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The family and ancestors of Isaac John Tudgay, 1851-1934, of Somerset and Wiltshire

Information from Rod Clarke and his wife, Marie, a great granddaughter of Isaac John Tudgay, of Whitby, Ontario, Canada (sent to me in July 2003). {short description of image}

BMD information added 2017. Deverill villages under Mere Registration District

in 1871 Census living at Lord Water (?), Kingston Deverill, Widower, Pauper
John Tudgay
b Warminster, Wilts
ca 1785-6
d after 1871 and before 1881
 BMD d 4Q 1872, age 87, Mere
ca 1809
deceased pre-1871

Hinton Charterhouse is a mile from Midford, just south of Bath John Tudgay
b Hinton Charterhouse or Midford, Somerset
ca 1810
? BMD d 2Q 1885, age 80, Mere
* Stephen Tudgay
b Midford, Somerset
* James Tudgay
b Kingston Deverill or Warminster, Wilts
ca 1815
? BMD m 4Q 1856 Mere
Ellen Snook or Mary Ann Ford
d 3Q 1878, age 53, Mere
or m 2Q 1857 Mere
Eliza Brimble
(Elizabeth Tudgay d 3Q 1860 Mere)
in 1881 Census living at 61 Lower End, Kingston Deverill in 1871 Census living at Lord Water (?), Kingston Deverill
age 62
Ag Labourer

see below

in 1871 Census living at Lord Water (?), Kingston Deverill
age 45
Ag Labourer
in 1881 Census living at 61 Lower End, Kingston Deverill

Family of Stephen Tudgey and Sarah Lidbury

Stephen Tudgay
b 1810/11
(see above)
buried 03 Mar 1880
at Kingston Deverill
 ? BMD d 4Q 1876, age 82, Mere
m 11 Aug 1836
Kingston Deverill
Sarah Lidbury
b 1815
Marston (?Bigot), Somerset
? BMD d 3Q 1871, age 63, Mere

Mary Tudgay
bap 10 Sep 1837
Kingston Deverill
Abraham Tudgay
bap 19 May 1839
Kingston Deverill
BMD m 2Q 1862 Mere
d 1Q 1910, age 70, Frome
Louisa Marshall
Charles Tudgay
bap 21 Feb 1841
Kingston Deverill
? m 4Q 1869 Warminster
Ann Collin Tudgay
bap 08 Jun 1843
Kingston Deverill
BMD b 1Q 1843 Mere
? no further BMD
George Tudgay
BMD b 1Q 1845 Mere
Kingston Deverill
d 1Q 1924 Warminster
Sarah Jane Tudgay
bap 04 Jul 1847
Kingston Deverill
No BMD birth
m 1Q 1878 Mere
George Holton
Isaak Tudgay
bap 01 Jan 1851
Kingston Deverill
08 Nov 1853
Kingston Deverill
no BMD
William Tudgay
bap 07 Oct 1853
Kingston Deverill
? BMD William John Tudgay b 2Q 1845 Mere
Isaac John Tudgay
bap 15 Jun 1856
Kingston Deverill
BMD b 2Q 1856 Mere
In 1851 Census of Kingston Deverill - -
1871 Census - Stephen Tudgay, Head, Ag. Labourer; Sarah, wife, plus
No No No No Shepherd Silk Worker + Ag. Labourer Ag. Labourer
1881 Census

in Beckington, Somerset
moved there ca 1866
still there in 1901
general ag labourer
m Louisa Marshall
Louisa Tudgay
d 1Q 1906, age 68, Frome
in Longbridge Deverill
at Crockerton Street
general ag labourer
wife Jane
still there in 1901
? Jane Tudgay
d 1Q 1908, age 66, Warminster
d 2Q 1920, age 81, Bridgwater

Kingston Deverill
at No 32 Village
Sarah Tudgey, widow,
George Tudgey 1858
age 23
ag labourer
(? grandson?)
m George Holton
14 Feb 1878
Kingston Deverill
his father was John Holton

in Salisbury
at 7 Ivy Place
labourer in coal yard
still there in 1901
Mells, Somerset
Lodger and farm labourer
(as John Tudgay age 30)

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George was married and in Bristol in 1901 forward link

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Family of Isaac John Tudgay and Hannah Hughes

{Isaac John & Hannah Tudgay, ca 1899}Isaac John Tudgay died 1934, age 78 (Frome Register Vol 5c 440) and Hannah Tudgay died 1940, age 77 (Frome Register Vol 5c 1381).

1881 Census
William Hughes
(Hues) b Witham, Somerset
ca 1817
General labourer
? BMD m 4Q 1843 Frome
Mary Ann Hughes
b Witham Somerset
ca 1827
1881 Census
Witham Friary, Somerset
(in Frome Registration District)

Isaac John Tudgay
farm labourer
living at Mells, Somerset
(in Frome Registration District)
m 10 May 1884
St Mary's, Witham Friary
(in Frome)

(Frome Registers Vol 5c 891)
BMD m 2Q 1884 Frome
Hannah Hughes
b ca 1862
in 1881 a dairymaid
in Witham Friary
(BMD b 2Q 1866 Frome)
dau? Sarah Hughes, aged 1, living with grandparents
BMD Sarah Hughes b 1Q 1880 Frome
Marston Bigot is a parish within the boundary of Frome (southeast) 1891 Census for Smethicks, Marston Bigott, Somerset Isaac John
Farm Labourer
b Kingston Deverill
age 30
b Witham Friary
age 27

Sarah Tudgay
age 11
b Witham Friary
BMD Sarah Hughes b 1Q 1880 Frome
? d 2Q 1938, age 56, Pancras
(St Pancras, London)
Albert William Tudgay
age 5
b Mells
BMD b 2Q 1885 Frome
m 2Q 1917 Warminster
d 1Q 1939, age 53, Frome
Mabel Blanche Tudgay
age 4
b Marston Bigott
(in Frome Registration District)
BMD b 2Q 1887 Frome
d 2Q 1977, dob 19 July 1887, Mendip
Ethel May Tudgay
age 1
b Marston Bigott
BMD b 1Q 1890 Frome
m 1Q 1909 Frome
John Singer

1901 Census
Elgin Avenue, Paddington
1901 Census for Tuckmarsh, Somerset
Isaac J Tudgay, Head, Carter on Farm, age 41; Hannah Tudgay, wife, age 35
Sarah Tudgay
Servant, general domestic
age 21
b Witham Friary
Albert W

son age 15
b Mells
Mable Tudgay
age 13
domestic servant
in Frome
b Marston
Ethel M Tudgay
age 11
b Marston Bigott
Walter George Tudgay
age 2
b Frome West Woodlands
BMD b 1Q 1889 Frome
m 2Q 1933 Frome
Martha M L Denning

Elizabeth A Pearce
b ca 1887
d 4Q 1954, age 67, Warminster

m 1909 Frome Somerset
see below

Irene E Tudgay
mother Pearce
b 4Q 1914 Shepton Mallet
no further BMD

b Frome
mother Tudgay
Robert W G Singer
1Q 1914
d 1Q 1914, age 0, Frome
Daisy I M Singer
b 2Q 1915
no further BMD

Margaret W M Singer
b 1Q 1926
m 4Q 1947 Frome
Edwin F J Chant
mother Singer
b Frome
Alan D Chant
2Q 1949
Wendy P Chant
4Q 1951
Robert J Chant
2Q 1962

The Witham Friary Marriage Register has - 10 May 1884, Isaac John Tudgay, bachelor of Mells, full age, labourer, married Hannah Hughes, full age, spinster of the parish; fathers Stephen Tudgay, labourer, and William Hughes, labourer; witnesses Sarah Jane Whitcomb and Albert Hughes Link.

Albert William Tudgay was baptised on 5 October 1885, at Witham Friary. The place of abode is given as Mells, the parents are Isaac John Tudgay, labourer, and Hannah Link.

Descendants of Walter George Tudgay

Walter George Tudgay
b 30 Nov 1898 Frome
d 4Q 1974, dob 30 Nov 1898
Mendip, Somerset
m. 2Q 1933 Frome, Somerset
Martha Mary L Denning
b 11 Feb. 1906
d 4Q 1977, dob 11 Feb 1906
Mendip, Somerset
Valerie L J Kerr
Wilson Charles Tudgay
b 1Q 1940 Frome
m 2Q 1962 Sturminster
Valerie L J Kerr
d Apr 2001 East Surrey
mother Kerr

Elizabeth H Tudgay
b 3Q 1947 Frome
m 1966 Frome Somerset
(not in BMD)
Michael J Anstey
Caroline Tudgay
b 2Q 1963 Sturminster
m 1983 North Dorest
Christopher M Thomas

Stewart Tudgay
b 4Q 1965 Sturminster
Guy Charles Tudgay
b 2Q 1973
Truro, Cornwall


Gareth Michael Thomas
b Jul 1985
Yeovil, Somerset
Victoria Jane Thomas
b Aug 1989 Preston

Information from Guy Charles Tudgay, August 2014

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