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Tudgays descended from John Tudgay, the coachman to the Earl of St Germans, Cornwall

Last male descendant bearing Tudgay name died in 1992

Information added to by Terry Warnock, email Nov 2009 (see WGT6 below)

1775-1800 William Tudgee or Tudgdy
b Leigh upon Mendip
[appears to have been christened at Maiden Bradley, 27 Jul 1776]
m. Sarah George
on 17 Aug 1800
link back to Leigh on Mendip
1825-1850 John Tudgay
b 7 Dec 1809
 at Leigh on Mendip, Somerset
 later moving to St Germans, Cornwall.
alive in Cornwall in 1881 Census (census gives no others in Cornwall)
d 22 Feb 1892 at St Germans
(BMD d 1Q 1892, age 82)
Coachman to the Earl of St Germans descendants page
[Q from Robert Webb] and info from Jen & Val
03 Apr 1834
Note Mells falls under Frome BMD Dictrict
Sarah Smith
of Mells, near Frome
b 1811
Little Elms or Mells, Somerset
d 26 Apr 1866
(BMD d 2Q 1866, age 55)
  St German's
Leila Tudgay
Louisa Tudgay Catherine Lucy Tudgay William George Tudgay Georgina Tudgay
Sarah Emily Tudgay Ann Tudgay Joseph Edwin Tudgay Mary Fanny Tudgay
b 1837
d aft 1851 and before 1861
(no BMD)
bap 11 Nov 1838
at Mells, Somerset
Census in Cornwall
d 1Q 1911, age 72,
Tendring, Essex
bap 12 Jul 1840
at Mells
Census in Cornwall
1901 Census, living with Joseph in Newington, London
(given as born in St Germains)
no BMD records
bap 15 May 1842
at (Mells?) Frome, Somerset
(see below)
b 3Q 1845
St German's
d ca 1925
1861 address
 60 Newport St, Saint Germans
b 4Q 1847
St German's
m 4Q 1891 Kensington
d 10 Feb 1933
(age 86)
? BMD d 4Q 1934, age 84, Brentford
b 3Q 1849 St German's
m 02 June 1873
(BMD 2Q 1873) St German's
d 29 Jul 1925
at Romford, Essex
(?BMD d 3Q 1925, age 75, Medway)
b 10 May 1852
BMD 2Q 1852 St German's
d 29 Nov 1930
in 1881 Census
Time Keeper in Brass Foundry
in 1901 Census
living in Newington, London,
with Catherine (elder sister)
occupation Timekeeper Printing Machinist
b 1855
in Ireland
d Feb 1865
2Q 1865 St German's
1861 address
60 Newport St, Saint Germans

m ? Stevens
one child
Albert Stevens
b ca 1863
m  George William Carter m Samuel Littlejohns
10 children

m Ada Jane Goodhugh
b ca 1875
Paddington, London
d ca 1960
Ealing, London
(? post-1901)
one child Vera Ann Tudgay

BMD has
Georgina Tudgay
m 1Q 1886
William James Stephens
Georgina Stephens
d 4Q 1927, age 82, Ipswich (b 1845)

Anne Littlejohns
d 4Q 1904, age 93, St German's
Samuel Littlejohns
b 2Q 1848, St German's
b 20 Aug 1908
d ca 1996
m Will Browning
one child - John Browning

possible Littlejohns children
born St German's
Thomas James
b 3Q 1875
d 3Q 1876, age 1
John Stanley
b 4Q 1878

In the 1851 Census, John Tudgay was living at 38 Berkely St., St. George, Hanover Sq., London.

The family were at St. Germans: Sarah, age 39, Coachman's Wife, plus all above to Ann age 1. Leititia, age 14, to Georgina, age 5, were given as scholars.

1861 Census: 60 Newport Street, St German's: Sarah Tudgay, wife , m, age 49, Coachman's wife, b Wells; Louisa Tudgay, dau., um, age 22, Coachman's dau., b Wells; Georgina Tudgay, dau., um, age 15, Scholar, b St German's; Sarah E Tudgay, dau., um, age 13, Scholar, b St German's; AnnTudgay, dau., um, age 11, Scholar, b St German's; Joseph E Tudgay, son., um, age 8, Scholar, b St German's; Mary F Tudgay, dau., um, age 6, Scholar, b St German's.

1871 Census: 110 Fore Street, St German's: John Tudgay, Head, widowed, age 61, Grocer, b. Wells; Annie Tudgay, dau., um, age 20, b. St German's; Joseph Tudgay, son, um, age 18, grocer, b. St German's

1881 Census: John Tudgay, age 70; born 1811 at Leigh, Somerset, was living at 12 Fore Street, St Germans, Cornwall, as a Grocer, widowed and head of household; Louisa Tudgay, dau., single, age 41, housekeeper, b. Wells; Catherine Tudgay, dau. single, age 40, housekeeper, b. Wells. ? Wells wrongly transcribed = Mells.

1891 Census: 49 Church St., John Tudgay, Head, w., age 80, Grocer, retired, unemployed, b "Mills" Somerset; Catherine Tudgay, dau. single, age 60, housekeeper for father, employed, b."Mills" Somerset

WGT0. William George Tudgay, b bef 15 May 1842 at Frome, Somerset

1881 Census - 12 Omega Place, London, Middlesex
William Tudgay, b 1844, Frome, Somerset, Head, Coachman
Annie E Tudgay, b 1852, Ashby St Leger, Northamptonshire, wife
John Tudgay, b 1874, Romford, Essex, son
Leititia Tudgay, b 1877, Romford, Essex, daughter
Louisa Tudgay, b 1879, Romford, Essex, daughter
Leonard Tudgay, b 1880, Marylebone, London, son

1881 Census address 12 Omega Place, St Marylebone, London
1901 Census
living in Paddington
William George Tudgay
Groom Coachman
bap 15 May 1842
went to Romford (Essex)
d 14 Sep 1910
BMD d 3Q 1901, age 68, Paddington
20 Nov 1871
BMD m 4Q 1871
Ann Eliza Pritchett
moved to Paddington
Annie Eliza Pritchett
b 1852
at Ashby St Leger, Northants
d 27 Nov 1945 at Ardleigh
In 1881 Census for London, as born in Nottingham
In 1901 Census born in Ashby St Leger
(WGT0 spouse)

see below
William Henry Tudgay
mother Anna
b 2Q 1872
? went to Canada
John Tudgay
b 1Q 1874 Romford
d 16 Mar 1945
BMD d 1Q 1945, age 71 Basford (Notts)
(unmarried ?)
1891 Census Servant, res 8 Spring St, Paddington
George Tudgay
b 1Q 1876
d 6 Jan 1954
Paddington, Middlesex
BMD d 1Q 1954, age 79, Kensington
? unmarried
Letitia Tudgay
b 1Q 1877
m 3Q 1902 Paddington
d ca Nov 1966
Louisa Annie Tudgay
b 03 July 1879
BMD 3Q 1878 Romford

Joseph Leonard Tudgay
b 3Q 1880

Emily Tudgay
b 1Q 1882
at Marylebone
d 25 Jun 1972
North Cornelly, Wales
Mabel Sarah G Tudgay
b 1Q 1884
at Kensington
d 2Q 1885, age 1, Paddington
Alfred Tudgay
b 2Q 1885 Paddington
d 27 Oct 1967
BMD d 4Q 1967, age 82, Paddington
Lilian Mary Tudgay
b 4Q 1888
in Paddington
d 20 Oct 1967
Herbert Tudgay
BMD d 4Q 1886
age 0 Paddington
Sidney Tudgay
b ca 1890
d 2Q 1891, age 0, Kensington
Ethel Georgina Tudgay
b 3Q 1891
d 01 Jan 1964

The 1901 Census has a John Tudgay, age 27, born in London, living in Carlton, Nottingham
Occupation Railway Foreman

in 1901 Census living in Paddington as a dressmaker m 2Q 1907 Paddington
d 05 Mar 1933
in 1901 Census living in Paddington as a dressmaker
(see below)
in 1901 Census living in Paddington as a domestic
in 1901 Census as a domestic
m 1Q 1906 Paddington
Beatrice Martha M Wilcox
in 1901 Census
m 2Q 1909 Paddington

in 1901 Census

m William James Smith
see below
m Herbert Littlejohns
m 3Q 1914, Fulhan
Robin Dunne
see below

Beatrice MM Tudgay
d 1Q 1962 Paddington
m ?
William John R Wallington
or Frederick William Smith

m 1Q 1919
Frederick W R Lord, b 7 Jul 1889, Poplar, London
d 18 Mar 1940

Winifred Tudgay
b 1Q 1899
actually the daughter of Letititia
in 1901 Census

Pam Tudgay
mother Tudgay, b 4Q 1928,  Paddington
d 4Q 1928, age 0


Alfred William Tudgay
b 2Q 1906
m 1Q 1941 Willesden
Priscilla M E Coles
no BMD children mother Coles
Vera A Tudgay
b 3Q 1908
m 3Q 1933
William Browning
no BMD children
Dorothy Louisa Tudgay
 b 1Q 1910, Paddington
m 4Q 1931, Paddington
Ivor W G Hiscox
mother Tudgay
born Paddington
Barbara E Hiscox
b 4Q 1931
 David Hiscox
b 2Q 1940
Florence M Tudgay
b 2Q 1913
mother Wilcox, Paddington
m 3Q 1937, Paddington, George W Stockwell
 Raymond G Stockwell
mother Tudgay, b 4Q 1944 Uxbridge
James H Tudgay
 b 2Q 1917
mother Wilcox, born Paddington
m 3Q 1947
Betty J Smith
no BMD children mother Smith
Ada L Tudgay
b 2Q 1920
mother Wilcox, born Paddington
m 1Q 1942
Edward Cotton
no BMD children

An alternative John is John Tudgay
1911 Census Sunday 2nd April 1911 District Electoral Division: Rostellan Co. Cork
web link to source

Margaret Tudgey
Census of Ireland 1901
living in Townland-Crocane, Rostellan Parish; 5 people in the family
web link to source

Zillah Williams, December 2004, has added -
Census of Ireland 1901 gives, in the District Electoral Div. of Rostellan:
Margaret TUDGEY head of house - Roman Catholic - Read Only (for education) 52 - F - Housekeeper - Widow - Co. Cork (birthplace).
Alfred TUDGEY - son - RC - Read & Write - 28 - M Labourer - not married - Co. Cork
John TUDGEY - son - RC - R&W - 17 - M labourer - not married - Co. Cork
James Holmes - nephew - RC - R&W - 15 - no occup. - not married - Co. Cork
Ellen Luscombe - niece - RC - R&W - 13 - no occup. - not married - Co Cork
In the 1911 census John TUDGEY is listed as head of the household.

William Henry Tudgay, born London, England, of Maple Creek Sakatchewan, Canada, b 1 May 1871, Rancher; next of kin, mother, Mrs Anna Tudgay, enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, on 29 February 1916 (see Page 2: age 44 years and 10 months, 5'9". complexion dark, eyes brown, hair black, C of E

BMD has a William Henry Tudgay, b 2Q 1872, Kensington; no other BMD.

Other BMD records from Paddington

Blanch Tudgay b 3Q 1901, Paddington, no other BMD

John L Tudgay b 2Q 1939, mother Tudgay, Paddington; no further BMD. Note: Charles Tudgay, m 1Q 1915, Mere, Emma Tudgay; only such marriage near the time in BMD; but Emma Tudgay b 3Q 1857, m 2Q 1876, Mere, Henry Tudgay; d 3Q 1933, age 83, Mere (born 1850?).

William Tudgay b 4Q 1925, Pontypool, m 4Q 1951, Paddington, Christina M O'Sullivan; moved to Hackney; mother O'Sullivan, b Hackney, Linda C Tudgay, b 4Q 1952; David G Tudgay, b 1Q 1954.

WGT3. Family of Letitia Tudgay, 1877-1966

First child out of wedlock - WG 11 - Winifred Tudgay, b 3 Jan 1899, Marylebone, Middlesex; BMD b 1Q 1899, Marylebone; m 2Q 1927, Hendon, Francie E Barnett, d ca Jul 1996, Ware, Hertfordshire; m Francis Elijah Barnett [brought up by her grandparents].  He died ca Jan 1971 in Ware, Hertfordshire. No children in BMD.

Letitia married William James Smith, b 1880, d. 2 Mar 1922, in London. Children, Wiiliam Smith, Frank Smith, Bert Smith, Anny Smith, Gladys Smith; post 3Q 1911 records; ,mother Tudgay: Constance E Smith, b 2Q 1914, St Geo H Sq; Marjorie Smith, b 1Q 1916, Lambeth; Dorothy Smith, b 2Q 1917, St Geo H Sq

BMD Letitia Tudgay m 3Q 1902, Paddington, William James Smith. Letitia Smith (b 1877); Letitia L Smith, d 4Q 1966, age 90, Croydon; OR Letitia Smith, d 1Q 1969, age 92, Merton

WGT5. Family of Joseph Leonard Tudgay, 1880-1965

Joseph Leonard Tudgay
b ca Sep 1880
at Marylebone
d 26 Jun 1965
Park Royal, Middlesex
m 25 Nov 1900
(BMD m 4Q 1900 Paddington
Alice Maud Stancombe)

at ASC, Paddington, London
Alice Maud Stancombe
b ca 1883
d 21 Jan 1969
at 31 Milman Rd, Queens Park,
Kilburn, London

Winifred Nellie Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1901 Paddington
b 06 Apr 1901
d 1980
Wilfred Leonard Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1903 Paddington
b 14/05/1903
m 3Q 1921 Paddungton
Phoebe R Theobald
d 1975
Kathleen Annie Tudgay
b 12 Nov 1904
(BMD b 4Q 1904 Paddington)
m 3Q 1931 Paddington
Gerald H Whitaker
d 20 May 1977 at Paddington
Eva M Tudgay
b 13 Mar 1907
BMD b 2Q 1907 Paddington
m 4Q 1931 Paddington
Edward F Springett
Lilian Ethel Tudgay
b 13 Nov 1909
BMD b 4Q 1909 Paddingtom
d 11 Apr 1983
Stanley E Tudgay
mother Stancombe
b 2Q 1912 Paddington
no further BMD

Phyllis M Tudgay
mother Stancombe
b 1Q 1915 Paddington
no further BMD
m William Alfred Tait
m Phoebe Theobald m Gerald Herbert Whitaker mother Tudgay
m Edward Stevens

m 20 Apr 1930
BMD m 2Q 1930 Paddington
m Aug 1931 at Paddington Pamela E Springett
b 4Q 1933
Lionel F Springett
b 4Q 1941
m 27 Sep 1936

b 1Q 1933 Paddington
mother Tudgay
Joan M Tait
Vera B Tait
Jennifer Ann Whitaker
mother Tudgay
b 4Q 1946

2 children...

Valerie Christine Stevens
other Tudgay
b 2Q 1947, Paddington
m 2Q 1972
Frank G Stevens


Joan M Tait
m 4Q 1952 Howden
Thomas F S Jackson
m 3Q 1960 Sunderland
Frederick D H Newland

Frank Arthur L Tudgay
mother Theobald
b 1Q 1922
[emigrated to California]
recorded as in Los Angeles
Land Records, 2015
Gerald Tudgay
mother Theobald
b 4Q 1928
d 1992
m 1Q 1949
Audrey Evans
  Brenda M Tudgay
mother Evans
b 3Q 1950
m 4Q 1970
John W C Denlie
mother Denlie
Jason Paul C Denlie
b 2Q 1971
Mark Robert C Denlie
2Q 1972
Joanne Louise C Denlie
b 1Q 1974

Yvonne J Tudgay
mother Theobald
b 1Q 1935
no further BMD
Xanthe E M Tudgay
mother Theobald
b 08 Jan 1948
BMD b 1Q 1948
m 2Q 1964
East Ham
Anthony O Fredericks
mother Tudgay
Carl A Fredericks
b 1Q 1965 Poplar
Gary Paul Fredericks
b 4Q 1946 West Ham
Michele Ann Fredericks
b 4Q 1969 Newham

WGT6. Family of Emily Tudgay, 1882-1972

m Robin Dunne (see above)
Only child: Dorothy Emily Dunne, b 23 Sep 1915, London (BMD Dorothy K Dunne, b 3Q 1915, Lambeth); d 14 Aug 2002, Tewkesbury.
Married Edward Warnock b 27 June 1914, Portadown, N. Ireland, d 27 Jan 2000, Cheltenham
Children: mother Dunne; Terence C Dunne, b 4Q 1939, Bromley; Patricia A Dunne, b 1Q 1947, Chichester; Maureen D Dunne, b 1Q 1950, Cichester.

WGT9. Family of Lilian Tudgay, 1892-19??

m William John Robert Wallington
Evelyn Lilian Wallington, b 23 Feb 1910, London; d 9 Jan 2007
post-1911, mother Tudgay, born Camberwell
Dorothy Eileen Wallington, b 1Q 1913
Marjorie Joan Wallington, b 8 Jul 1916 (BMD b 3Q 1916); d 18 Oct 2006, Hove, Sussex; m 1. Harry Chernoff, b 20 Aug 1901, d 28 Jul 1992, Hove; m 2. Hall
Sybil Edna Wallington, b 29 Dec 1918 (BMD Sybil K, b 4Q 1918; d 29 Dec 2006
Herbert Sydney Wallington, b 5 Sep 1922 (BMD b 4Q 1922); d 4 Jun 2005, Bromley, Kent; m Beatrice Winifred Turner, b 5 Sep 1922, London; d4 Jun 2005, Bromley; two children
Muriel Grace Wallington, b 14 Feb 1925 (BMD b 1Q 1925); d 27 Oct 2008; m ? Place
Eric Dennis Wallington, b 19 Jul 1927 (BMD b 3Q 1927), Lambeth.

WGT10. Family of Ethel Georgina Tudgay, 1892-19??

m Frederick W R Lord, b 7 Jul 1889, Poplar, London; d 18 Mar 1940
Children, BMD mother Tudgay
Barbara D Lord, b 4Q1920, Wandsworth (BMD three possible marriages)
Douglas L Lord. b 2Q 1928, Hendon; BMD m 2Q 1953, Poole, Betty Burgess
Brenda E Lord, b 1Q 1930, Hendon (BMD three possible marriages)

Information (email from Jenny and Val)

I (Jenny) think your web-site is brilliant.

We have been trying for over a year to find any connection to William Tudgay.

Having read your page about a John Tudgay fathering a Bastard Child in 1778, it could well be why we've never struck lucky before. Geoff (my husband) and myself went to the FRC at Taunton last year to look for him. But no luck. We did however find his marriage entry to Sarah George, and on it, it said William Tudgay from Whatley, so he was clearly not living in Leigh-on-Mendip before he was married. We also found his death entry, that was in the village of Coleford. I have copies of these two entries and if you would like, I will e.mail them to you.

I also know quite a lot about William's son John Tudgay, the coachman who went to St. Germans in Cornwall to live. He became coachman to the Earl of St. Germans, I have a pic of his grave, also of the old coachouses where he used to work.

One of John's children, William, went to Romford as a coachman, there he married an Annie Pritchett, this William was my Gt Grandfather. They later on moved to London, the Paddington area, where Val's and my Grandfather was born. He was Joseph Leonnard Tudgay, married Alice Maud Stancombe. They had six children, two of whom are my mother and Val's. Anyway I could ramble on about the Tudgay's all day, and you're probably confused by now!!! If you would like some of the pics and certs that I have I would be pleased to forward them on to you. I do have a lovely old pic of a Tudgay wedding, all the Tudgay's we've "inherited" since starting all this, have got a copy, and it's well worth having a look at. It's taken in London in the spring of 1907. Look forward to hearing from you. From what we've seen I think you must be another cousin of ours somewhere along the line!!!

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