wilts, widowed, paupers domestic servant, inmate living in household of Mary A Riddick
A description of the Workhouse can be found at Mere Workhouse and Poor Law Union. The Mere Poor Law Union, set up in 1835, covered several local parishes, including Kingston Deverill and Monkton Deverill.

There is a marriage record for - Annie Eliza Tudgay, age 27, marrying William Sutcliffe, age 24, on 08/08/1886, at Clitheroe, Lancashire; her father is given as Josiah Trimby and his as Thomas Sutcliffe. Annie was the elder sister of Emma Jane Trimby (see below). George Tudgay (see below, at East Knoyle, Wilts) had married Sarah Ann Trimby, daughter of Joseph Trimby in 1851. A further search yielded - Annie Eliza Trimby m William Tudgay, 04 Dec 1875, Kingston Deverill (BMD m 4Q 1875, Mere;  ? = William Tudgay, b 1Q 1857, Mere, no death record in the 1875-1881 period). Annie and her son, William Henry T Tudgay, born 1Q 1879, Mere, went to Clitheroe. The family there can be seen at link

10, Oriel street, Swindon, Wilts in 1881

Thomas Tudgey, b 1801, Kingston Deverill, widowed, an "Annuitant", boarder in the household of William B King; ? BMD m 4Q 1839, Frome,
m to Elizabeth, b 1806, in Dorset

{central salisbury} Family of William Tudgay of St Edmund, Salisbury, Wiltshire in 1881 & 1901 (william1853kd) see family page

7 Ivy Place
William Tudgay, b 1853, Wilts, Head, 1881 Census for Wilts, labourer in a coal yard; in 1901 Census, aged 46, born Kingston Deverill, occupation, Coal Merchants Drayman
Eliza Tudgay, b 1853, Hants, wife; in 1901 Census, aged 48, born Leckford, Hants
Ellen E Tudgay, b 1890, aged 11, born Salisbury; BMD m 4Q 1911, Salisbury, Henry Sainsbury
Horace Tudgay, b 1895, aged 6, born Salisbury
Theodore Frank Tudgay, b 1899, aged 2, born Salisbury; killed in action in World War I (BMD b 4Q 1898, Salisbury)
The World War I record has - Private Theodore Frank Tudgay was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and was the son of William and Eliza Tudgay of 7 Hussey's Almshouses, Castle Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Theodore was well known in the Frome area, and worked as a gardener for Mr. H.S. Davy, of Somerleaze, Frome, and joined the army three years before he met his death, when he was 20 years old. He went out to France in early 1917, and in July of 1917 was wounded, and spent four months in hospital. He is buried at Foreste Communal Cemetery, Aisne, France. Memorial 23. His name does not appear on the Frome War Memorial.

nearest BMD
b 1Q 1857, Mere?
William Tudgay
d 4Q 1943, age 90 (b 1853)
William Tudgay
m 4Q 1877 Alderbury
Eliza Newman
Eliza Tudgay
d 4Q 1943, age 90 (b 1853)

Salisbury BMD District inc. Alderbury from 1895-2008
Stephen Charles Tudgay
b & d 2Q 1880

Albert William Tudgay
b 1Q 1882 Alderbury
d 1Q 1884, age 2, Alderbury
Ernest Frank Tudgay
b 2Q 1885 Alderbury
d 3Q 1888, age 3, Alderbury
Ellen Eliza Tudgay
b 3Q 1889 Alderbury
m 4Q 1911 Salisbury
Charles H Holton
Vera P Holton
b 3Q 1921, mother Tudgay, Warminster
Horace Leonard Tudgay
b 2Q 1894 Alderbury (d 2Q 1950, age 56, Salisbury)
m 4Q 1919, Salisbury
Mabel R Major
Mabel Tudgay
d 3Q 1968, age 73, Salisbury

mother Major
b Salisbury

Theodore L Tudgay
b 4Q 1920 Salisbury
Leonard T Tudgay
m 2Q 1947
Lily D Loveridge

Sidney A Tudgay
b 1Q 1925
d 5 August 1944, age 19
Buried Taukkyan War Cemetry
Private 14557491
6th Bn. South Wales Borderers
Nora E Tudgay
b 3Q 1930
m 2Q 1953
James Witt

mother Loveridge

mother Tudgay
Malcolm R L Tudgay
b 3Q 1949 Salisbury
m 3Q 1970
I of Wight
Marilyn French
Barry W Tudgay
b 3Q 1951 Salisbury
m 2Q 1978
Denise Upton
Philip B Tudgay
b 4Q 1953 Salisbury
Patricia A Tudgay
b 2Q 1956 Salisbury
Graham Tudgay
b 1Q 1961, Andover
Marcus Tudgay
b 3 Feb 1983 Shoreham

Sally Witt
b 2Q 1954, Salisbury
Susan Witt
b 2Q 1957, Chrstchurch
Jane Witt
b 2Q 1964, Salisbury
mother French
b I of W
Jason Thomas R Tudgay
b 4Q 1970
Ian Edward Tudgay
b 1Q 1972

Leslie H C R Tudgay
b 2Q 1920 Salisbury
mother Tudgay
no further BMD
[only marriage Tudgay-Tudgay; Charles Tudgay m 1Q 1915, Mere, Emma Tudgay; but they seem to have been old people (Charles & Emma both b 1864, Mere]

Steeple Langford, Salisbury, Wiltshire in 1901 - (just east of Hanging Langford on Map)
Arthur Tudgay (arthur1866kd), b 1866, Wilts, son, see above; 1901 Census has born Kingston Deverill
Arthur Tudgay, age 25, m Emma Jane Trimby, aged 25, on 11 Jun 1890, at Kingston Deverill, Wilts; her father was Josiah Trimby
In 1901 Arthur's occupation was a Shepherd; children, all born in Teffont, Wiltshire were
Reginald Tudgay aged 5
Elsie Tudgay aged 3
and, Lionel Tudgay aged 1.

Arthur Tudgay
b 2Q 1865 Mere
d 3Q 1908, age 42, Warminster
m  2Q 1890 Mere Emma Jane Trimby
d 3Q 1938, age 74, Warminster (b 1864)

Reginald Alfred Tudgay
b 3Q 1895 Tisbury
m 3Q 1936 Warminster
Ellen E Holton

Reginald A Tudgay
d 4Q 1955, age 60, Warminster
Elsie Annie Tudgay
b 1Q 1898 Tisbury
d 4Q 1954, age 564, Warminster
no marriage
Lionel Frank Tudgay
b 2Q 1899
d 2Q 1954, age 54, Warminster
no marriage
Henry J Tudgay
b 1Q 1891 Shepton Mallett
m 4Q 1921 Tisbury
Ada A Mould
Henry J Tudgay
d 4Q 1960, age 59

mother Holton
Henry A Tudgay
b 3Q 1938 Warminster
m 1Q 1963 Mere
Pauline M Marshall

mother Holton
Reginald J Tudgay
b 2Q 1943 Warminster
m 1Q 1967 Warminster
Yvonne B Collins

mother Mould
Henry F J Tudgay
b 3Q 1923
m 2Q 1944 Reading
Freda A E Brill
mother Mould
Ella A G Tudgay

b 4Q 1925 Salisbury
m 3Q 1960 Bournemouth
Alfred E Parker
mother Marshall
Jeremy P Tudgay
b 1Q 1964 Essex SW
Nigel Simon Tudgay
b 2Q 1966 Gosport
Daniel John Tudgay
b 2Q 1970 Gosport
mother Collins
Samantha Nicolette Tudgay
b 1Q 1970 Trowbridge
Natasha Juliette Tudgay
b 1Q 1972 Trowbridge

mother Brill
Peter J Tudgay
b 1Q 1956 Bournemouth
Richard J Tudgay
b 3Q 1958
New Forest

The Sutton Veny Church, Wiltshire, has a war memorial recording those who served in the First World War, the names include Lionel F Tudgay, Training Reserve, and Reginald A Tudgay, Royal Field Artillery. link

There is a curious marriage record for - Annie Eliza Tudgay, age 27, marrying William Sutcliffe, age 24, on 08/08/1886, at Clitheroe, Lancashire; her father is given as Josiah Trimby and his as Thomas Sutcliffe. Presumably Annie was the elder sister of Emma Jane and had been married to a Tudgay, but who that was is not obvious. George Tudgay (see above at East Knoyle, Wilts) had married Sarah Ann Trimby, daughter of Joseph Trimby in 1851. A further search yielded - Annie Eliza Trimby m William Tudgay, 04 Dec 1875, Kingston Deverill (BMD m 4Q 1875, Mere;  ? = William Tudgay, b 1Q 1857, Mere). Annie and her son, William Henry T Tudgay, born 1Q 1879, Mere, went to Clitheroe. The family there can be seen at link

In the 1881 Census, Emma Jane Trimby, age 17, born Salisbury, Wilts, was an unmarried launderess, living at 66 Culver Street, Salisbury St Martin, with her widowed mother, Emma Trimby, also a launderess, age 53, born Pitton, Wiltshire (b 1828); Emma Trimby, d 1Q 1917, age 89, Salisbury.

A Josiah Trimby, however, is recorded as marrying Sheba Ann Pressley, on 29 Jan 1852, at Kingston Deverill; and in 1881, age 50, was head of household, living at 5 Knoyle Down, East Knoyle, married, farm labourer.


1881 Census
Kate Tudgay, b 1852, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, living at 14 Lewes Crescent, Brighton, Sussex, as a Parlour Maid, of Thomas Welch (no BMD record for Kate, Katherine or Catherine).

Rose Tudgay, living at 25 Market Place, Frome, as a general domestic servant to the Singer family, unmarried, aged 17, born Kingston Deverill [source]; see also in Somerset 1881 page. Rose Tudgay b 2Q 1864 Mere; d 4Q 1919, age 55, Wells.

1901 Census
E Tudgay, aged 29, born in Kilmington, Somerset (?Wiltshire near KD), living in Farnham Rural, Surrey, occupation Housemaid Domestic; b 1872.

Linda Tudgay, aged 18, born Kingston Deverill, living in Hampton Wick, Middlesex, occupation, Servant Domestic; Linda Bessie Tudgay, b 3Q 1883, Mere; m 2Q 1905, Richmond Surrey, William Meddings. Linda B Meddings, d 2Q 1963, age 79, Sidcup. No Meddings-Tudgay children. William A Meddings, d 1Q 1935, age 52, Surrey S W.

All Wilts BVRI, ex J Tudge

Map of area

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