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Miscellaneous Tudgay and Tudgey families

As the genealogical records of an ordinary family are patchy at best, some of what follows is my best guess based on recurrence of names and closely matching dates. I have tried to ensure my speculations are indicated, such as by ? preceding a name.

It seems that all derive from the families of Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire Map of the Somerset/Wiltshire homeland of the Tudgay families

  • Frome, Somerset - 1654 on
  • Other early Somerset records - nineteenth Century on
  • Frome Selwood, Somerset - 1881 & 1901 Census, ; and, Bristol, 1901 Census - family of Stephen Tudgay of Kingston Deverill
  • Other Somerset families in the 1881 Census and thereafter
  • West Lydford, Dorset - family of Henry Tudgay, b ca 1850, of Monkton Deverill ; one branch moved to Swansea
  • Frampton, Dorset - all sisters - 1750-1775
  • Further Dorset family - ex Wiltshire (David Tudgay b 1846 & issue) and later to Woking, SurreyHaselburyBryan, Dorset
  • Fareham/South Stoneham, Hampshire - (Tudgey) family (possibly ex Broad Chalk, Wiltshire)
  • South Hayling, Hampshire - (Tudgay) - later to Bristol
  • Walton on Thames - later to Durham and Worcestershire and back to Walton (Tudgy/Tudgey/Tudgay)
  • London families - including the renowned marine artists Frederick and John L Tudgay
  • Gloucestershire records (transient) - Dyrham & Hinton in 1881 and Othery, Somerset in 1901
  • Those whose served in the First World War, with reords of those who died
  • Clitheroe, Lancashire, family
  • Reigate, Surrey, family
  • Miscellaneous records

Early records from Frome, Somerset

"Some believe that the name of Frome derived from the Celtic word, ffraw, meaning fair or brisk. In 685 AD a group of monks led by a man known as the Abbot of Malmesbury and Bishop of Serbourne ( one in the same person ) built a wooden church dedicated to John the Baptist. In 690 AD this church had developed into a monastery and served as the foundation for the city of Frome. In 1086 AD entries made in the Doomsday Book by the Norman assessors noted that Frome had a thriving town, a weekly market, three mills and the hunting forest of Selwood ( reserved for the king who owned the manor ). Frome ( or Frome Selwood ) is in the east of Somerset and west of Wiltshire and nestles in the foothills of the Mendips. The terrain is ideal for the raising of sheep and the woolen industry grew and prospered on the basis of this during the 17th and 18th centuries. By 1823 Frome was suffering from the results of mill automation and lost trade to Bradford in Yorkshire. Diversification was the key to survival and over the following centuries Frome developed its reputation as a cloth producing town as well as a collection point for the output of local villages. By 1852, our ancestors, Charles Randell and Emily Hawkins, had moved from nearby Warminster to live in Gentle Street, Frome, and in the same year they were married in Frome Church Selwood. Charles was a Coach painter by trade and Emily worked as a Silk Spinner. Steam power had already been introduced to the mills of Frome in 1811 and the woolen industry continued to hold its own but with a lesser demand for labour. Frome also had a station on the Weymouth branch of the Great Western railway and rail travel was becoming more popular to those unwilling to travel by coach and horse along the unkept highways of Somerset and Wiltshire. The Coaching businesses were becoming far from prosperous and this may have encouraged Charles and Emily's next move when they looked at the promise of more abundant permanent work in London". Extract from -

Baptisms at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1558-1603: 17 November 1566, Elinor Tudgy; 26 September 1568, John Tudgie; 5 February 1575, Barnabas Tudgie; 23 November 1578, Mary Tudgay; 15 January 1600, Thomas Tudguy source

Burials at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1558-1616: 19 December 1577, Helen Tudgay; 8 Jan 1577, Barnabas Tudgay source

Burials at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1616-1663: 10 August 1630, Thomas Tudge s/o Thomas; 13 July 1640, Alice Tudgie; 27 February 1648, Elizabeth Tudgay, d/o Thomas and Margaret; source 

Baptisms at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1687-1758: 28 September 1693, Jane d/o John & Jane Tudguy; 12 August 1706, Elizabeth d/o John & Ann Tudguy; 16 February 1708, Anne d/o John & Ann Tudguy; 21 February 1708, Anne d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Tudguy; 26 February 1710, Mary d/o Thomas & Mary Tudguy; 27 November 1712, Thomas s/o John & Ann Tudguy; 2 January 1712, Joanna d/o Thomas Tudguy;17 September 1716, Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Ann Tudgey; 13 January 1718, Joseph s/o John & Ann Tudgey 24 May 1722, Samuel s/o John & Ann Tudgey24 May 1722, Benjaman s/o John & Ann Tudgey; 8 November 1729, Ruben s/o John & Ann Tudgey; 27 November 1736, Mary Pobjay d/o Mary Tudgey (a bastard); 8 March 1739, Richard s/o Mary Tudgay (a bastard); 11 June 1748, Sarah d/o Bejamin & Betty Tudgay; 1 December 1750, Hester d/o Benjamin & Betty Tudgay; source

Marriages at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1685-1724: 13 May 1706, John Tudgay to Anne Pane; 27 October 1712, William Emblin of Eckington, to Jane Tudguy source 

Records of the Longleat Estate holdings in Frome (source) have No 15 Bath Street as leased in 1654 for 99 years to Thomas TUDGAY, baker, on the lives of his wife Margaret and their children Constance and Thomas. Rent 4s p.a. Then in 1680 to Timothy CHAPMAN, clothworker, for the lives of himself, Constance his wife (perhaps the daughter of Thomas TUDGAY) and their son Thomas [1]. In 1733, however, the lease passed to John CARPENTER, cardmaker, for the lives of William, son of William CARPENTER, shearman, John CARPENTER and William his son.

John Tudgay, m Ann Pane, on 13/05/1706, at Frome Selwood, Somerset. He may well have been the second son of Joseph Tudgey of Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire. If it is the right John, then he had a younger brother, b 1690, named Benjamin. backward link

Heads of Household in Frome, 1785; Betty Tudgay, Widow, Broad Street, house owner Mr Pobjoy; and John Tudgay, Shoemaker, Broad Street; house owner Mrs Webb source source

Marriage of Henry Andrews & Elizabeth Tudgey, St John the Baptist, Frome, 25 Apr 1736, is at source

Benjamin Tudgay
d pre-1785
Betty Baber
John Tudgay
b 1751, Frome
m Hannah Parsons
05/08/1776 at Frome
? d. 1808 in Frome Workhouse
Hester Tudgay
b 1753
m 15/09/1774, at Frome
Elizabeth Tudgay
chr 29/03/1760, at Frome
Anne Tudgay
chr 16/04/1763, at Frome

(Parents: Father: Benjamin TUDGAY Mother: Betty)
Sarah Tudgday
b 20/04/1777
baptised 19/09/1795
St John's Frome

Marriage of Benjamin Tudgay & Betty Baber, St John the Baptist, Frome,  10 Apr 1748, is at source

In ?late 18C, John Tudgay was a tenant at Friggle Street Mill, Frome web link to source

The 1754 Will of Elizabeth Hippie, Spinster of Frome Selwood, mentions land liying in or near "Tudgay's Close" within the Parish of Frome Selwood source.  The 1766 Land Tax for Frome has: Chapman William - "Late Tudgays 3 houses 7s0d  source

The 1785 Battle & Creese "census" of Frome shows John Tudgay, a shoemaker, living in Broad Street. The household contained 2 males and 2 females, houseowner was Mrs Webb.
In another house, owned by Mr Pobjoy, dwelt Betty Tudgay, widow, with 2 males and 3 females in the household Link.

From Baptism records of St John's Frome
12 April 1763: Joanna d/o Thomas Tudguy [burial?]; 8 August 1765, Elizabeth d/o Thomas Tudguy; 26 March 1679, Thomass s/o Thomass and Ann Tudgay; 7 March 1682, Joseph s/o Thomas and Ann Tudgey  source

John Tudgay
Rosanna (Rose)

Nancy Tudgay
baptised 09/09/1775
Mary Tudgay
baptised 10/01/1778
Frederick Tudgay
baptised 25/12/1789
Susanna Tudgay
b 09/1787
baptised 25/12/1789
William Tudgay
b 03/1783
baptised 25/12/1789
Prudence Tudgay
baptised 02/11/1791
Piety Tudgay
baptised 02/11/1791
Prudence Tudgay
baptised 1793
Piety Tudgay
25 August 1797

1759-1812, Baptism records of St John the Baptist, Frome, have: 29 May 1760, Elizabeth Tudgay, d/o Benjamin & Betty; 16 April 1763, Anne Tudgay, d/o Benjamin & Betty; 9 September 1771, Nancy Tudgay, d/o John & Rosanna; 5 April 1777, Benjamin Tudgay, s/o John & Hannah; 17 May 1780, Jeremiah Tudgay, s/o James & Anne; 25 December 1782, John Tudgay, s/o John & Rosanna; 18 June 1783, Mary Tudgay, d/o James & Anne; 19 September 1795, Sarah Tudgday, d/o John & Hannah; 28 May 1798, Benjamin Tudgay Horton, s/o Daniel & Betty; 6 February 1807, John Benjamin Tudgay s/o Benjamin & Betty; 20 May 1809, Sarah Tudgay d/o James & Mary, aged 2 years; 23 March 1811, Charlotte Tudgay d/o George & Elizabeth  source

Jeremiah Tudgay, son of James and Anne Tudgay, baptised 10/01/1777. Jeremiah Tudguy married 17/02/1800 to Mary Ramson of Whately, witnesses T Jones & John Deacon.

Bath & Wells Estate Duty Records, 1805-11, include Mary Tudgay as to receive part of the residual legacy of Sarah Tucker, of Frome Selwood, died in 1805 Link.

Burials at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1751-1774: 16 October 1762, Anne Tudgay w/o John; 17 May 1763, Thomas Tudgay; 20 October 1763, Anne Tudgay d/o Benjamin; 11 March 1764, Benjamin Tudgay; 16 March 1768, Mary Tudgay; 7 April, 1771, John Tudgay  source

Burials at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1774-1795: 15 December 1777, Jane Tudgay; 25 August 1786, Joseph Tudgay source

Marriages at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1765-1776: William Adams to Sarah Tudgay; 15 September 1774, William Parson tio Hester Tudgay; 26 October 1175, Isaav Yorbury to Mary Tudgey source

Marriages at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1792-1812: 17 February 1800, Jeremiah Tudguy married Mary Ramson, of Whatley; 17 August 1803, Joseph Mays married Anne Tudgay source

Burials at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1795-1812: 30 August 1798, Betty Tudguy; 22 Dec 1800, Samuel Tudguy; 8 May 1801, John Tudgay; 9 June 1801, Anne Tudgay d/o John; 30 Jun 1801, Sarah Tudgay; 11 March 1812,  Ann Tudgay  source

John Tudgay was recodred as late 18th C at Friggle Street Woollen Mill Frome source

The Additional rates for Frome Town Tithing, 1827 has the following :-
John Tudgay living in Clink, house owned by James Green
James Tudgay living in Ennox Hill, house owned by Francis Herman
Susan Tudgay living in Broadway and Cottles Oak, house owned by Mrs Church
? Tudgay, living in Catherine Street, house owned by Mrs Burgess
H Tudgay, lived in The Butts, house owned by T. Thorne

Pigot's Directory for 1842 and 1844 also had John Tudgay, shopkeeper, in Duke Street  {source and source also the Robson Directory at source

Betty Tudgay a Widow, whose house contained 2 males & 3 females also was in Broad Street
What looks like a Mr Tudgay is shown as owner of a house occupied by Mary DUTCH a spinner.

In the 1851 and 1861 Censuses, a Tudgey Lane, was recorded in Christchurch Parish, Frome Link.

William Tudgay, m Sarah Hooper, on 24/06/1819, at St John's Frome [web link to source] - son of John & Rosanna, see above.

Marriages at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1813-21: 17 May 1813, William Baber to Prudence Tudgay; 5 September 1814, James Tudgay to Hannah Hambleton; 2 September 1818, James Tudgay to Mary Down source

Baptisms at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1829-1836: 14 January 1830, William Tudgay s/o James & Hannah; 11 May 1833, Jeremiah Tudgay s/o William & Mary, Servant; 17 May 1838, Ann d/o James & Hannah, Millman; 4 January 1834, Frederic s/o James & Hannah, Millman  source

Marriages at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1822-1834: 7 May 1827, James, Miles and Mary Stokes, witness John Tudgay. source

Baptisms at St John the Baptist, Frome, 1821-1829: 3 March 1816, John s/o James & Hannah Tudgay, of Timbers Hill, Millman at New Church; , James, Miles and Mary Stokes, witness John Tudgay. source

1841 Census, Surname Index: source
Elizabeth Tudgay, 17, F.S., Bridge
Hannah Tudgay, 48, widow (Deleted), Cross St - BMD d 1Q 1855 Frome
John Tudgay, 60, Grocer, Duke St - BMD d 4Q 1848
Mary Tudgay, 90, -, Workhouse - BMD d 2Q 1842
Prudence Tudgay, 15, -, Workhouse, BMD m 1Q 1859, husband John Clark or Abraham Wheeler
William Tudgay, 13, -, Workhouse - BMD d 4Q 1850

Other Frome BMD (to March 1974)

Jeremiah "Tugday" m 3Q 1859, Frome, spouse unrecorded

Eliza Tudgay d 4Q 1880 age 80 (b 1800, no obvious BMD marriage)

Louisa Tudgay d 1Q 1906 age 68; = Louisa Tudgy, b 4Q 1838, Frome

Abraham Tudgay d 1Q 1910 age 70 (b 1840, possible marriage 2Q 1862, Mere, to Louisa Marshall)

Amy Tudgay m 3Q 1842 (four possible names for husband, see BMD)

Pinnine Tudgay b 4Q 1845 (no further BMD)

Isaac John Tudgay, b 2Q 1856, Mere; m 2Q 1884, Hannah Hughes, d 4Q 1934 age 78

19 May 1884, marriage at St Mary's, Witham Friary, of Isaac John Tudgay, bachelor of Mells, Labourer, to Hannah Hughes, spinster 1885; fathers Stephen Tudgay, Labourer, and William Hughes, Labourer. source. BMD Frome 2Q 1884; d 4Q 1934, age 78, Frome (b 1856) - Isaac b 1Q 1841, Mere; Hannah Tudgay, d 1Q 1940, Frome.
Albert William Tudgay, son of Isaac John & Hannah, of Mells, Labourer, baptised, 4 October 1885, at St Mary's, Witham Friary. source

Albert William Tudgay b 3Q 1885;  ? m 3Q 1900, Sarah Ann Singer; d 1Q 1939 age 53 (? )

Clifford W G Tudgay b 3Q 1912, mother Singer; d 4Q 1964 age 52

Sarah A Tudgay d 2Q 1972 age 79 (b 1893)

Mable Blanche Tudgay b 3Q 1887

Ethel May Tudgay b 1Q 1890; m 1Q 1909 John Singer; children (mother Tudgay, born Frome): Robert W G Singer b 1Q 1914; Daisy I M Singer b 2Q 1915; Margaret W M Tudgay b 1Q 1926

Mary Tudgay d 3Q 1859

Edward Tudgay b 2Q 1868; m 2Q 1913, Maud L Smith; d 1Q 1951 age 82

Dorothy E Tudgay b 3Q 1913, mother Smith; m 4Q 1932, John H Laurence

Ethel M Tudgay b 1Q 1915, mother Smith

Walter H Tudgay b 1Q 1919, mother Smith; m 4Q 1941, Mavis L Gerrett; m (2) 3Q 1954, Gwendoline G Lewis; mother Gerrett, Raymond R L Tudgay b 2Q 1947 Bath (no marriage in BMD). Walter Tudgay died 22 August, 2016, aged 97,  predeceased by his wife, Gwen, link

Kathleen M Tudgay b 2Q 1922, mother Smith; m 2Q 1943, Reginald G G Bond

Adeline Tudgay d 2Q 1943 age 72 (b 1871)

Charles Tudgay b 3Q 1870, d 2Q 1872 age 2

Frank Tudgay
b 2Q 1872 Frome
m 2Q 1896, Bath, Emily Martha Moore
Frank d 4Q 1949, age 79, Bath

Herbert Frank Tudgay
b 1Q 1903 Keynsham
m 3Q 1934, Devonport
Louisa J Angus
Herbert Frank Tudgay,
d 4Q 1974, dob 14 Dec 1901, Reading/Wokingham

Ernest Tudgay
b 1Q 1904 Keynsham
no further BMD
Frederick Walter Tudgay
b 1Q 1908 Keynsham
d 2Q 1941, age 33, Don Valley
Commonwealth War Grave
died Sat. May 24, 1941
Royal Corps of Signals
Bath (Locksbrook Cemetery)
Rose M Tudgay, mother Moore
b 3Q 1911, Keynsham
no obvious further BMD
Kenneth H F Tudgay
b 2Q 1935, mother Angus, Aldershot
m 2Q 1963 Lambeth
Valerie A Bowles
Frederick C Tudgay
b 4Q 1936, mother Angus
no further BMD

mother Bowles
Peter A H Tudgay
b 2Q 1964 Wokingham
Raymond Frederick W Tudgay
b 3Q 1967 Wokingham
Michael Andrew K Tudgay
 b 3Q 1972 Reading

Sarah Louisa Tudgay b 3Q 1874, d 3Q 1951, age 76, Poole, unmarried

Charles Tudgay b 1Q 1880; m 3Q 1910, Amy L Payne (no BMD births); Charles Tudgay d 1Q 1966, age 86, Devizes; note Elizabeth L Tudgay d 2Q 1962, age 83, Devizes

Henry Tudgay b 1Q 1895 [possibly Henry Tudgay, d 4Q 1971, dob 25 Dec 1894, Bromsgrove]; only possble marriage, 1Q 1922, Bath, Gertrude V Peasegood

Walter George Tudgay b 1Q 1899; m 2Q 1933, Martha M L Denning

Wilson C Tudgay b 1Q 1940, mother Denning; m 2Q 1962, Sturminster, Valerie J L Kerr; mother Kerr; Caroline Tudgay b 3Q 1963 Sturminster; Stewart Tudgay b 4Q 1965, Sturminster; Guy Charles Tudgay b 2Q 1973 Truro

Elizabeth H Tudgay b 3Q 1947, mother Denning

Arthur Tudgay d 1Q 1944 age 44 (b 1900)

Linda Maude Tudgay b 4Q 1900; m 3Q 1930, Frederick C J Bell (no children in BMD)

Annie Tudgay m 2Q 1902 (Ernest Mines or William John Palmer) [Annie Mines d 2Q 1942 Frome]

Mary Annie Tudgay m 4Q 1902, John James); Mary Annie Tudgay b 1Q 1877 Mere [Mary A James, d 3Q 1928, age 51, Frome]

Albert Leslie Tudgay b 1Q 1903; m 4Q 1933, Dorothy Durden

Rosemary Tudgay b 1Q 1935, mother Durden; m 4Q 1953, Walter H Dodge

Clifford Tudgay b 1Q 1903; m 2Q 1931, Matilda C Cullen; Philip J Tudgay b 2Q 1933, mother Cullen; m 4Q 1958, Juliana Dando. Clifford Tudgay, d 1903-1983, and Matilda Tudgay, 1902-1979, are buried in the Marston Bigot, St Leonard of Noblac, churchyard link

Gladys Winifred Tudgay b 1Q 1903; m 4Q 1927, Walter H Alder. Children, mother Tudgay: Frances J Alder, b 4Q 1928, Warminster; David G Alder, b 2Q 1936, Frome; Elizabeth A Alder, b 1Q 1942, Frome

Douglas Reginald Tudgay b 2Q 1906; (Reginald D) m 2Q 1936, Jennie I E Bennett; Reginald DD Tudgay d 1Q 1968

Shirley Tudgay b 2Q 1937, mother Bennett; m 4Q 1959, Alan E Pearson

Ernest Arthur Tudgay
b 1Q 1909 Frome
m 1Q 1948, Frome
May K Small

Trevor E Tudgay
b 4Q 1948, mother Small, Frome
d 4Q 1948, age 0, Frome
Albert R Tudgay
b 2Q 1950, mother Small, Frome
m 4Q 1970, Eastbourne
Rosemarie Harmer.
Michael E Tudgay
b 4Q 1954, mother Small
m 2Q 1977 Mendip
Judith L Simms

Children, mother Harmer
Andrew Raymond Tudgay, b 1Q 1972, Wells
Caroline Marie Tudgay, b 1Q 1975, Yeovil
Anthony John Tudgay, b 2Q 1977, Yeovil

Florence M Tudgay b 2Q 1911 (no further BMD)

Dorothea E N Tudgay, m 3Q 1973, Stanley J Francis (no birth in BMD)

It seems the 1871 Census of Frome has no one with the name Tudgay, Tudgey, Tudgee, etc. source

Similarly, there were none in Frome in the 1881 Census.

Others recorded as born in Somerset

James Plank, b. ca 1786, (at Bethnal Green?), went to Shepton Mallet, Somerset, with his father (Stephen Plank ex Bethnal Green), and met Amy Tudgay. They married 08/11/1813 at Pilton. They had no children but Amy already had an illegitimate daughter, Eliza, b. ca 1808. James died of a fever at Shepton Mallet in 1838. The Poor Law records for Haslemere in 1838 have a settlement examination for Amy that was dated 4 days after James died. Amy outlived her husband by nearly 40 years. She was 92 when she died at Bruton (Somerset) in 1877. web link to source.

Fanny Tudgey, chr 05/11/1810, Wesleyan, Bath, Somerset (no BMD records)

Harriet Tudgay, b 10/07/1814, Wanstrow, Somerset; Harriet Tudgay, m 02/09/1838, at East Cranmore, Somerset; BMD m 3Q 1838, Shepton Mallett, James Target.

In the 1841 Census there was only one Tudgay living in Bath.

"Transcriptions from the Calendar of Wills and Administrations (Kicked off by Ed) This is just a beginning, These are for the name of Strange and Strainge in the indexes to the Principal Registry of Probate (1858-1861) [source]" include - Elizabeth Strange. Effects under 20. 7 January. The Will of Elizabeth Strange late of 5 Albion-place in the City of Bath Widow deceased who died 23 December 1864 at 5 Albion-place aforesaid was proved at Bristol by the oath of James Tudgee Strange of 5 Albion-place aforesaid Grocer the son the sole Executor.
James Tudgee Strange of 16 Stall-street Bath provision-merchant's-assistant died 20 Sept 1901. Probate Bristol 13 Nov to Henry Rex provision-merchant's-assistant. Effects 114. The only obvious candidate is Elizabeth Tudgay, m Stephen Garrett (Garratt), 05/02/1809, Kingston Deverill, Wilts link

Family or Families living in Beckington, Somerset in 1881 and Frome Selwood in 1901 Census

Family of Abraham Tudgay (abe1837wilts) - ex Kingston Deverill, moved ca 1866, eldest son of Stephen Tudgay, of Kingston Deverill {short description of image}

living in Goose Street,
Beckington, in 1881
General Labourer
living in Frome in 1901
Abraham Tudgay
b 1837
Kingston Deverill, Wilts
d 1Q 1910, age 70, Frome
b 1840
m 01/01/1862
Kingston Deverill
date may be 01/05/1862
BMD m 2Q 1862 Mere
Louisa Marshall
b 1836
Kingston Deverill, Wilts

Henry W Tudgay
b 1863
Kingston Deverill
(1881 Census not 1901)
BMD has no obvious records
Rose Tudgay
b 1864
Kingston Deverill
in 1881 Census for Frome
Mary Tudgay
b 1866
Kingston Deverill
in 1881 Census
Edward Tudgay
b 1867
Whatley, Somerset
in 1881 Census & 1901
BMD b 2Q 1868 Frome
no further BMD
Frank Tudgay
b 1872
Whatley Somerset
in 1881 Census
in 1901 married living in Newton St Loe (below)
Sarah Tudgay
b 1874
Whatley/Marston, Somerset
in 1881 & 1901 Census
?Annie Tudgay
b 1877
Whatley/Beckington, Somerset
in 1881 & 1901 Census
Charles Tudgay
b 1880
Beckington, Somerset
in 1881 & 1901 Census
Lily Tudgay
b 1880



Harry Tudgay, aged 6, born Spring Gardens, Frome
BMD Henry Tudgay b 1Q 1895 Frome
Linda Tudgay, aged 5 months, born W Woodlands, Frome
BMD b 4Q 1900 Frome

Rose Tudgay, b 1864, Wilts, daughter; also as Servant; note - Rose Tudgay, in 1881 Census of Frome, living at 25 Market Place, Frome, as a general domestic servant to the Singer family, unmarried, aged 17, born Kingston Deverill [source]

1901 Census -
Abraham Tudgay, b 1837, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, Head; in 1901 Census, aged 65, born Kingston Deverill, occupation General Labourer; in the 1881 Census the family was living at Goose Street, Beckington, Somerset; Alfred was an Agricultural Labourer; BMD m 2Q 1862, Mere, Louisa Marshall; d 1Q 1910, Age 70, Frome (true age 74?).
Louisa Tudgay, b 1836, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, wife (BMD Louisa Marshall); Louisa Tudgay, aged 52, born in Mells, Somerset, was Housekeeper at Membland Hall, Holbeton Parish, in the 1891 Census for Devon; in 1901 Census, aged 65, born in Kingston Deverill
Abraham Tudgay (Tudgey), m Louisa Marshall, 01/01/1862, Kingston Deverill, Wilts
Henry W Tudgay, b 1863, Kingston Deverill, son, in 1881 Census, living at Goose Street, Beckington, Somerset - Brewer's Labourer, not in 1901 Census (no Henry W in BMD)
Edward Tudgay, b 1867, Somerset, son; in 1901 Census, aged 32, born Whatley (west of Frome), Somerset, occupation Cattleman on farm; BMD b 2Q 1868 Frome; ? m 2Q 1913, Frome, Maud L Smith. Edward Tudgay, d 1Q 1951, age 82. Gladys Maud Tudgay d 1Q 1974, Hereford, b 17 Jan 1889.
Annie Tudgay, aged 24, born Beckington, Somerset, in 1901, occupation Domestic Servant; BMD b 1Q 1901, Wells, Daisy Annie S Tudgay Edward Tudgay
Charles Tudgay, b 1880, Somerset, son; in 1901, aged 21, born at Beckington, Somerset, occupation Printers Labourer; BMD b 1Q 1880, Frome,
Lily Tudgay, b 1880, Wilts, daughter; not in 1901 Census; ? unrelated Lily Tudgay, BMD b 1Q 1880, Warminster
Harry Tudgay, aged 6, born Spring Gardens, Frome; Henry Tudgay, BMD b 1Q 1895, Frome
Linda Tudgay, aged 5 months, born W Woodlands, Frome; BMD b 4Q 1900, Frome

Family in Newton St Loe in 1901
Frank Tudgay, aged 29, born Whatley, Somerset, occupation Cattleman on farm; BMD b 2Q 1872, Frome; BMD d 4Q 1949, age 77, Bath; m 2Q 1896, Bath, Ellen Elizabeth Bayliss; Ellen E Tudgay, d 1Q 1959, Bedwellty
Emma Tudgay, aged 52, born in Bath; Emma M Tudgay, BMD d 2Q 1933, age 65, Bath.

Family in Bristol in 1901 Census - George, son of George Tudgay, third son of Stephen Tudgay (1810-1880) of Kingston Deverill {short description of image}
George Tudgey, age 43, born in Bristol (an error??) and living in Bristol, occupation, Dock Gate man; BMD b 1Q 1858, Bristol; d 2Q 1935, age 77, Bristol
Sarah Tudgey, age 45, also born and living in Bristol

James Tudgey, age 15, (b 1886 - see Bedminster below) also born and living in Bristol, occupation, Tobacco Packer; BMD d 4Q 1964, Bristol, age 78; m 3Q 1914, Bristol, Grace E Pepler; no children in BMD

Annie Tudgey, age 7, also born and living in Bristol (? b 2Q 1893, Bedminster); Annie Tudgay, m 2Q 1915, Bristol, Wallace P Bromfield; an Annie Tudgay, d 4Q 1976, Louth, b 6 June 1892

Mother Tudgay, b Bristol: Ronald T Bromfield, b 3Q 1916; Pearl K, b 4Q 1921; Rita J, b 4Q 1923; Barbara E, b 1Q 1925.

NOTE - George Tudgey, b 1858, was living at No 32, Village, Kingston Deverill, in the 1881 Cansus, with Sarah Tudgey, b 1816, widow of Stephen Tudgey (1810-1880). Presumably, he was her grandson.

Others in the 1881 Census for Somerset

9 Bathurst Parade, Bedminster, Somerset
Charles Tudgay, b 1855, Bristol, Head, Baker; BMD b 1Q 1855, Bristol, m 4Q 1875, Bristol, Celia Kate Scarrett. Charles d 2Q 1931, age 76, Axbridge (Somerset, records 1837 to 1936; after in Weston super Mare)
Celia K Tudgay, b 1857, Pill, Somerset, wife; BMD Celia Kate Tudgay d 3Q 1903, age 45, Bristol
(neither in 1901 Census)

BMD records:

George Derben Tudgay, m 2Q 1883, Bedminster, Sarah Ann Ware; ? b 1858, d 2Q 1935, age 77, Bristol; Sarah Ann Tudgay d 1Q 1900, age 66, Axminster

James Tudgay m 3Q 1889, Bedminster, ?  Mary Hasler (? James Tudgay, d 3Q 1905, age 81, Bristol); Mary Tudgay, d 4Q 1936, age 71, Wincanton (? b Mary A Hasler, 1Q 1866, Ongar)

Matilda Tudgay d 2Q 1883, age 0, Bedminster

James Tudgay d 2Q 1887, age 34, Bedminster; James Tudgay, b 4Q 1852, Clifton (Glos)

Lilian Tudgay b 2Q 1884, d 1Q 1889, age 4, Bedminster

James Tudgay, b 1Q 1886, Bedminster, d 4Q 1964, age 78, Bristol - see above

Matilda Tudgay b & d 2Q 1888, age 0, Bedminster

George Tudgay b 3Q 1890 d 3Q 1891, age 1, Bedminster

Annie Tudgay b 2Q 1893, Bedminster

Marriage record: James Tudgay, m 1Q 1876, Langport, Somerset, Edith Lock Coggon (Coggan) or Susan Winter (no appropriate deaths in BMD)

Garston, Mells, Somerset
John Tudgay, b 1851, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, lodger, farm labourer (? John Tudgey, b 3Q 1849, Mere)
John was living in the house of William Stacey, b Upton Scudumore, Wiltshire, England, age 37, Occupation Groom Unemployed Out Pensioner Chelsea (8), Married
He was a son of Stephen Tudgay and by 1901 was married and living at Tuckmarsh in Somerset {short description of image}

39 Butts Hill, Frome
Walter Tudgay, b 1863, Kingston Deverill, Wilts, unmarried, carter, lodger in home of Maria Deacon, aged 74, widowed, Green Grocer occupation carter [also see source]; BMD b 3Q 1862, Mere, Walter Henry Tudgay, d 2Q 1899, age 37, Cricklade (unmarrried)

20 Bathwick Hill, Bathwick, Somerset
Mary Tudgay, b 1855, Kingston Neville, Wilts, servant; cook for Annie C Fenton, b 1833, on board ship, widowed with income from a pension, head of household. BMD Mary Ann Tudgey, b 1Q 1855, Mere

Family of Melksham, Wiltshire in 1901
William Tudgay, age 36, born Bath (?not in 1881 Census) - no BMD birth ca 1865, no other records?;
Anna Tudgay, age 36, from Melksham, wife - ? Anna Maria Tudgay b 1Q 1865, Mere, no other BMD
Both living in Melksham, Wiltshire. He was a Furniture Warehouseman

1881 Census family of Lydford, Dorset, ex Monkton Deverill and Milton Clevedon (tree deduced from 1901 Census)

Henry Tudgay, b 1855, Monkton Farleigh, Wilts, Head, House By The Line, Lamyatt, Dorset, Farm Labourer
Henrietta Tudgay, b 1856, Dublin, Ireland, wife
Mary Annie Tudgay, b 1877, Monkton Deverill, Wilts, daughter
Catherine Tudgay, b 1877, Monkton Deverill, Wilts, daughter
Lily Tudgay, b 1880, Boreham, Wilts, daughter

Henry Tudgay, aged 20, married Henrietta Feltham, on 20/11/1875, in Brixton Deverill, Wilts. His father was William Tudgay {short description of image} and her's was Daniel Feltham.

Henry Tudgay
b ca 1855
at Monkton Deverill
? Henry Tudgey
BMD 2Q 1851 Shepton Mallett

m Henrietta
b ca 1856
Dublin, Ireland

Mary Annie Tudgay
b ca 1876
Monkton Deverill
b 1Q 1877 Mere
m 4Q 1902 Frome to
?James White
Catherine Tudgay
b 1877, Monkton Deverill, Wilts
(not in 1901 census)
Lily Tudgay
b 1880, Boreham, Wilts
(not in 1901 census)
BMD b 1Q 1880 Warminster
m 3Q 1898 Shepton Mallett to
Jonas Charles Goodland
Bessie Florence Tudgay
b ca 1881
Milton Clevedon
BMD b 1Q 1882 Shepton Mallett
d um 1Q 1927, age 45, Wells
Walter Tudgay
b ca 1883
Milton Clevedon
BMD b 1Q 1884 Shepton Mallett
no further BMD?
William Charles (Charlie) Tudgay
b ca 1885
Milton Clevedon
BMD b 2Q 1886 Shepton Mallett
m 3Q 1908, Swansea, Lillian Hunt
Henry John Tudgay
b ca 1890
Milton Clevedon
BMD b 1Q 1891, Shepton Mallett
m 4Q 1921 Tisbury
Ada A Mould
d 4Q 1960 age 59

Herbert Tudgay
b ca 1893
West Lydford
BMD b 1Q 1894 Shepton Mallett
? no further BMD
Eveline Tudgay
b ca 1895
West Lydford
BMD b Q 1896 Shepton Mallett
an Eveline
m 4Q 1933
Alfred Langley

Susan Tudgay
b ca 1897
West Lydford
BMD b 4Q 1897 Shepton Mallett
no further BMD
Harry Tudgay
b 25/01/1904
d 08/1977, Ohio, USA
no BMD

Henry F J Tudgay
b 3Q 1923
m 2Q 1944 Reading
Freda A E Brill

Ella A G Tudgay
b 4Q 1925 Salisbury
m 3Q 1960
Alfred E Parker

Henry John Tudgay and Herbert Tudgay both emigrated from Lydford, Somerset, to De Kalb, Illinois, USA {short description of image}.
Also emigrated Harry Tudgay, b 25/01/1904, d 08/1977, Ohio; I guess he was a younger brother of Henry John and Herbert.

William Walter Tudgay, died in the first World War see below.

Henry1856md4 - On 31 Dec 2009, Graham Colwill emailed me that his mother was Eileen Ethel May Tudgay (1908-1952), daughter of William Charles (Charlie) Tudgay (1886-1973) born in Milton Clevedon. Charlie was in West Lydford in 1901 and married in Swansea in 1908.

BMD records:

Henry Tudgay d 3Q 1944, age 90, Wincanton

Henry Tudgay ? m 2Q 1876 Mere to Emma Tudgay

Henry Charles Tudgay b 3Q 1861 Mere, ? m 2Q 1879 Bridgwater, Emily Charlotte Sheppard (or Mary Coate); d 3Q 1947, age 86

Swansea family

William Charles Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1886 Shepton Mallett
d 1Q 1973
b 7 March 1886
m 3Q 1908, Swansea
Lillian Hunt
Lillian Hunt

Eileen Ethel M Tudgay
b 4Q 1908 Swansea
m 2Q 1930 Swansea
David J Colwill
Walter C Tudgay
b 2Q 1910
d 2Q 1918 age 8 Swansea
Vera L Tudgay
b 2Q 1914
Cyril C Tudgay
b 3Q 1919
Arthur G O Tudgay
 b 1Q 1921
Ivy B Tudgay
b 3Q 1924
Glyn D Colwill
 b 1Q 1931
Alan C Colwill
 b 4Q 1934
John Colwill
b 4Q 1941
The Cambria Daily Leader, 21st May 1918
A "Thanks for Sympathy" notice by Mr & Mrs Tudgay and family, 50, Raglan Street, Swansea thanking their numerous friends for their kind sympathy and floral tributes sent during their recent bereavement.
m 2Q 1937
Sidney E Phillips
m 4Q 1964
Jacqueline Carey
m 3Q 1949
Eileen I Young
m 2Q 1948
Donald T Knox

Barbara L Phillips
b 1Q 1939 Swansea
Clive S Phillips
b 4Q 1946 Swansea
Linda V Phillips
b 4Q 1949
W Glamorgan
no children in BMD
no children in BMD
Peter G Knox b 1Q 1954
W Glamorgan

Henry F J Tudgay family - Reading

Peter J Tudgay b 1Q 1956, Bournemouth, mother Brill

Richard J Tudgay b 3Q 1958, New Forest, mother Brill

Family of Frampton, Dorset

Joseph Tudgee m Rose?
Rosanna Tudgee, chr 02/01/1756, at Frampton, Dorset; ? Rose Tudgey, m 15/06/1780, at Long Bredy, Dorset, to William Kellaway; Rose Tudgay (Tudgey) m William Callaway (Kellaway), 1780, Dorset
Sarah Tudgee, chr 24/05/1761, at Frampton, Dorset
Catherine Tudgee, chr 05/01/1764, at Frampton, Dorset
Parents: Father: Joseph TUDGEE Mother: Rose

Further Dorset family - in 1881 Census for Dorset, living in Challow Dairy House, Corfe Castle
from Kingston Deverill and went to Woking, Surrey pre-1901

David Tudgay, b 1846, Kingstone, Wilts, Head; in 1901 Census, David Tudgay, age 51, born Kingston Deverill, living at Woking, Surrey, occupation Stockman in Farm; BMD David Tudgey b 2Q 1846, Mere; m 1Q 1868, Shaftesbury, Elizabeth Boyce; David Tudgay d 4Q 1913, age 67, Easthampstead (Berkshire)
Elizabeth Tudgay, b 1848, Penneard, Somerset, wife; in 1901 Census, Elizabeth Tudgay, age 50, born Penneard, Somerset, living at Woking; d 3Q 1927, age 79, Hambledon (Surrey/Sussex)
Herbert G Tudgay, b 1875, Buckhorn Weston, Dorset, son; no one called Herbert was in the 1901 Census; Herbert G Tudgay, BMD d 1Q 1920, age 45, Chertsey (see below).
Edna F Tudgay, b 1877, Dorset, daughter, born at Buckhorn Weston, Dorset - BMD Edna Florence Tudgay m 2Q 1899 Farnham, Samuel George Lee; Edna F Lee, d 3Q 1952, Surrey SW (no Lee-Tudgay births in BMD)
Osmand Tudgay, b 1879, Mere, Wilts, son; in 1901 Osmond was a Police Constable living in Portswood, Southampton (see below)

In 1901 only David & Elizabeth were living at Woking.

In 1881, Annie A. Tudgay, b 1854, ?, unmarried, servant, The Square, Gillingham, Dorset, household of Annie Davis

In 1901, Annie Tudgay, age 44, born in Kingston Deverill, was a domestic cook in Bournemouth.
Also in Bournemouth, as a Domestic help, was Lillie Tudgay, age 29, born in Deverill.

At the wedding of Edna F Tudgay to Samuel G Lee, 3 April 1899, St Mark's Church, Wyke, Normandy, Guildford; father David Tudgay; the witnesses were Herbert Tudgay and Jane Tudgay 0see

The Surrey Advertiser, 26 August 1939 carried a report of the funeral of Mrs Eleanor A Tudgay, d 3Q 1939, Surrey NE, age 63 (b 1876)?, the widow of Police Superintendent Tudgay, of King Charles Road, Tolworth. Her husband was Herbert George Tudgay, m 3Q 1898, Kingston, Eleanor Annie Wigley. Herbert G Tudgay d 1Q 1920, age, 45, Chertsey (b 1875, no BMD). Possible son: Ronald Tudgay, b 3Q 1898, Kingston, d 4Q 1898, age 0, Kingston. The Leatherhead Parish Churchyard has a gravestone with Herbert B Tudgay, b 1875, d 1939, age 63, 16/08/1939, and Eleanor Annie Tudgay, b 1876, d 1920, age 44, 31/01/1920; it seems that the names and dates are transposed. There seems a reasonable possibility that these were the parents of the Reigate family

Osmond Tudgay, b 4Q 1878, Mere; m 2Q 1906, South Stoneham, Gertrude Florence Whitemore; d 4Q 1952, age 74, Southampton. Gertrude Tudgay, d 3Q 1967, age 83, Southampton

son - Norman H Tudgay, b 2Q 1914, Southampton, mother Whitemore, no further BMD

Reigate family

Likely parents {short description of image}

Herbert G Tudgay
d 1Q 1920, age 45, Chertsey
m 3Q 1898, Kingston
Eleanor Annie Wigley
Eleanor A Tudgay
d 3Q 1939, age 63, Surrey NE
Eleanor Annie Wigley
b 1Q 1876 Wantage

Florence Grace Tudgay
b 3Q 1899 Reigate
Florence d 1Q 1974, dob 10 June 1899
Surrey Mid E
Cecil Herbert Tudgay
b 3Q 1900 Reigate
d 2Q 1949 Surrey SE

Freda May Tudgay
b & d 3Q 1901 Reigate
Ralph Ernest Tudgay
b 4Q 1902 Reigate
d 3Q 1976, dob 3 Oct 1902, Surrey Mid E
Maud Tudgay
b 2Q 1904 Reigate

m 2Q 1926 Epsom
Frederick Alexander
m 4Q 1925 Guildford
Edith Endersby

m 2Q 1928 Epsom
Marion I Willcox

m 3Q 1926 Epsom
Arthur A Kille

Gwendoline G Alexander
b 2Q 1938, mother Tudgay, (St) Pancras
m 4Q 1958 Surrey Mid E
Michael E Baker
Joy E Tudgay
b 4Q 1926 Windsor
m 3Q 1953 Surrey SE
Ronald Fagg
Roger Fagg
b 2Q 1955 Surrey SE
mother Tudgay
Pamela Tudgay
b 3Q 1929 Reigate
mother Endersby
no further BMD

no BMD births mother Willcox (or Wilcox) Joan E Kille
b 3Q 1928 Kingston
m 1Q 1960 Surrey N
Arthur Waddington

no BMD births mother Kille
Alan A Kille
b 3Q 1930 Kingston
no further BMD

Family of A Tudgay of Haselbury Bryan, Dorset in 1901 Census
A Tudgay, aged 28, born Buckhorn Weston, Dorest, occupation Police Constable (adorset1873) - no BMD Albert b ca 1873; but Albert Ernest m 4Q 1893, Wimborne, Annie Jane Arlock
Annie Tudgay, aged 26, born Spitisbury, Dorset; Annie J Tudgay, d 1Q 1921, age 46, Droxford (no BMD birth)
Doretta Tudgay, aged 5, born Broadmayne, Dorset; Doretta Annie, b 1Q 1895, Dorchester, no further BMD
Florence Tudgay, aged 4, born Wyke Regis, Dorset; Florence Edna, BMD b 1Q 1897, Weymouth (no further BMD)
Hilda Tudgay, aged 2, born Wyke Regis, Dorest; Hilda Evelyn V b 2Q 1899, Weymouth; m 2Q 1928, Droxford, William H Abraham
Albert Tudgay, aged 11 months, born Haselbury Bryan, Dorset; Albert Ernest b 4Q 1893, Wimborne; m 4Q 1922, Droxford, Olive C Churcher
Emily Lily Louise Tudgay, b 10/03/1902, Beaminster, Dorset; m 1Q 1926, Fareham, William A Dawes; children: Brian J Dawes, b 2Q 1929, Portsmouth; Gordon Dawes, b 3Q 1930, Fareham

Hilda family: Ada A Abraham, b 4Q 1929, Droxford; Thurza M Abraham, b 4Q 1930, Droxford; Jean M Abraham, b 1Q 1935, Weymouth

Albert Ernest Tudgay family

Roy A Tudgay, b 2Q 1927, Droxford, mother Churcher; m 2Q 1950, Southampton, Ruth K Avery

Ruby K Tudgay, b 3Q 1936, Droxford, mother Churcher; m 4Q 1956, Droxford, Edward G Crabb

Roy A Tudgay children

Philip R Tudgay, b 2Q 1952, Southampton, m 1Q 1975, Southampton, Maria A Martin; son Michael Philip Tudgay, b 2Q 1876, Southampton, mother Martin.

Linda A Tudgay, b 2Q 1954, Southampton, m 3Q 1972, Southampton, Colin M Parsons

Hampshire Tudgey family members

James Tudgy, m Sarah Grove 12/07/1789 at Milford on Sea, Hants; possibly from Broad Chalk, Wiltshire

BMD has: Emma Tugday d 1Q1854, S. Stoneham; and, John Tugday, m 3Q 1854, Stoneham

?? is John on John jr wedding certificate
then a Gardener
James/John Tudgey Mary ? ? Jane Tudgey
d 1Q 1883, age 83, Southampton

Sarah Tudgey
m 04/12/1852, at St. Marys, Portsea, Hants
BMD m 4Q 1852
Edward Keeping or William Lufron
Ann Tudgey
b 1833, Hordle, Hants;
Ann Tudgey, m
Henry Brewer
18/09/1862, at Hordle, Hants
mother Rachael, father not given
no BMD
John Tudgey
b 1838
Fritham/Bramshaw, Hants
In the Bramshaw Baptism Register as
John Fritham, son of John & Rebecca TUGDY
labourer (crossed out gardener)*
head, in 1881 Census for Hants
John Feetham Tudgey
d 3Q 1898, age 60, South Stoneham
Alfred Tudgey
chr 15/02/1841, Fareham, Hants
parents James and Mary
(?not in 1881 Census)
no BMD
Henry Tudgey
chr 09/03/1843, Fareham, Hants
(? not in 1881 Census)
no BMD
Elizabeth Tudgey
m 16/04/1860, at Alverstoke, Hants
Robert Hayball or Alfred Lane
1861 Census living at South Stoneham Bachelor
occupation Carpenter
of Itchen Ferry, St Mary Extra, Southampton
m 07/01/1861
St Mary's Southampton
in BMD
Sarah Othen
b 1833, South Stoneham/West End, Hants
d 4Q 1899, age 67, South Stoneham

1871 living in Alma Road, Bitterne
Sarah Tudgey
in 1881 Census for Hants

John Edward Tudgey
b 02/1861
d 20/10/1862
at West End
in BMD
Sarah Alice Tudgey
b 1863
(b cert)
Census - West End, Hants
in BMD
b 2Q 1863, South Stoneham
William John Tudgey
b 1865
West End, Hants
BMD b 4Q 1864 South Stoneham
m 4Q 1903, South Stoneham
Florence Annie Dewey
(Florence Annie Tudgey d  2Q 1934, age 58, Salisbury)
d 3Q 1930, age 65, Southampton
Rosa Ada Tudgey
b 1872
Sholing, Hants
no BMD birth
Rosa A Gurman
d 2Q 1946, Southampton
Agnes Alice W Tudgey
b 2Q 1884, South Stoneham
no further BMD

m Alfred William Wiltshire
South Stoneham
in BMD
in 1901
living in Bitterne
m 1Q 1908, South Stoneham
Charles Edwin Gurman
no BMD children

dau Kathleen Tudgey
Kathleen Doris Tudgey
b 4Q 1907, South Stoneham
m 3Q 1935, Salisbury,
Leonard W Sanger

Joan K Sanger
b 1Q 1939, Christchurch, mother Tudgey

* Information from Hilary Gadsby, December 2003. This suggests that there were two families -
one being that of John & Rebecca Tudgey
The other being that of James & Mary Tudgey.
{Broad Chalke to Fritham}

1881 Census - Stoney Road, South Stoneham, Hampshire (now in Swaythling Parish, north Southampton)
(Family of John Tudgey, b 1838, Bramshaw, Hants, a carpenter, and Sarah Tudgey
Alice Tudgey, b 1863, West End, Hants, daughter
William Tudgey, b 1865, West End, Hants, son
Rosa Ada Tudgey, b 1872, Sholing, Hants

{Southampton}The 1901 Census has William Tudgey, age 36, with his wife Nora, age 29, both born in Southampton and living in Bitterne, Southampton. William was a Carpenter & Joiner Handyman.

Fritham and Bramshaw are west of Southampton (off the B3708, actually just off a direct road route to Broad Chalk, via Fordingbridge, see map above); West End, Sholing and Bitterne are all now in the eastern suburbs of Southampton; Fareham is east of Southampton.

South Stoneham - Created 1st July 1837. Abolished 1st January 1925 (incorporated into Southampton district). Sub-districts : Millbrook; St. Mary Extra; South Stoneham. GRO volumes : VII (1837-51); 2c (1852-1924). Bitterne (1837-94), Botley, Burlesdon, Chilworth, Eastleigh, Hamble le Rice, Hedge End, Hound, Itchen, Millbrook, North Stoneham, Portswood (1837-1909), St. Mary Extra, Shirley (1837-1909), Sholling, South Stoneham, West End. Registers now in Southampton district. [From GENUKI - Registration Districts in Hampshire]

In 2002, a Tudgey has a horticultural nursery at Crookham Village, Fleet, Hampshire - link to Tudgey's Nursery.

In June 2003, a new contributor, Hilary Gadsby, related to this family has emailed the Tudgay Mailing list -

My interest in Wiltshire and Tudgey is my grandparents Alfred Wiltshire/ear who married Sarah Alice Tudgey on 16th August 1884 in South Stoneham Registry Office. They were both born in West End his father was George and her father was John Tudgey whose birth in Bramshaw/ Fritham I have been unable to confirm. He was born about the time GRO registration started but I cannot find his birth. When I next get to Hampshire I hope to check for a christening at the record office but being so close to the Wiltshire border he could have been christened in Wiltshire. I have also been unable to find him on the 1851 census for Bramshaw although his parents could be living elsewhere by then. Hilary Gadsby. North Wales born Southampton.
I have the 1881 census information already and am about to send for a birth certificate for my grandmother Sarah Alice in hope of tracing the maiden name of her mother. The exact place of birth for John Tudgey is uncertain as the 1881 census gives his place of birth as Bramshaw whilst 1871 gives Fritham which is near Bramshaw. Sarah, wife of John was born South Stoneham so they probably married in South Stoneham somewhere. I suspect that there is a connection to Zillah's ancestors in Wiltshire particularly given the proximity of Bramshaw to the county boundary. I have information about John Tudgey's other children William and Rosa Ada and also their children so I would be delighted if I can get past John or even find any siblings of John. They seem to have moved a lot as they lived in Alma (now Almatade) Road in Bitterne in 1871 and Rosa Ada was born in Sholing. In 1891 neither of the girls were living with their parents I know that Sarah Alice had married and Rosa Ada married Charles? Gurman as I knew their daughter. William married and had a daughter Kathleen. The 1891 census for Hampshire also has some Tudgay's born in Wiltshire/Dorset but none born in Hampshire and I have been unable to trace anyone else born in Hampshire.
Next - 12 July 2003
I have within the last 2 days found out several interesting facts about my ancestor which may help place him in the tree which Brian has on his website. His wife's maiden name was OTHEN and on the 1861 census he was living with his father in law at Elver Fir Cottage, Shamblehurst, South Stoneham RG9 681 f83 p3 he had a son John Edward Tudgey who was 1 month old on the census and died aged 1yr 8 months on 20th October 1862 and was buried with his grandmother Hannah OTHEN (nee SHOLING) at West End. John married Sarah OTHEN on 7th January 1861 at St Mary's Southampton he was a batchelor, occupation Carpenter of Itchen Ferry which is part of St Mary Extra his father is given as John TUDGEY Gardener and her father Abraham OTHEN was also a gardener. This information was passed on to me by someone researching the OTHEN family and she has also sent me a copy of a transcript of Abraham's will. I will eventually get around to confirming the details myself. All this information from a simple request for help on a mailing list, all thanks to the information on Sarah Alice TUDGEY's copy birth certificate, she was actually born in Thornhill as was John Edward not West End as stated on the 1881 census. If anyone might have a link to John TUDGEY Gardener presumably born early 1800's could they please let me know as I have not managed to trace John TUDGEY Carpenter on the GRO indexes or find his christening.

South Hayling, Hampshire family

Sarah Tudgay, m 23/07/1829, Lymington, Hants [web link to source]

James Tudgey m 10/06/1819
at South Hayling, Hants
d 4Q 1854, Havant
Ann Derben (Durben)
? 2nd, m 30/07/1827,
at South Hayling
Mary ?
Mary Scott Tudgey
d 4Q 1847, Lymington

Sarah Tudgay
chr 01/07/1821, at South Hayling, Hants
? m 4Q 1852, Portsea
(see also above)
James Tudgay
chr 11/01/1824, at South Hayling
b 1823, Hampshire, in 1881 Census, for Somerset (see below)
John Tudgay
chr 30/12/1832, South Hayling, Hants
? mother in IGI as Mary
? d 2Q 1849 Lymington
Elizabeth Tudgay
chr 05/04/1835, South Hayling, Hants
? Eliza Tudgey d 3Q 1845, Lymington
George Tudgay
chr 03/02/1839, South Hayling, Hants
not in 1881 Census
BMD b 4Q 1838, Havant
Alfred Tudgay
chr 16/05/1841, South Hayling, Hants
mother in IGI as Mary

Anne Derben, died 1825, daughter of John Durben and Martha Brown [web link to source].

BMD: Lymington, Hampshire

William "Tugday", b 4Q 1840, Lymington

Emma Jane Tudgey, m 3Q 1851, Lymington (William Gould, William Hicks or Thomas Hodder)

James Tudgey, b 3Q 1851, Lymington

Elizabeth Tudgey, b 2Q 1855, Lymington

Male Tudgey, b & d 2Q 1858, Lymington

Female Tudgey, b & d 2Q 1858, Lymington

Maria Tudgey, d 2Q 1860, Lymington

William Tudgey, d 1Q 1872, age 83, Lymington (b 1789)

James P Tudgey
(James Tudgey b 3Q 1851 Lymington)
m 4Q 1912
Annie Paddan
James P Tudgey
d 3Q 1965 Sodbury
Annie Paddan
b 4Q 1886
d 2Q 1969, dob, 31 Oct 1886, Bristol
James R Tudgey
b 3Q 1913 Weymouth
mother Paddan
m 3Q 1937
Olive M J Allen

Anthony D Tudgey
b 1Q 1938 Plymouth
mother Allen
m 3Q 1956 Bath
Ann P Wakeford
m 3Q 1975
Yvonne I Aird/Beckwith ?
Rosemary A Tudgey
b 2Q 1946
mother Allen
m 3Q 1972
Douglas W Johns
mother Wakeford
Susan D Tudgey
b 1Q 1957 Bath
Elizabeth A Tudgey
b 1Q 1960 Bristol

Family in Bristol in 1881 Census
James Tudgay, b 1823, Hayling Island, Hants, Dock Gate Man, living at 9 Bathurst Parade, Bedminster, Somerset; James Tudgey, m 3Q 1840, Bristol (Ann Buck, Sarah Illes, Caroline Thompson or Sarah Watmore); James Tudgay, d 3Q 1905, age 81, Bristol; ? 2nd marriage, 1Q 1876, Taunton (Maria McDowell or Mary Ann Ray/Rey
Matilda Tudgay, b 1830, Hayling Island, Hants, wife; d 2Q 1883, Bedminster; also d Matilda age 0!
James Tudgay, b 1853, Bristol, son; christened 23/01/1853, St Mary's Redcliffe, Bristol; BMD 1Q 1852, Bristol; d 4Q 1872, Bristol
George Tudgay, b 1858, Bristol, son, see below

BMD: Bristol
George Tudgay, b 1Q 1858; d 2Q 1935, age 77, Bristol

Family of Walton on Thames, Surrey, then of Worcestershire, and back to Walton or north to Whitby

William Tudgy m Mary Fawlett, 05/09/1752, Fovant, Wilts (ex Graham Tudgey)

Jane Tudgy
BMD d 4Q 1852 Chertsey

Elizabeth Tudgy
BMD d 1Q 1845 Chertsey

Henry Tudgey (Tudgy)
BMD d 1Q 1856 Chertsey
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
(ex Gr Tudgey)
Elizabeth Ann Retford
no obvious BMD death
apart from above but that was before the birth of Edward (below)

James Tudgy
chr 06/06/1830
Walton on Thames, Surrey
Henry Robert Tudgy
chr 04/10/1835
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
Alfred Thomas Tudgy
chr 21/07/1839
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
BMD b 3Q 1839 Chertsey
d 3Q 1860 Chertsey
Elizabeth Ann Tudgy
chr 06/06/1841
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
BMD b 2Q 1841 Chertsey
m 3Q 1859 Kingston
 ? William Turnbull
[William Turnbull d 4Q 1907, age 88, Kingston]

Mary Ann Emily Tudgy
chr 28/04/1844
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
Edward Tudgy
chr 28/02/1847
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
(EdT0 see below)
BMD b 1Q 1847 Chertsey
Henry, a Seaman, and Hannah were living at 23 William St, Stranton, Durham
in the 1881 Census
Henry Tudgy
b 1837, Esher, Surrey
in the 1881 Census
living in Durham
Hannah Mary Tudgy
b 1838, Whitby,Yorks, wife
in 1901 living with her son (below) in West Hartlepool, Durham
(HRT spouse)
Henry d 2Q 1891, age 54, Hartlepool
Hannah M Tudgy
d 2Q 1913, age 76, Hartlepool

William G Turnbull
d 1Q 1925, age 51, Kingston
Elizabeth Annie Turnbull
BMD d 2Q 1970, dob 6 Aug 1875
Surrey SE
Emily Tudgy
b 1844, Hersham, Surrey
in the 1881 Census
unmarried, "daur." (?)
living at Downs Cottages, Leatherhead, Surrey
home of Richard Crockford
in the 1901 Census
Emily Tudgey
aged 50, born Hersham, Surrey
living in Cheshunt, Herts
no occupation given
d 1Q 1907, age 62, Edmonton
Edward Tudgay
b 1846, Surrey
in the 1881 Census
living in Hallow, Worcs
see below
William Henry Tudgy
b 1859, Whitby, Yorks, son, 1881 Census for Durham;
1901 Census as born in Whitby, Yorks, a sailmaker living in West Hartlepool, Durham
apparently no offspring
d 1Q 1902, age 41, Hartlepool
Elizabeth Mary Tudgy
b 1861, Whitby, Yorks, daughter, 1881 Census for Durham
Mary Elizabeth Tudgy
b 4Q 1860, Whitby
m 2Q 1882, Hartlepool
(Noah Fulcher or Robert Newholm

Philip Ross Tudgy
chr 02/08/1863
at Walton on Thames, Surrey
(illegitimate son)
BMD has Philip Rodd Tudgy d 4Q 1863, Chertsey

Emmeline Tudgy
b & d 3 Q 1864, Whitby
Alfred Gales Tudgy
b 4 Q 1870, d 1Q 1871, Whitby

Philip Ross Tudgey - the IGI gives the mother of Philip Ross Tudgy chr 02/08/1863 at Walton on Thames, Surrey as being Mary Ann Emily TUDGY, chr 28/04/1844 at Walton on Thames, Surrey (Emily). Her mother Elizabeth Ann RETFORD married Richard CROCKFORD after the death of Henry TUDGY, Emily's father. Hersham is linked with Walton on Thames, so the fact of being born at Hersham and chr. at Walton on Thames is OK. (from Zillah July 2003, who wonders what happened to Philip Ross Tudg(e)y).

Family of Edward Tudgey (EDT0)
Edward Tudgey, 23, bachelor, a gardener, at Hallow, Worcestershire, (father's name Henry Tudgey a farmer) became the second husband of Elizabeth Wilks (ne Young) on 28/08/1870 at the Chapel of Hallow in the Parish of Grimley cum ? Hallow in the county of Worcester web link to source. After Elizabeth died, her daughter Emily Wilks married her stepfather Edward Tudgey on August 20th 1883 at St Pauls Church, in the Parish of Balsall Heath in the county of Worcester. Edward was 36, a widower, a nurseryman, resident at Balsall Heath at the time of the marriage.

Sometime after the birth of Emily Mary Tudgey, b 01/09/1883, first child of Edward Tudgey and Emily Tudgey (ne Wilks), who was the grandmother of Zillah Williams of Canberra Email, the family moved back to Walton on Thames being there by 1887.

In the 1881 Census the family of Edward Tudgey, gardener and domestic servant, was living at Packington Road, Hallow, Worcestershire.

In the BMD, Hallow is a Civil Parish, within the Martley Registration District, as was from 1837-1974.

Edward Tudgey
b Walton on Thames
ca 1846
BMD b 1Q 1847 Chertsey
d 2Q 1930, age 83, Hartley Witney
m (1) 28/08/1870, at Hallow, Worcs (M Cert)
BMD m 3Q 1870, Martley
Elizabeth Wilks
Martley, Worcestershire
Elizabeth (Wilks ne) Young (1st)
Elizabeth Tudgey, b 1835, Hallow, Worcs, wife, in 1881 Census for Worcs
d 1Q 1883, age 48, Edmonton
m (2) 20/08/1883, at Balsall Heath, Worcs. (M Cert)
BMD m 3Q 1883, King's Norton
Emily Wilkes
Emily Wilks
(daughter of Elizabeth Young/Wilks)
(EdT spouse 2)
see below
Mary (May) Tudgey
b 1872, Hallow, Worcs
daughter, 1881 Census for Worcs
BMD b 3Q 1871, Martley
Amy Ellen Tudgey
chr 29/12/1872, Hallow, Worcs
daughter, 1881 Census for Worcs
BMD b 4Q 1872, Martley
Amy Helen Tudgey
m 2Q 1897, Christchurch
Frederick Cook
Alfred Edward Tudgey
chr 30/08/1874, Hallow, Worcs
also in 1881 Census for Worcs
BMD b 3Q 1874, Martley
m 3Q 1899, Chertsey,
Louise Maud Coote
d 1Q 1958, age 84, Islington
Annie Elizabeth Tudgey
b 1876, Hallow, Worcs
daughter, 1881 Census for Worcs
BMD b 1Q 1876, Martley
m 3Q 1896 Pancras
Henry Smith
untraceable after in BMD

Martley abolished 1913 to Worcester

In 1901 Census
Alfred Tudgay
aged 26
born Hallow
occupation Farmer Driver
living in Islington, London

Louisa Tudgey
aged 25
born Paddington London
(EdT.3 spouse)
(Louisa Maud Coote, b 4Q 1875, Kensington
d 1Q 1960, age 85, Marylebone
no Tudgey, mother Coote, in BMD

Helen L Tudgey
aged 11 months
born Henton Admiral, Hants
b 2Q 1900, Christchurch
m 1Q 1920, Islington
Harry Cridland
Alfred Richard Tudgey
b 2Q 1907, Islington
d 1Q 1910, age 2, Islington
Nancy C Tudgey
b 1Q 1911, Islington
d 1Q 1912, age 1 Islington

mother Tudgey
Roy Cridland, b 1Q 1921, Islington
Anne L Cridland, b 4Q 1929, Edmonton
Christopher R Cridland, b 3Q 1936, Edmonton

Second marriage of Edward Tudgey 1846-1930, from 1901 Census

Edward Tudgey m 2
3Q 1883, King's Norton
Emily Wilkes
Emily Wilks
(EdT0.spouse 2)
Emily Tudgey d 2Q 1942, age 84, Aldershot
? b 1Q 1858, Martley
Hartley Witney abolished 1932 into Aldershot
Emily Mary Tudgey
b 01/09/1883
in Birmingham
BMD b 3Q 1883, King's Norton
Richard Tudgey
b ca 1887
not in BMD
Walton on Thames
Richard Benjamin Tudgey
m 2Q 1920, Christchurch, Dorothy B Maidment
d 2Q 1971, dob 3 Sep 1887, Aldershot
Edward Tudgey
b ca 1889
Walton on Thames
b 3Q 1889, Chertsey
m 4Q 1927, Hartley Witney
Kathleen E J Pool
d 3Q 1967, age 78, Bournemouth
Frederick Tudgey
b ca 1890
Walton on Thames
b 4Q 1890, Chertsey
m 2Q 1919, Poole, Emily E Baverstock
d 4Q 1961, age 70, Aldershot
(? same)
Emily Mary Tudgey
m Ernest William Smith, 21/12/1904
at St Marks, Christchurch, Hants
(M Cert)
John E Tudgey
mother Maidment
b 3Q 1921, Hartley Witney
m 3Q 1949, Aldershot, Irene E Brown
d 3rd Feb 2000
mother Pool
Edward R Tudgey, b 4Q 1928, Hartley Witney
Gwendoline K Tudgey, b 4Q 1929, Hartley Witney
Patricia M Tudgey, b 2Q 1932, Hartley Witney
Rosalie J Tudgey, b 2Q 1935, Aldershot
Jane E Tudgey, b 3Q 1936, Aldershot
Alison F D Tudgey, b 2Q 1944, Aldershot
Graham R Tudgey, b 3Q 1946, Aldershot
mother Baverstock
Margaret Tudgey, b 4Q 1920, Hartley Witney
Ian E Tudgey, b 4Q 1927, Hartley Witney

mother Smith
Gillian M Tudgey, b 4Q 1951, Aldershot
mother Brown
Stephen J Tudgey, b 4Q 1951, Aldershot
Graham F Tudgey, b 1Q 1954, Surrey NW
Patricia M Tudgey
m 4Q 1951, Aldershot,
Roger G Booth

Ian E Tudgey
m 3Q 1948, Aldershot
Helga U I Ecke
 Helga Ursula E Tudgey
d 1Q 1970, dob 29 Sep 1925. Aldershot

Stephen James Tudgey
m 3Q 1975, Bracknell
Alison J Cummings
Edward R Tudgey
m 3Q 1955, Bournemouth
Kathleen Cummings-Knight
mother Cummings-Knight
Gerald P Tudgey, b 3Q 1961, Southampton

  Margaret Tudgey
m 2Q 1949, Aldershot
Leslie Southall
mother Tudgey
Leslie W T Southall
b 3Q 1949, Aldershot1

Following need follow up

Stephen James C Tudgey
b 2Q 1977
mother Williams

(no marriage in BMD for Tudgey to Williams)
Rosalie J Tudgey
m 2Q 1956, Wood Green
Maqbul I Malik

Jane E Tudgey
m 1Q 1962, Weymouth
Edward G B Moone

Alison F D Tudgey
m 2Q 1965, Surrey N.
Jeffery P Blackburn

Tudgay/Tudgey families of London

Ann Tudgey, m William Lee, 23/08/1806, at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London
John Tudgay m Elizabeth Miller, on 1/4/1820, at St Saviour, Southwark web link to source
The only John Tudgay who might be a candidate for the origin of this John is from Kingston Deverill {short description of image}, but he is recorded as marrying in Kingston Deverill. If, however, that was a first marriage, it seems reasonable for John, Jr., sailmaker, to be his son from the first marriage (i.e born ca 1814)

The new A2A catalogue (Access to Archives at link) has
Cobb of Margate, Family and Business Papers
In the East Kent Archives - Catalogue Ref. EK-U1453 - BUSINESS PAPERS - Shipping, Salvage and the Coal Trade - General correspondence
FILE - Tudgay, John & Son of London - ref. EK-U1453/B5/4/1318 - date: 1822

Poplar family

Martha Tudgay d 2Q 1838 Poplar
Sarah Tudgay d 2Q 1838 Poplar
Thomas Tudgay d 2Q 1838 Poplar
Lashbrook Tudgay d 2Q 1844 Poplar
Clara Tudgay, b 4Q 1839, Poplar; d 3Q 1926, age 85, West Ham (b 1841)
John Lashbrook Joseph Tudgay, b 2Q 1845, Poplar; d 2Q 1846, St Giles & C (London)
John Tudgay, b 2Q 1847, Poplar
John Tudgay, b 4Q 1873, Poplar
Frederick Tudgay, b 3Q 1875 Poplar

John Tudgay d 4Q 1846 St Pancras
Elizabeth Tudgay d 4Q 1872, age 75, Stepney
John Latchbrook Tudgay  d 3Q 1874, age 86, Stepney; son John Lashbrook Tudgay, m 3Q 1877, Ormskirk (Lancashire), Sarah Jane S Lowe; no further BMD
Margaret L Tudgay d 1Q 1929, age 10, Stepney

A report in "The Sun", London, November 24, 1820, described how two seamen, being natives of "Owyhee" (Hawaii), having arrived in London on board an American ship, had been looked after by a Mr John Tudgay, sail-maker and owner of the "Ship & Pilot" public house in Wapping (see link). In 1861 Mr J.l. Tudgay, Marine Artist, was resident in Three Colt Street, Poplar, London

John Tudgay
m 24/04/1836
Anne Ottys
at St Nicholas, Cole Abbey, London
John Tudgay, Jun.
Wapping, Sail Maker
record of 22/11/1826
web link to source
presumably painting for a hobby or living by 1851

second wife Emily Tudgey
b 1824
d 23/05/1885
buried Abney Park
(see below)
= Amelia ne Stewart,
whose son John Tudgy
was christened in 1849

BMD has John Tudgay
m 2Q 1844, St Geo East
Amelia Stuart
Joshua Tudgey
b 1829
d 02/12/1857
buried Abney Park, London
(see below)
A Joshua Tudgey, is recorded as a member of the Wiltshire Friendly Society, living at Longbridge Deverell, registered in 1846, ref no 3778 source
Louisa Tudgay
b 1829, London
in 1881 Census, London
Head (?wife of Joshua?)
in 1901 Census
age 65, born Poplar
living in Poplar
BMD d 1Q 1904 age 67 Poplar
Julia Tudgay
b 1831
in 1881 Census, London
Born at St Georges, Middlesex,
sister of Louisa living at 1 Baston Street
in 1901 Census
age 63, born Poplar and living in Poplar
(JoshT. sis1)
BMD d 4Q 1907 age 69 Poplar
Clara Tudgay
b Dec 1839, London
in 1881 Census for London
living at 1 Baston Street
sister, Confectioner
in 1901 Census
age 60, born Poplar
living in Poplar
Occupation Confectioners Assistant
BMD b 4Q 1839 Poplar
d um 3Q 1925 West Ham
Elizabeth Anne Tudgay
no BMD but
daughter of Mr J L Tudgay, Marine Artist, of Three Colt Street, London
married 7th May 1861 at St Paul's Church, Melbourne
to Mr Hiram Edward Hoyle, Medbank, late of Huddersfield, Yorkshire England
The Argus, Melbourne, Wed. 10 Jul 1861
elder son
Frederick Tudgay (FT0)
b 1840/41
who became a renowned marine artist
(see below)
BMD b 1Q 1841 Poplar
m 4Q 1872 Mile End
d 1Q 1921 age 80 West Ham
younger son
John Tudgy
chr 10/06/1849, Coverdale Chapel, Commercial Road-Independent, Limehouse London
Father: John TUDGY Mother: Amelia STEWART
BMD John Joseph Lashbrook Tudgay
b 2Q 1845 Poplar
d 2Q 1846 St Giles &C
Joseph H Tudgy
b 1856
d 30/10/1876
buried Abney Park
(see below)
? father of the orphans
William and John
see below
no BMD record of death

John Tudgay or Fudgay, b 1848, London
1881 Census
Head, occ. Builder
living at
34 Lord Street
North Meols, Lancashire

(Wirral Peninsula)
Sarah J Tudgay or Fudgay
b 1856, Wigan, Lancs, wife
neither seem to be in the 1901 Census (not as Tudgay)*
BMD John Tudgay b 2Q 1847 Poplar
no further BMD marriage or deaths

* There is one Fudgay in 1901 but the name is James Fudgay, age 74, living in Warminster - another misspelling?

Frederi(c)k Tudgay (1841-1921), and John L Tudgay marine painters of London, painted singly and together [sample, web link to source "I. Tudgay" painted the Barque Scotland in 1851 [see web link to source]. The "I" may well be John (as above), as that was the style of the day for "J" if written with a median dot.

Commercial Road, Limehouse and Wapping are adjacent areas in the Docklands, obvious places for John & Frederick to have been able to paint ships. St Nicholas Cole Abbey, 114 Queen Victoria St., EC4, London, is near St Pauls and the first church rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren information link

Abney Park Cemetery, London (Hackney-Stoke Newington-Dalston) web link to source

Name Date Age Burial Section Index
Emily Tudgey 23 May 1885 61y 076904 I09 3S05
Joshua Tudgey 02 Dec 1857 28y 019487 C04 1S09
Joseph H Tudgy 30 Oct 1876 20y 059988 E08 2S11

Possibly sons of Joseph H Tudgy listed in the 1881 Census
William Tudgay, b 1873, Romford, Essex, a scholar, living at South Weald, Essex, as a lodger with Joseph Little, b 1832, at Wight Rothing, Essex, married, farm labourer
John Tudgay, b 1876, Romford, Essex, lodger, Essex - possibly the John Tudgay, age 27, born in London, and living in Carlton, Nottingham, in the 1901 Census, as a Railway Foreman (see also the St German's family, then of Paddington, London). John Tudgay BMD B 4Q 1873 Poplar
Presumably these brothers were orphans, as no parents were in Romford

1901 Census for West Ham, London

also see above Occupation Ships Painter Frederick Tudgay
b ca 1840
d 1Q 1921, age 80, W Ham
Honora Sullivan

Hannah Tudgay
b ca 1850
(FT0 spouse)
Honora Tudgay
d 1Q 1931, age 80, West Ham

Frederick Tudgay
b ca 1875
occupation Ships Steward
BMD b 3Q 1875 Poplar
m 2Q 1910 West Ham
Mabel Dora Hardiman
d 1Q1940, age 65, Essex SW
Sarah Tudgay
b ca 1877
occupation Schoolmistress
arah Alue BMD b 4Q 1877 Poplar
recorded in 1912 as a mistress at St Francis RC School, Strtaford
Norah Tudgay
b ca 1879
occupation School Teacher
Honorah BMD b 4Q 1879 Poplar
d 1Q 1963, age 83, Essex SW
Henry Tudgay
b ca 1881
occupation Plumbers Apprentice
BMD b 1Q 1882 Poplar
no obvious further BMD
Ellen Tudgay
BMD  b 3Q 1884 West Ham
 d 1Q 1886 age 1 West Ham
James F Tudgay
b ca 1886
occupation Tin Smith Apprentice
BMD b 4Q 1886 West Ham
m 1Q 1915 West Ham
spouse Lambert
Arthur Tudgay
b ca 1888
at school
BMD b 2Q 1889 West Ham
m 2Q 1917 West Ham
spouse Langford

Frederick Tudgay family

Freda H Tudgay b 1Q 1912 West Ham mother Hardiman; m 2Q 1942, Surrey N E, Arthur G Cochrane; son Ian G Cochrane, mother Tudgay, b 2Q 1947, Wandsworth.

Joan M Tudgay b 3Q 1920 West Ham mother Hardiman; m 2Q 1948, Sidney L Sullivan; mother Sullivan, b Surrey N E - Ann S Sullivan, b 4Q 1949; John R Sullivan b 2Q 1951; Beryl E Sullivan, b 3Q 1953.

Thomas F Tudgay b 2Q 1922 West Ham mother Hardiman; no further BMD.

James F Tudgay family

Honora A Tudgay b 4Q 1915 West Ham mother Lambert; m 1Q 1948, Essex  SW, Charles F Challis; mother Tudgay, son Anthony D Challis, b 3Q 1949, Cambridge.

Ellen Emma Tudgay b 3Q 1918 West Ham mother Lambert; d 4Q 1940, age 22, Ilford. Commonwealth War Graves, died Thursday, 17 October 1940, civilian war dead, Ilford Municipal Cemetery.

Ursula M Tudgay b 4Q 1920 West Ham mother Lambert; d 1Q 1921 West Ham

Frederick A Tudgay b 4Q 1921 West Ham mother Lambert; no further BMD

Kathleen M Tudgay b 3Q 1925 West Ham mother Lambert; m 1Q 1946, Epping, Leslie H Harmer; mother Tudgay, born Epping; Carol I Harmer, b 4Q 1946; Susan L Harmer, b 1Q 1948; Edward J Harmer, b 3Q 1953.

Isabel M Tudgay b 3Q 1926 West Ham mother Lambert; Isobel M d 3Q 1926 age 0 West Ham

Arthur Tudgay family

Margaret I Tudgay b 4Q 1918 West Ham mother Langford; d 1Q 1929, age 10, Stepney

Brian Arthur Tudgay b 2Q 1926 West Ham mother Langford; no further BMD; pupil Douai School 1939-1944

Miscellaneous London records of 1901

Sarah Tudgay, aged 21, born Frome, Somerset, occupation housemaid domestic, at Elgin Avenue, Paddington - she was a daughter of Isaac John Tudgay, living in Tuckmarsh, Somerset, in 1901 [a Sarah Louise Tudgay was b 3Q 1874, Frome; d 3Q 1951, age 76, Poole] {short description of image}

Transient Gloucestershire records (transient) - Dyrham & Hinton in 1881 and Othery, Somerset in 1901

A list of Gloucestershire names in the 17th and 18th Century, taken from the volumes by Ralph Bigland and his record of names by Graham Thomas. [web link to source] has Tudgey in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire. That was Thomas Tudgey - Link and his son, John, christened there on 13/05/1706 and Samuel christened there in 1729.

In the 1881 Census a single family appeared headed by John Tudgay (john1842dean), living in Dyrham & Hinton, Gloucs; John was recorded as born in Dean, Gloucs, 1841, a dairyman/agricultural labourer; there is no Dean in Gloucestershire, the probable village is on the main Frome road east of Shepton Mallet, in our "homeland area".
The 1901 Census, however, shows this family's stay in Gloucestershire was transient, as they were living in Othery, Somerset. Othery is some 21 miles southwest of Shepton Mallet Map of main Wiltshire/Somerset area. Note that Alfred was born in Dyrham, Gloucestershire.

Family records in Bridgwater Registration District; includes Othery and Chilton Trinity. Sherborne District, 1837-1937, included parts of Dorest and Somerset (Goat Hill and Marston Magna).

Caroline Tudgay, d 3Q 1873, age, 52, Sherborne (born 1821); presumably the mother of John, below. There is no appropriate marriage of a Tudgay, spouse Caroline, in BMD.

John Tudgay, b 1841, Gloucs, Head; in 1901, he aged 59, was recorded as born in Dean(e), Somerset, occupation Dairyman; BMD m 1Q 1870, Sherborne, Jane Hutchings; d 4Q 1903, age 62, Bridgwater
Jane Tudgay, b 1839, Rimpton, Somerset; in 1901, she was aged 62, born in Rimpton Somerset, occupation Dairywoman; BMD (probable)  b 1Q 1839, Sherborne; d 1Q 1920, age 81, Bridgwater
George Tudgay, b 1871, Thorne Coffin, Somerset, son; not in 1901 Census there or anywhere else; "George Hutchings Tudgay"; BMD d 3Q 1896, age 25, Bridgwater
Rosa Jane Tudgay, b 1873, Othery, Somerset, daughter; not in 1901 Census; BMD b 3Q 1872, Bridgwater; d 2Q 1940, Bridgwater, unmarried.
Caroline Tudgay, b 1875, Othery, Somerset, daughter; not in 1901 Census, although there is a Caroline, aged 20, birthplace unknown, Census place not given, a Dairyman's daughter; Caroline Ann, BMD b 3Q 1874, Bridgwater; d 3Q 1918, age 43, Taunton
Henry Tudgay, b 1876, ?Othery, Somerset, son; in 1901 Census, aged 28, born in South Othery, occupation Dairyman; BMD Henry John, b 4Q 1875, Bridgwater; d 2Q 1902, Taunton
William Tudgay, b 1877, Chilton Trinity, Somerset, son; in 1901 Census, aged 24, born in Chilton Trinity, Somerset; occupation Dairyman; b 1Q 1877, Bridgwater; d 1Q 1941, age 64, Bridgwater
Louisa Tudgay, b 1878, Chilton Trinity, Somerset, daughter; in 1901 Census, aged 23, occupation Dairywoman; Louisa Ellen, b 2Q 1878, Bridgwater; d 1Q 1912. age 33, Bridgwater
Alfred Tudgay, b 1881, Dyrham, Gloucs, son; in 1901 Census, aged 20, born in Dyrham, Gloucestershire; emigrated to Canada {short description of image}, died in World War I, see below; BMD Alfred Joseph, b 2Q 1881, Chipping Sodbury.

Attestation Record: Alfred Joseph Tudgay, born Othery, Bridgewater, Somerset, England, 28 January 1881; labourer, unmarried; next of kin Mrs Jane Tudgay, enlisted Calgary, June 3 1915, age 34, complexion brown, eyes grey, hair brown. Died 2 June 1916, buried Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium, panel 24-28-30 (son of late John and Jane Tudgay)

Also Henry Tudgay, BMD m 2Q 1879, Bridgwater. Possibly the Henry Tudgay, b 4Q 1848, Lymington. He had a brother, Charles Tudgay, b 4Q 1846, Lymington, presumably the Charles Tudgay, m 4Q 1869, Warminster, no obvious BMD death..

In the 1901 Census there appears Rose Tudgay, aged 28, born in Othery, presumably the wife or widow of one of the sons; BMD d 3Q 1898, age 25, Kingston.

Those who served and died in the First World War

The UK National Archives has records of World War I Campaign Medals as shown on the image.{WWWI Medals}

Those who died

TUDGAY Albert Driver R.A.S.C. Frome {short description of image}
TUDGAY Alfred Private Canadian Exped. Force Othery {short description of image}
TUDGAY Theodore Frank Private Somerset L.I. Salisbury {short description of image}
TUDGAY William Walter Private Somerset L.I. West Lydford {short description of image}

From: "Dale Lidbury"
To: "Roy-Val"
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 1:34 AM
Subject: Re: [Frome] Frome's Fallen Heroes
Hi Val
There are two TUDGAY's in the book:-

Driver. T4/110349. Army Service Corps
Drowned at sea. 2nd June 1917 age 40
Driver Albert Tudgay was born at Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire, the son of Thomas and Eliza Tudgay, of Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire, and husband of Sarah Ann Tudgay of 48 West Woodlands, Frome. Albert drowned at sea from the Hired Transport Ship 'Cameronian'. For fifteen years previous he worked for a Miss Pickford, of Frome as a carter, and had joined the army early 1915, training for 12 months in Yorkshire, before going out with mule transport to Salonika, where he had been since January 1917. Albert was married for 17 years, and left four sons and a daughter aged between 5 and 16 years old. He is commemorated on the Chatby Memorial, Egypt. His name appears on the Frome War memorial.

TUDGAY Theodore Frank
Private. 28994. 7th Battalion Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry)
Killed in Action 26th March 1918 aged around 23.
Private Theodore Frank Tudgay was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and was the son of William and Eliza Tudgay of 7 Hussey's Almshouses, Castle Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Theodore was well known in the Frome area, and worked as a gardener for Mr. H.S. Davy, of Somerleaze, Frome, and joined the army three years before he met his death, when he was 20 years old. He went out to France in early 1917, and in July of 1917 was wounded, and spent four months in hospital. He is buried at Foreste Communal Cemetery, Aisne, France. Memorial 23. His name does not appear on the Frome War Memorial.

There are no grave photos for either man, but there is a photo of Theodore Frank Tudgay.

Best Wishes Dale

Note: A Private Albert Tudgay, was listed in the (Welsh) Evening Express, 4th November 1899, as wounded at the battle of Ladysmith, in the Boer War, on Monday, 31st October, 1899.

Family in Clitheroe. Lancashire
Originating from Mere, one of the Deverills. It seems Ann Tudgay took her younger brother (son?) with her to Clitheroe.
Annie Eliza Trimby
m 4Q 1875, Mere
William Tudgay
{short description of image}
Annie Eliza Tudgay
m 3Q 1886, Clitheroe
William Sutcliffe

Annie E Sutcliffe
d 4Q 1925, age 67, Clitheroe (b 1858)

Ann Tudgay
b 3Q 1857, Mere

William Henry Trimby Tudgay
b 1Q 1879, Mere
m 1Q 1910, Clitheroe
Annie Clough
William in BMD as "Tudgat" original Tudgay
d 1Q 1962, age 82, Clitheroe
(b 1880)
Annie Tudgay
d 2Q 1959, age, 75, Clitheroe

Annie Clough
b 2Q 1884, Clitheroe

William Sutcliffe, d 4Q 1897, age 64, Clitheroe (b 1833)
William Sutcliffe, d 1Q 1936, age 73, Clitheroe (b 1863)

William T Sutcliffe, d 1Q 1916, age 24, Clitheroe
William Sutcliffe, d 3Q 1893, age 4, Clitheroe

Thomas William S Tudgay
b 2Q 1886, Clitheroe
d 3Q 1889, age 3, Clitheroe
May T Tudgay
b 2Q 1911, Clitheroe
m 2Q 1934, Clitheroe
John Ford

mother Clough
Albert E T Tudgay
b 3Q 1915, Clitheroe
no further BMD
mother Clough
Mary T Tudgay
b 4Q 1917, Clitheroe

mother Clough
Ellen Trimby Tudgay
b 1Q 1921, Clitheroe
m 2Q 1941, Clitheroe
Raymond Starkie
see wedding report
m St Paul's, Low Moor, on 4 July 1941 to Leading Aircraftman R Starkie, RAF.

mother Tudgay
born Clitheroe
John A Ford
b 2Q 1937
Keith Ford
b 1Q 1942

mother Tudgay
born Clitheroe
Maureen G Starkie
b 1Q 1942
Janet E Starkie
b 2Q 1948
Jennifer M Starkie
b 1Q 1951

Miscellaneous others

Charles Tudgay (?) m. Bessie Sterry, 1870  (no BMD marriage, or Tudgey/Tudgee) web link to source

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