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Family of William Tudgdy/Tudgey/Tudgay and Sarah George of Leigh on Mendip, Somerset

To show how my brother Martin and to a lesser extent, I uncovered the forebears of William Tudgee, I have created a separate narrative page Finding William Tudgee. Last year, 2016, Martin examined various Parish Registers, allowed us to get an even better idea of our lineage.

The Map of the Tudgee/Tudgey/Tudgay Country in Somerset/Wiltshire will help but it can be added that the parish of Marston Bigot had curious detatched portions, notably the Spring Gardens area set on the north west edge of Frome.

William Wheeler (Wheller)
b ca 1684, bap 15 Feb 1684/5
Marston Bigot, Somerset
 m Mary

John Wheeler
b ca 1708, bap 22 Sep 1708
Marston Bigot
m Mary Bird
no baptism record found
father Roger Bird
mother Deborah Hill

James Tudgay
b ca 1728
buried Jan 15 1754
Marston Bigot, Somerset
(as James Tudge)
January 18 1749 Marston Bigot
Mary Wheeler
b ca Oct 1730, bap 30 Oct 1730
Marston Bigot, Somerset
d ca Oct 1761
bur 1 Nov 1761
Marston Bigot
(as Mary Tudge)
William Wheeler
 a WW was removed from Brewton to Nunney on 4 Jul 1759

A JT was apprenticed in 1762 for 7 yrs, to uncle William Wheeler, tailor James Tudgay
bap Oct 20 1751
Marston Bigot
(as James Tudge)
d ca Apr 1812, bur 21 Apr 1812
m Anne ? James, Ann & two sons were returned to Nunney from Marston Bigot in 1782
William Tudgee
b bef 27 Aug 1776, bap 27 Aug 1776
Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire
bur 27 May 1824
Coleford, nr Kilmersdon, Somerset
Jeremiah Tudgay
bap 17 May 1780
Frome Selwood
? bur 2 Dec 1804
in Nunney, Somerset
Mary Tudgay
bap 18 Jun 1783
Frome Selwood
perhaps in the will of Sarah Tucker of Frome Swd, dated 1805
poss Mary Tudgay d 2Q 1842 Frome
James Tudgay
bap 4 Oct 1789
Nunney, Somerset
poss James Tudgay
d 1Q 1852 Lymington

continues below poss marriage JT
to Mary Ransom
of Whatley
17 Feb 1800
Frome St John
witnesses T Jones & John Deacon
poss Mary Tudgay d 2Q 1842 Frome

16 Apr 1827 bap St John's Frome, Ann d/o James & Hannah Tudgay, res Butts, Labourer (7 years old)

William Tudgay
bap 6 Nov 1803

Whatley is a little distance east of Leigh on Mendip; Great Elm and Coleford are just to the north

"sojourner" of Whatley slightly conflicting info has
m 17 Aug 1800
at Whatley
and died at Coleford
described on Isaac's wedding certificate as a Servant
William Tudgdy
b bef 27 Aug 1776
Leigh upon Mendip
m 17 Aug 1800
at Leigh on Mendip
buried 27 May 1824 at Coleford, nr Kilmersdon
(or Tudgee)
Sarah George
bap 18 July 1779
St Mary's, Great Elm
d ca 1844
Frome Selwood
dau. of Nath and Mary George
BMD d 3Q 1843 Shepton Mallett?
[Sarah George
b 19 Nov 1777
at St James', Bath, Somerset; our earlier candidate but kept here solely for record]
Family legend (Abersychan Tudgays)
has five or six sons quarrelling and going their separate ways
(this seems wrong)

lived at Leigh on Mendip and Coleford
Jane Tudgee
buried 18 Mar 1802
Fanny Tudgdy
b 17 Jan 1802
Leigh on Mendip
d bef Apr 1889
Frome Selwood
Jane Tudgee
bap 28 Mar 1803
(surname Tadgey)
Thomas Tudgee
d ca May 1805
Leigh on Mendip
Jeremiah Tudgdy
b bef 25 May 1806
Leigh on Mendip
BMD d 2Q 1881, age 75, Bath
John Tudgdy/Tudgay
b 12 Dec 1810 (1809?)
at Leigh on Mendip
d 22 Feb 1892
Sr German's, Cornwall
Ann Tudgdy
b 29 Aug 1812
Isaac Tudgee/Tudgay
b 20 Aug 1815
at Coleford Green
d 9. Dec 1889
Elizabeth Tudgay
b 07 Jun 1818
at Coleford
d ca 1884
Frome Selwood, Somerset

m Daniel Hobbs
[b ca Jan 1801, Leigh in Mendip]
25 Dec 1823 at Kilmersdon;
had 5 children
Anna Hobbs b ca 1826
Sarah Hobbs b ca 1828
Alfred Hobbs b ca 1831
Mary Hobbs b ca 1833
Charles Hobbs b ca 1835
(no more known at present)

m Mary Ann Dodd
08 Jun 1827
at St Michael's, Bath
? moved to Frome?
name transposes to Tudgee
m Sarah Smith
of Mells, near Frome
later moving to St Germans, Cornwall
Coachman to the Earl of St Germans

last male descendant died in 1992
m John Whitcomb
25 Dec 1830
at Kilmersdon, Somerset
m Eliza Smith
1820 - 13 Feb 1890
of Mells
at St. Peter & St. Paul, Bath, 19 Mar 1838
in BMD
Moved to Talywain/Abersychan ca. 1846
Name as Tudgay on son's birth certificate
For most see Abersychan Tudgays
and this branch gave rise to the Wilkes Barre, USA, Tudgays
m Henry Hamblin
23 Apr 1836 at Kilmersdon
eight children
[lived in Coleford]
Eliza Hamblin b 1836
Frederick Hamblin b 1839
Emma Hamblin b 1840 (at Luckington, Soms)
Isaac Hamblin b ca 1841
Abraham Hamblin b ca 1843
Jacob Hamblin b ca 1846
Sarah Hamblin b ca 1848
William Hamblin b ca Jul 1850
Thomas Hamblin b ca 1858

Note the following now (March 2012) seems irrelevant as Martin has tracked down a much more likely Sarah George, born in Great Elm, Somerset, in 1779.

Sarah George was the daughter of Thomas George (dates unknown) and Bridget Gethyn.
Bridget was b ca 1745, at Bettws Cedewain, Montgomery Powys, Wales. Her father was John Gethyn and mother Mary ?. 

Sarah had a brother, Thomas Marmaduke George b ca 1771, and sisters Mary Ann b ca 1772, Bridget b ca 1773 and Harriotte b ca 1779.

John Gethyn
wife Mary

Bridget Gethyn
b 1745
18 Nov 1769
St Peter & St Paul, Bath
Thomas George
Bath residents in 1791 James Tudgee
John Street

Bridget George
North Parade

daughter an elder brother, two elder sisters and one younger sister

Note - a William Tudgay m Sarah Hooper, 24 Jun 1819, at St John's Frome (web link to source) but this seems a different William; see Frome families.

2002, 2003, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2017 - Brian Taylor BTech PhD CBiol FRSB FRES
11, Grazingfield, Wilford, Nottingham, NG11 7FN, U.K.

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